Integrative Learning at EIU: Svetlana Mitrovski, Instructor in Physics

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My name is Svetlana Mitrovski, and I'm faculty here in the
Chemistry Department.
My research is broadly in the area of electrochemistry, and
currently we're working on materials and devices for
alternative energy and for forensic applications.
I currently have three students in my group.
One is a graduate student and two are undergraduates,
of which one is a chemist and the other one is a geologist.
The projects that they are working on are,
I'd say, diverse.
The undergraduate students are developing a device and
building fuel cells that will be displayed at the
EIU Showcase this year.
The graduate student is working on a Master's thesis, and his
research is mainly in developing a device for
forensic applications, a device that wouldn't require
the samples to be taken from the site to the laboratory but
to be able to actually quantitatively determine
the amounts of illicit drugs on the spot.
I think the main thing that the students are getting out of this
is primarily practical experience as chemists and I
think also getting ideas of what the different job situations
are going to involve, especially if they are working in labs.
A lot of times they work in groups, and I think that it
develops communication skills and team working skills as well.
And also, we're trying to have the students work on real-world
problems such that we pick a real-world problem and then
build up a research project around it.
So I think that they get the connection between the actual
science that they're learning in the classes and the practical
application to real-world chemical systems.
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