Dark Souls Plot Summary: The Tits are a Lie (spoilers)

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Welcome to the world of Dark Souls
I'm Marcus, also known as ENB,
and I will be your narrator and guide.
By request, this is an overview of the plot as I understand it in a roughly chronological order.
But do take note that the flow of time in Lordran is distorted, so it's difficult to tell when events actually occur.
And once again this is just a general overview of the plot as I see it,
and one of the great things about this game, one of the things I love very much
is that there are many different possible interpretations of the story
Everybody has a different take and most of them are perfectly valid.
So for now, please just sit back, relax, and enjoy.
In the beginning, the world was a cold, barren, and dark place.
It was inhabited by the Everlasing Dragons, and covered in giant stone Archtrees.
The Dragons were eternal by virtue of their scales of immortality.
They also possessed a powerful artifact, known as the Primordial Crystal,
Which has the power to preserve life.
This is interesting, for some people in the world of Dark Souls
believe that the Dragons were not actually alive at all.
Life is seen as a weakness that they did not possess.
The Dragon's were an element of nature which transcended both life and death.
The Archtrees too were quite resilient.
The Demon's Great Hammer, wielded by the Asylum Demon,
was created from an Archtree.
And the giant trees of Lordran are
distant offspring of those great Archtrees.
Shields made from the wood of the trees have substantial magic resistance.
It is also implied that the Primordial Serpents Frampt and Kaathe
were alive in these days.
The word primordial implies that they existed in the beginning,
Or that they gave rise to another life form.
I take it to mean that they were alive before the birth of fire.
This cold, barren world existed for a time.
This period was known as the Age of the Ancients.
This period was known as the Age of the Ancients.
However all things must someday pass, and the Age of the Ancients was no exception.
Fire was born.
This is an unexplained mystery of Dark Souls.
Fire simply began to exist.
We have no records or clues as to how it came to be.
Within the flame were four great souls,
The Lord Souls.
These powerful artifacts are the main source of conflict in the game.
One was claimed by Nito, the First of the Dead.
Nito is a giant skeleton covered in a cape-like
aura of darkness and bones.
His title, the First of the Dead,
can be interpreted in a couple of different ways.
One common idea is that he was literally the first being to die.
I interpret it in another way.
I think he is first amongst the Dead, the Chief of the Dead.
He is responsible for administering the death of all things.
He is responsible for administering the death of all things.
He is responsible for administering the death of all things.
His Gravelord servants gather the Eyes of Death,
and offer them in tribute, and are rewarded with his miracles.
Nito fought the Ancient Dragons by unleashing a powerful misama,
a poisonous cloud of death.
Another Lord Soul was claimed by The Witch of Izalith.
She was a powerful sorceress.
Pyromancy did not yet exist in these days.
She and her daughters were masters of fire sorcery,
and they used the Izalith catalysts to cast their spells.
She had at least seven daughters, as seen in the intro,
and one son, Ceaseless Discharge.
Four of her daughters are in game:
Quelana, the Mother of Pyromancy,
Chaos Witch Quelaag,
The Fair Lady who players call Quaelaan,
and the eldest, unnamed daughter,
who is outside of the Bed of Chaos fog gate.
These witches weaved great firestorms at the dawn of the Age of Fire.
The third 'normal' Lord Soul was claimed by
Lord Gwyn, the Lord of Sunlight.
He used his powerful bolts of lightning to destroy the scales of the Dragons,
and he was supported by his loyal knights.
At the dawn of the Age of Fire, his knights were all silver,
the Black Knights will come later in our tale.
He also had four special knights, each with a special ring.
Dragonslayer Ornstein, whose symbol was the lion,
was well known for his ability to slay flying Dragons.
Hawkeye Gough, whose symbol was obviously the hawk,
was also able to bring down Dragons with his bow.
Lord Gwyns remaining ranked knights were Lord's Blade Ciaran,
whose symbol was the hornet,
and Artorias, symbolized by the wolf.
Ciaran was a dagger user, and Artorias was unmatched with a greatsword.
The knights don't seem to be normal humans.
According to the Design Works interview, the theme of Anor Londo is 'The Gods',
so it seems likely that they may be lesser deities of sorts.
They display considerable longevity,
which makes it difficult to place other followers of Gwyn
in the timeline.
