FPV antenna tests [TRANSLATED]

Uploaded by Galilee1986 on 01.03.2011

Welcome everyone
There is around 10... no, more 15 km/h winds
We'll test the new antenna 6dbi. In 5.8ghz. Let's start.
I don't know what is happening Maybe it's the frequency
This antenna can do 2.4 and 5.8ghz
I'm really not far. I can go futher with my stock antenna
The stock antenna is a 3 dbi. Or even less, maybe more 2.5dbi.
We'll keep the same antenna, cause it can do 5.8 and 2.4ghz
I'll go change the video tx for my 2.4ghz
My 2.4ghz is a 1000mw and my 5.8 is a 200mw
I'm not sure if the 2.4ghz can go further.
With the stock antenna in 5.8 I was able to do 600-700 meters
Now we'll do some test with the 2.ghz 1000mw
always the same antenna to be fare.
We'll see if we can acheive the 800, 1 km with a small ebay antenna.
I'll change the VTX for the 2.4
We'r back in 2.4ghz 1000mw the same 6dbi antenna
We'll do some tests with the...
it's an 11dbi antenna actully.
And lucky you you'll see all of that !
Change the antenna. We'r now in 11 We'll see if it worth it.
Keep a good Altitude !