YTF Legacy Ultimate Fan - Minneapolis, MN

Uploaded by TheTwoXus on 20.08.2012

Hi! My name is Katherine Xu! I'm a HUGE fan of YTF and everyone that's part of it.
To me, yersterday means looking up at my inspirations, like YTF, and chasing my dreams.
Today, it means facing my fears and trying my best to do everything to achieve my goals in life.
And in the future, it means fulfilling my
dreams and becoming a role-model and hopefully an inspirations for others, too.
YTF inspiried me to do things I've never done before!
YTF also motivated me to try new things!
YTF had truly made an impact on how I did things in my daily life.
Winning this contest and meeting you guys would definitely mean everything to me.
It would also change the way I do things in the future. I love YTF!
Thanks for watching!