RomaHeta 10 - part 2 [English sub]

Uploaded by SotetAG on 10.07.2010

I still have items! Go ahead and buy them.
- OK, let me see them! - I don't need 'em!
I hope Ivan will wake up soon...
By the way, Honda, is my awesome transformation power done yet?!
Ah, yes. Elizabeta made it for you.
All right! You rock, Elizabeta!
Now, allow me—
Bwahah!! What the heck?! What the heck is that?! What an awesome destructive power!!
HAHAHA! That awful outfit! It's just hilarious!
Well, I won't be left out of this!
Me, neither!
Hondaaaa! What the hell is this?!
Oh, don't ask /me/.
By the way, Roderich, I have one for you, too.
N-no, I'm—
Oh, so it was this outfit...?
Hey! What the hell?! It's totally different from mine!
Damn you, Elizabeta! Do you have some kind of grudge against me?!
Oh? Do you really have no idea?
No, I don't, goddammit!
*sigh* Honda, please turn him back to normal.
Aww, but he's fine that way.
Idiots! I can't believe you got dressed like that of your own free will!!
Antonio, did you really do that to yourself...?
Hey, hey, what are you doing, leaving the hero out?!
C'mon, Kiku! Make me a heroic costume, too!
By the way, I won't accept objections!
How about a Red Ranger?
Hey, Kiku! Why are you going along with this?!
Could you also make a beautiful outfit for my brother, please?
Wait, Liechten! You can't trust him!!
Don't mind me. I'll just rip those off.
HAHAHA! If you rip off my mouse, you won't get any more!
A pristine white tuxedo for my brother...
Stop creating faits accomplis!
Well, then, how about matching uniforms for all of you?
Hell, no! Really, WHY are you going along with this?!
In a state of emergency such as this, we all need to join forces, so—
Everyone! Take cover!
Wh-what's this?!
Is it the Error?!
Everyone, be careful! The data outside the hut is changing drastically!
What does that mean?!
Maybe it's being sent to a different place from where it was until now...
Can someone please take the Teleshifter outside?
OK! I'll do it!
This is—
... Phew. That was a little tiring.
Hello, Alfred. You look quite well.
The energy sources were destroyed! How could you do something like this?!
Energy sources?
Oh, those? Unfortunately for you, they are not my energy sources.
They are devices to share with Ivan the power I obtained.
You said, "with Ivan," right?
Then it's true that you are not the one who was granting power to Feliciano and Lovino, isn't it?
Well, yes.
Who was controlling them?
It is not that they were being controlled. They just ended up aligning with them.
... Oh, I am sorry. I have things I need to attend to as soon as possible, so if you will excuse me...
I'll leave the rest to you.
"Leave the rest to you"... What's he talking about?
Alfred, a large group of monsters has appeared in the north!
There are monsters in the east and in the west, too! You're surrounded!
Shit! So that's what he meant!
And one more thing, there is an unfamiliar presence... Be careful!
It's Matthew?!
M-Matthew?! It can't be... I didn't notice him at all until now! When did he—
What? But I've been here for quite a while...
Well, never mind. Alfred! It's time for me to punish you!
NO! What do you think you're doing?! Come here right now!
No! I'll defeat you and be recognised by everyone!
Oh, God, this isn't the time for this...
But I don't like to fight dirty, so I'll give you three days.
If you guys surrender within those three days, I won't do anything to you. What do you say?
No way! I'm coming there right now and—
Wait, Alfred!
The monsters around Matthew...
Their power doesn't compare to that of the monsters we have fought so far!
You are no match for them!
What about Matthew?! If we don't hurry up and fix the infection, won't he be in trouble?!
From what I've seen, he hasn't been infected for long enough.
He hasn't been infected deeply enough to fall into a coma like Ivan.
Let's accept his offer and work over a strategy during those three days.
... Tsk!
With this, we have taken another step forwards.
... It won't be too long now.
We're almost there...
... We have a problem...
Your connection with the real world is growing weak.
What?! Are you serious, Kiku?!
This isn't just teleportation from one world to another.
Rather, you are being pulled closer into the game.
That /is/ a problem...
... We can no longer leave this world?
There's still the slightest connection, but... if you use the same power again, I don't know what will happen next...
I see...
We have to avoid using it if we can, then.
We'll help Feliciano and his brother later.
For now, let's try to think of a way to deal with the matter at hand.
The three days are almost up... I wonder what Alfred is going to do?