JKS 120201 Cinema Break YMP [ENG SUB]

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Unexpected Love
Super distant couple
Typical pure love story "You're My Pet"
An original Japan adaptation which was made into a drama
Same name with Yayoi Ogawa's big hit comic
The leading actor who acted in the Korean drama "You're Beautiful"
Has set off a phenomenal popularity across Japan
As Asia Prince
This does not just happen in Japan
He who has captured the hearts of the ladies, Hallyu star JKS
In this production, as a singer, he sang the ending song (OST)
The leading actress who portrayed career woman Eun-Yi is...
Korean Movie Festival's Love Story Romantic Queen
Whose movies always cause sensational hit
Popular actress Kim Ha-neul
The acting collaboration between the two
Has brought a new level of bond between a man and woman
Written and portrayed with laughters and tears
Eun-Yi who has never failed in her profession as a career woman
Her boyfriend left her and she was demoted in her job
What has appeared at the lowest point in her life?
Pitiful with cute puppy eyes, broke, homeless, and sad dancer, Kang In-Ho
He asked to be kept as a human pet Momo
So that he gets to stay with master Eun-Yi under the same roof
Staying together with the free-spirited, but detailed-to-attention's Kang In-Ho
Has become the tired Eun-Yi's oasis
Her daily life has become full of warmth
Don't fool around. Sit down
I am pet
This is painful, right?
What are you doing to your pet? Animal abuse!
How about this? Painful?
The head looks like covered with seaweed
That's really funny
Good expression
Take a picture of me wearing this And write an article with the title "JKS injured in fight"
Are you relieving your stress via me?
Why are you treating someone like an additional Appendix?
So cold! Can you adjust the temperature...
Stop making noise
Don't move!
That was so glamourous~
I couldn't suppress my laughter
That was amazing, Ha-neul
That hit was hard
How now? What should I do?
Is it better to have it? Or without it?
So cute. That's too cute!
Hopefully YMP can become a hit
Let me repeat myself, this is not the real JKS
I'm the one who feels the pain
Painful? Painful?
It becomes gradual pain
Was it really that painful?
Painful? Painful?
Where where where where
It really hurts!
Can you actually do this to your pet?
Good CUT
She is excited again
She is too happy, too happy
Seems like I'm going bananas
Because it's too exciting... Feeling a bit jolted
No. You can tell from the expression
So how?
Not exciting. I feel nervous
Please take it slowly
Are you okay?
Can see the face?
It's a lamb. I feel this colour looks better
How about this one?
Move the monitor angle forward
I will really hit you
Hit me with the feeling of "I don't want to see you again"
Yup okay
Me too not feeling happy
Okay understood
Although she said like this, she can't suppress her laughter
No it's not like that
I know I know
Sorry sorry
No need to say "Thank you", teach me how to lead?
You lead like this
What is this
No, let me do it
Just keep coming forward
Then we'll do like this
Until here I'll be the escort...
Then from here, I will start to be my funny self
Hurry over here
She came
And then turn around like this
And then come here
Go to where?
Here is the final location?
After coming here, still have to dance?
Getting excited again
Everyone needs to improve dancing skill
Let the stress and loneliness to be lifted
This can make viewers feel happy and cherished
Beyond expectation's cute couplehood
Opening in theatre this winter
Although with good looks and a successful career
But she is dumped by her bf and got demoted too
At the lowest point of her life she met...
An unidentified good-looking guy
You like dogs?
You want to get one?
You want to try to get a pet?
If it is a pet then can stay together
Not as a human, but as a pet
He is -
Her secret pet
Kim Ha-neul and Jang Keun Suk "You're My Pet" Adaptation from a popular comic reproduced as a movie in Korea
Cannot fall in love with the master, right?
Cha Woo senior!
Your first love?
Will you still keep me after you are married?
That is not funny
How come -
Will start to care about him?
Even without your care -
I can survive by myself too
Not really a friend
Not really a lover
Aw? Are you hooked on me now?