The Controller - Battlefield 3 - Episode 7 "Leave No Man Behind"

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That's all you got?
You know, it's a new day. Yesterday we maybe got our asses kicked a little bit, but I was
given another chance, but today, I'm not going to.
We're looking for the 50 Gs. Not 2 Gs.
Bling bling it. Cash money millionaires.
Right now I'm kind of just worried about physical challenges since those seem to be my weak
point since I'm not a physical person. I'm a gamer, sorry.
We're still here, that means alot.
I think at this point, both of the teams are a threat. There are only three teams left
so you can't really pinpoint which one.
It's mostly our game to be honest. We take care of business when it counts.
What's going down guys? Welcome to your next challenge on the Controller: Battlefield 3.
Everyone knows that in order to be successful in Battlefield 3, you need to work as a team
and move as a unit. That's why in today's challenge that I call "Leave No Man Behind"
I'm going to be testing your teamwork skills.
Here's how it's going to go down. In this town square lays a wounded soldier who needs
to be brought to safety. Sounds pretty simple, right? Except for one little problem. Standing
in your way will be a well-trained sniper at the ready to take out the competition.
Your mission is to take out the sniper without being hit while carrying your soldier to the
safe zone. The team that completes this mission in the quickest time wins today's challenge.
You guys fired up?
Sound fun?
Yeah baby!
Dark Blue team you're up first, come on up.
Let's do this, come on!
I'm ready dude, let's go dude. Snipe some snipers.
Dark Blue team you ready?
Where is he? where is he?
Careful, careful.
That's a hit, that's a hit!
Let's go, let's go, go, go.
Go, go, go.
We nailed that, we had to do it in less than 30 seconds.
I had to.
And then we just booked it to each station.
Just drop the guns and book it over.
Something with me and my feet and falling down.
Red Team are you ready?
We're ready to find this sniper and win this challenge.
Ready to find that guy and take him down.
Go, go, where's the next one?
Where's the next zone?
You missed a zone.
We missed one? Come one, pick it up, let's go.
We missed a zone, but I think we came back in time enough.
We were just too pumped we didn't pay attention to this.
Let's do this.
We got a strategy, hopefully it works.
Light Blue team are you ready?
Yeah, we're good!
I'm hit, I'm hit, I'm out, I'm out, I'm out.
Hey is this guy fat?
Proofy went down, then I took out the sniper, then I had to carry that thing and that thing
is heavy.
I got shot in my finger, I don't know if you can see it. My hand's still shaking from it.
Bring it in, bring it in.
Alright, well, that concludes Leave No Man Behind. In third place...
Light Blue Team.
Yes! Sorry but I thought I was in third and Johnny...Oh man.
Oh my god dude I hate you so much.
You got hit right, Alex? Or no, Proofy you got hit?
Yes sir.
You got taken out?
But you still made pretty good time it was a really tight race.
Alright, Red team, Dark Blue team step forward.
That leaves you guys.
It was a heated battle. This team made their way to the first zone, got the sniper, made
their way through the zones.
The winner of Leave No Man Behind today, by half a second...
The Red Team.
Man, winning by half a second was crazy. I thought that for sure it was going to be close
maybe even a tie, and if we didn't mess up we definitely would've blown it up by 10 or
15 seconds more.
Yeah we killed it then, because we missed a zone.
Well, my personal feeling about this is that it just blows, big time. The fact that I had
a couple of injuries beforehand I tripped on my own feet and just biffed it right on
the cement over there. And that just would...
Cost us an extra half second.
And it was a half a second cost right there.
Alright teams, today is not an elimination day so everyone is staying on the Controller.
However Red Team, you guys won the challenge today, you get to pick who you want to sit
on the sidelines during the money round when we go to the Battlezone. Do you know who you
want to sit out?
Yeah, we're going to go with having the Blue team sit out because we're still a little
butthurt after the first time that they sent us out, and he beat Alex yesterday so I want
to see how he goes against Sev.
Ok, so Light Blue team is sitting out during the money round.
I think the Red team, you know they took us out again out of the money round, but they
said they did it because of revenge, but I think they they're just, they're honestly
scared, because they know we're going to come back last minute and destroy them.
They're just little chickens.
Bok bok.
Moooo, moooo.
That's a cow.
That's not, it's a chicken.
Alright, in addition for winning Red team, you guys also get exclusive access to the
AMD war room because when it comes to gaming at your best man, AMD's got your back, right?
