Когда храпит колибри... zZzZz [When hummingbird snores]

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Sup I'm Stas Davidov!
Happy 8th of March women! And women larva.
It's the 9th, you might say.
Congratulating women with the 8th of March on the 8th of March is mainstream [is yuck]
So I wish you love, I wish you all the nice and I throw booty slaps at you all.
And also men, happy end of Women's Day!
And now the vid about a real man sent by Gizmo.
Noone understood what's the deal, eh?
This kid, oh, excuse me, MAN
just now got really excited about his team
then poked himself in the eye
And then continued being very excited about his team.
There, this is what a REAL MAN looks like!
And you are wheeping about a lost frag, you sissy!
[real man:]
I heard a story about a boy who didn't cut his nails before the game...
[it's a very sad story]
Now this team has a pirate supporter.
You can stick a piano in his eye and he wouldn't even notice.
Altho here you can doubt his manliness.
You know, a superpower of being able to calmly stick random stuff in their eyes is mainly female prerogative.
So in the end he's prolly just a little masochist.
Pokes himself and rejoices.
That's what all masochists do, right? [everyday masochism]
[he's a maso --->] I'm a masochist and it hurts my masochist feelings.
Not that I mind tho.
If you're watching a vid with a lot of people in it, always pay attention to the background.
[all the fun is there!]
And this time it didn't fail us.
Right here.
To the left.
He either sees dead people or just... didn't turn out well in birth.
But when he looks at his new passport photo he's all like
Hey, that's a great one! [every time]
And this is Horosho!
Well, this vid is all over the Russian web and has a lot of reuploads.
And the thing is, in Kazakhstan during a ski festival instead of the national anthem some other music started playing.
I pronounce the 6th ski festival open!
Eyes on the flag of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
The anthem of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Yeah really, they turned off the anthem and turned on some shit.
Sound operator will have a fun ride on the slopes for this sort of crap [face first ;[ ]
Oh, this shit is the anthem of Kazakhstan?
I'm Kazakhstan and this hurts my kazakhstanian feelings?]
But don't worry, shitty anthem is something all countries have in common [like passport photos %)) ]
Really now, Ricky Martin is better
Didn't play porno, at least for that we're thankful.
The anthem of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
[meanwhile in the operator's room] Way to f*uck me up, Winamp with shuffle...
Wouldn't have happened if they just used the tape.
Altho we managed to witness a great sync facepalm.
Guys, face is a tad above [C.O.]
But this guy learned quickly.
From the bottom of may heart - facepalm.
Still, If i was a kazakh i'd think of changing the anthem [deep :P ]
[Martin R., "Livin La Vida Loca", anthem of the Republic of Kazakhstan]
[Thank you, I'm really happy that you renamed the country to Rickymartinstan]
And this is Horosho!
Third vid was sent by MrVladkh.
And if you have mental pets watching this show, please get them away from the screen [shoo shoo]
On second thought they'll scram themselves, animals don't like high pitch sounds.
The ones hummindbird makes!]
Nope, birdie didn't swallow a whistle [happy?... :| ]
Hummingbirds also snore.
[cognitive dissonance? ;] ]
And you thought that it would sound like this?
Nope, only I snore this way [man!]
And the hummingbird dreams of how he bombs Japan, for example...
Ladies, do you still think that men have annoying snores?
Wish I could squeeze this little enema so it would whistle for the last time and shut up ^^
[looks the same, eh!]
[you won't shut me up that easily]
Can't understand how this vid got over a million views in a week.
Just a bird snoring in it's bird language [typical situation]
Are you that easily touched by various junk?
Don't you shout at me! [Stas frequently argues with enemas]
Yeeeah, and if you can't understand what's with the weird sound in the background and whether the birdie is sleeping in a blender [mixer]
Don't worry, it's just a camera with a maxed out mic sensitivity [well you kno]
And it really seems as he's sleeping in a mixer [blender?]
And this is Horosho!
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So, why do they have summer already?
It's all in the time zones. They have summer, we have 1917.
Coz: "Chunga-changa summer all year round, Chunga-changa lives a fun life..." well, you can sing that till the end)))
Coz black warms up faster than white :P
Those who like summer and labor can work in Africa
Coz the dude has a tan xD
[T-shirts here]
That's not very comfortable, that will... ololololo