For example, the archer Ferras was a very famous marksman who ranked alongside Hawkeye Gough,
but at what point in history, we can't know for sure.
Gwyn also had another major follower named Smough.
He was an executioner with immense strength.
However his love of executions led him to begin eating his victim's bones,
But his love of executions led him to begin eating his victim's bones,
and that ruined his chances of gaining the special rank of knighthood.
That covers the forces which controlled the first three Lord Souls,
however there was one more Lord Soul,
a very special soul, the Dark Soul.
The Dark Soul was claimed by the Furtive Pygmy.
The Dark Soul is Humanity.
It has been split among all humans.
If you note that the Pygmy in the beginning looks quite Hollow,
that is a human without the power of the Dark Soul.
You will notice, as well, that the fragments of humanity
are found from corpses, or on rats who scavenge the dead.
Additionally, baby skeletons have humanity,
as well as the deformed creatures in the Dukes Archives prison.
The Lord Souls are quite special indeed,
They can't be consumed normally, but they can be divided.
Gwyn gave parts of his soul to the Four Kings, as well as Seath.
The Dark Soul appears to be the most fragmented of all the Lord Souls,
as it is spread out amoung all the humans.
But, as I said earlier,
all things must pass eventually.
Lord Souls can lose their power and fade,
more on that later.
For now, most of the Dragons were vanquished by
the might of the owners of the Lord Souls.
and the Age of the Ancients is coming to a close as the Age of Fire begins.
There are still some remnants of the Age of the Ancients, however.
At least one of the Everlasting Dragons survived,
and some smaller distant cousins of the Ancient Dragons are also around,
with many of them gathering in the Valley of the Drakes.
The Hellkite dragon is in fact one such drake,
but a very large drake.
Gaping Dragon, on the other hand, is a surviving
Dragon who has been corrupted by his hunger,
such that he lost his bodily organs and turned into one giant mouth,
such that he lost all his bodily organs and turned into a giant mouth,
whose only desire is to eat.
From this point on, the history of the world begins to defy chronological organization.
For a time, things seemed to be fairly peaceful and civilization flourished.
The realms of Izalith and Anor Londo were created,
and presumably many human lands came to be,
possibly Astora, Balder, Berenik, Carim,
Catarina, definetly New Londo, maybe Oolicile, Thorolund, Vinheim and Zina.
Life may have also flourished in the Great Swamp in this time.
In Anor Londo, Gwyn and his family prospered.
His firstborn son was a god of war,
and his daughter, Gwynevere, was revered as a goddess of fertility.
His youngest son, however, Gwyndolin, was born with a strong affinity for the moon,
which was unusual for a boy, so Gwyn raised him as a daughter.
There were many other gods in Anor Londo, as well, and they built a magnificent city.
Religions were established and churches were built.
Gwyns uncle, Allfather Lloyd, was the head of the Way of White,
the religion of Thorolund.
Meanwhile, the rouge goddess Velka seems to be closely connected with Carim.
One of Gwyn's battlefield companions was Havel the Rock, a bishop,
although we don't know for sure which church he belonged to.
Presumably it was the Way of White, but we don't have any direct evidence.
Gwyn's Dragon ally, Seath, was promoted to the rank of Duke,
and conducted research on the scales of immortality in his archives.
But not everything was perfect.
There were conflicts in this time. There was a plot against the gods, in fact.
The followers of the Occult sought to steal the power of Gravelord Nito
in an attempt to overthrow the gods.
The plot may run even deeper than many realize,
as an Occult club can even be found in Anor Londo,
in the secret stash of Bishop Havel the Rock, no less.
However, the plot to overthrow the gods failed, and the dangerous Dark Ember was sealed away,
along with other artifacts harmful to the gods.
They were placed within a world painted by Ariamis,
which was hung within the great cathedral of Anor Londo.
The Order of the Painting Guardians was established to protect the world from those who would seek it's contents.
The only key to enter the world was a peculiar doll.
The gods of Anor Londo survived the plot, and everything was fine,
but then something bad happened.
The flames began to fade.
The power of the Lord Souls began to wane.
This event took place 1000 years before the start of the game,
and it set off panic in Izalith and Anor Londo.
The Witch of Izalith attempted to copy the first flame using a soul,
and the result was the birth of the Flame of Chaos
which quickly consumed her and gave birth to hordes of demons.
Izalith was overrun.