So Red team you guys head to the AMD war room, we'll meet everyone else in the Battlezone
after you're done.
The reason behind picking the Dark Blue team isn't because we like the Dark Blue team it's
because I want to see how he stacks against Severn who is also the best player here besides
him. I thinks that's actually smarter to see how Edgar goes in a pressure situation against
Sev when there's money on the line. Sev's much stronger in the game than Alex, and if
I have to sacrifice a thousand, couple thousand bucks to see how we really stack up when the
big money's on the line I'm down for that.
Back in the war room.
Back in the winners circle.
Alright, I'm going to show you how to easily pick off the enemies here. What you want to
do is you want to look for reflecting lights, any flashlights, and also any lasers that
are coming at you because the graphics are sick and can just go and take for the peripherals
on here and then turn to which side the enemies are and also pay attention to where your teammates
are looking and where they're positioned because that's the most important thing. If you see
a teammate looking a certain way you don't want to look that way because that means you
have your back towards everyone else.
And you want to use your death camera here, so what happens is after you die it actually
goes and shows you who killed you. And then you just pay attention to that, then you just
go and attack that guy, or elect to go around him because he's killed you numerous times.
It will show how many times you've died and killed that guy on the top right of your screen.
Alot of people don't realize that.
I'm ready, I'm ready.
Alright, let's go to the Battlezone and win two Gs.
Let's go, three for three baby.
Welcome back from the AMD war room. You guys get any work done there?
Yeah, it was sick, we got alot of good practice, found some new spots on the map.
You going to dominate?
Damn right I'm going to dominate.
Fortunately for you guys, no one is going home.
Better yet, one lucky team is walking out of here with two thousand bucks.
And, everyone, since you guys has made it this far in the Controller, is walking away
with the games G155 Mobile Gaming environment.
15 inch LED display, stereo speakers, HDMI inputs, psyched. Pack it on up, boom. You're
This is the last money round, boys and girls. This is your last chance to take home some extra cash
before we go to the big time. The Fifty large. The title, King of the Controller. The winner.
Light Blue team though, sorry, Red Team has determined you guys will sit on the sidelines
for today.
Feeling good about not playing this, but look what we get to take home.
Yeah baby!
Now we're just going to watch them and play that. Doesn't matter about winning.
It will be the Red team and the Dark Blue team dueling it out on Battlefield 3 in a
game of Squad Rush. You guys ready?
Sit down, let's get ready to spawn.
In Battlefield 3 Squad Rush mode, two teams of four battle in close combat either attacking
or defending MCOM Station.
Good luck guys.
You guys are garbage though.
Right here, right here. Slow it down, slow it down.
Sprint, sprint, sprint, you got him, you got him. Nice, let's go!
Right there, on the top right.
Get him he's on the ground, he's a kill.
He was dead.
It's alright.
Left, left, left!
Keep going, keep going.
There you go, good kill. Right in front, street, street, mid street, mid street!
It's a close game.
Kill that guy right there.
Hold square, hold square, hold square.
Good job. No, to the right. To the right, to the right. Go disarm it.
Go and disarm it, go back, go back, go.
Who's going to disarm it first?
I'm holding, I'm holding, I'm holding.
Right in front of you! There you go, good kill, good kill, good kill.
Go for the disarm. Charge and disarm it.
Behind you, look left, look left.
Run, run, run.
Don't freak out, don't freak out.
That's game over.
Woo, that game was tight. Separated by less than 50 points, that's less than a suppression
assist right?
You guys were only half a second off in the physical challenge, Controller is heating
up. I can't wait to bring Light Blue back in to the mix tomorrow for the big money,
getting tight.
Well, the winner, after some Squad Rush mode on Battlefield 3, Red team. Congratulations.
Sev, I think only lost by 50 points, so that was intense but we came out on top, won that
extra thousand bucks, three in a row.
Alright that's pretty cool and all, you guys got a couple of thousand bucks, but that's
nothing compared to what's on the line tomorrow, the title of Champion of the Controller and
fifty thousand dollars. You guys ready?
Alright, well get back to your barracks, get some rest, practice on your G155. Congratulations,
well done.
Like they say, it doesn't matter if you win by an inch or by a mile. Winning is winning,
and we came up with a victory.
We're not going to be behind. We're going to be head-to-head, or in front. I'm tired
of being the ass point, it's pathetic.