SF's Hammer Tutorials - Explosions

Uploaded by Silwerfish on 25.01.2010

Hello and welcome to another tutorial!
I will show you here what you will learn.
That's right, exploding walls! It is quite amazing indeed.
So let's get going.
I just made a simple room here to start with and a player start.
The first thing I'm going to do is create the wall we want to explode.
So just use the block tool and create that there.
Now I'm using the clipping tool here to cut out the part of the wall I want to edit.
Then I select that, and I continue using the clipping tool and cut out a nice destroyed
I'm just doing this really simple here, I will probably make another tutorial another
time, where I go through much more advanced techniques of making destroyed walls.
So, here we have our final shape, I'm just going to get a different texture so we can
distinguish between the thing that we are going to destroy and the actual wall.
Now, I'll select these center parts and press ctrl - T to tie it to an entity. I'm going
to make it into a func_breakable.
And then I press apply there.
The prop data, you can change the prop data if you like, these are like presets that they
have. But I want to have more precision so I'm going to do it by my self.
I'm going to set the material type to "CinderBlock" and change the strength to 100, that's basically
how much health it has.
The gibs direction, you can change that to whatever you like. If you use precise gib
dir there you have to change the precise gib dir settings under there.
There are also flags, but you should be able to figure those out.
I'm not going to use any of them.
And then I'm going to make these on the sides into func_details. So select them, press ctrl
- T, make it func_detail and apply that.
That is because we don't want the engine to take these into consideration when compiling
the visibility of the map, because there are advanced shapes that it will have trouble
working with.
Now we're going to make the explosion entity.
Environment, or env_explosion, so just place that there on the ground.
And then press alt - enter to go into its properties.
I'm going to give this a name, you can give it any name, I'm going to call this "explosion".
The magnitude, I'm going to keep that at 100.
Then there are a bunch of flags there also, they are all self-explanatory.
Now I'm going to set up the trigger that will trigger the explosion, so I'm going to create
another wall here.
And use the tools/toolstrigger texture, just filter for "trigger" and you will get that
in the texture browser.
And then press ctrl - T, and it's going to be a trigger_once.
Go to the outputs tab, add a new one; my output named "OnTrigger", target entities named "explosion",
via this input "Explode".
And there we have it, now I'm just going to compile this map and we'll see how it looks!
Alright, so, here we have it, walk into the trigger and it explodes!
And that's it, you should rate, comment and subscribe. And also if you have any tutorial
requests, any tutorials you would like to see me make, just give me a comment or send
me a PM or something and I'll add it to the request list.
Yeah that's about it, have a nice day!