It was during this time that the original flame sorceries were lost and Pyromancy was born.
Quelaag, Quelaana, and the Fair Lady fled from Izalith.
Quelaana escaped, and taught Pyromancy to her pupils.
From this, she became known as the Mother of Pyromancy.
Carmina, Salaman, Lorentius and his master, all knowledge of Pyromancy came from her,
although individual pyromancers pioneered new techniques.
Izalith, however, was lost to the demons.
The eldest daughter of Izalith still roams demon infested ruins,
and the son watches diligently over the corpse of one of his sisters.
Gwyn's knights faced the chaos demons in battle at some point,
Gwyn's knights faced the chaos demons in battle at some point.
The flames charred the knights armor black.
It is unclear who began the battle.
It could be that the demons attacked first,
or perhaps Gwyn was seeking the power of Izalith's Lord Soul in order to maintain the flames.
In any case, Gwyn, seeing the end of the Age of Fire before his very eyes
divided his soul, and granted it's power to his followers.
He then took what remained and burned himself as fuel for the First Flame.
This is Linking the fire.
It was a noble sacrifice, but ultimately futile.
The flames continued to fade.
Also during this time, the bonfires were created.
Also during this time, the bonfires were created.
The bonfires are fueled by the bones of the undead.
They can be reinforced using the right of kindling,
which is sought by the church of Thorolund.
To Kindle the fire, a fragment of the Dark Soul is required.
Humanity is sacrificed to maintain the flames.
Also in this time, Gwyn's firstborn son, heir to the Sunlight,
made some sort of mistake that led to the loss of the annals.
He was stripped of his deific status and departed Anor Londo.
He left his miracle on his fathers coffin.
Also note that Gwyn's coffin in Anor Londo does not contain his body,
it seems to be merely decorative.
it seems to be merely decorative.
For those who believe Solaire is the firstborn son of Gwyn,
note that the body at the Darkmoon bonfire could be his.
note the possibility that the body at the Darkmoon Tomb's bonfire could be his,
and that he was made undead through death, and spawned at a bonfire elsewhere,
perhaps Astora, but that's speculation.
In any case, the flames continued to fade, and the gods abandoned Anor Londo,
except for Gwyndolin, who created the illusion of sunlight within the city,
as well as the illusion of his sister.
The remaining silver knights stayed to guard the illusionary Gwynevere
Orenstein and Smough also remained.
The illusion of Gwynevere holds the Lord Vessel,
an artifact of Lord Gwyn that is capable of holding the Lord Souls.
Gwyndolin, who acts in league with the Primordial Serpent Frampt,
uses the illusion of Gwynevere to attempt to manipulate players into trying to capture the Lord Souls,
open the Kiln of the First Flame and sacrifice themself as fuel for the Flame,
just as Gwyn had.
Linking the Flame will result in your sacrifice, and the Flame will continue to burn, for a time.
However the Lord Souls cannot last forever.
Meanwhile, in New Londo, another Primordial Serpent, Kaathe,
convinces the rulers of New Londo, and their knights, that the correct course of action
is to extinguish the Flame, and usher in an age of Dark.
This is the birth of the Darkwraiths.
They seek to gather the fragments of the Dark Soul, while eliminating the owners of the other Lord Souls
so that one true Dark Lord can be born.
At this point, I'd like for you to take note of the ill effects of possessing
too much humanity.
The Firekeepers Souls are draws for Humanity, but the infinite amounts of Humanity,
the fragments of the Dark Soul that are drawn to them cause problems as well,
such as disfigurement and blindness.
This may be why the Dark Soul was divided into fragments of Humanity in the first place.
Also note that Kaathe wants for the Wraiths to offer the fragments of the Dark Soul to him,
in exchange for the art of Lifedraining.
In New Londo, a group of three Healers made the difficult decision to
flood the city, killing citizens, and sealing the Darkwraiths away.
and cursed his greatsword in order to destroy the ghosts that stood in his way.
Also, the knight Artorias took it upon himself to hunt the Wraiths,
and he curesed his greatsword in order to destroy the ghosts that stood in his way.
His plot will continue in the DLC, and in the PC addition,
and we will find out the truth of what happened to him in the Abyss.
I believe he joined the Wraiths and was spreading darkness to the land
in an attempt to become the Darklord.
We shall soon see, and when the truth is revealed, we will speak again.
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