Let's Build: A Castle part 1

Uploaded by YogscastSjin on 07.02.2012

Hi guys. My name's Sjin, and welcome to Let's Build!
Today we're going to be building a castle and it's going to take a long time, but thanks to the miracle of sped-up footage...
...you're going to see it happen right before your eyes much quicker! So, without further ado...
...let's move on! First you'll need a flat space to do it on.
So, to get that you might wanna use a mod, perhaps WorldEdit, to create yourself a flat space...
...it doesn't have to be flat, it's just easier if we do it that way.
I've chosen to do everything manually... with playing in "Classic", not "Survival"...
...so it's not going to take as long as using a pick-axe or a shovel...
...and I know a lot of you guys wont use mods, or can't use mods, or choose not so!
So, once you've got your flat space, it's time to move on to the planning phase.
You're going to want to use this picture, shown in the top right. It shows you how to make a perfect circle with Minecraft blocks.
To track down this picture, simply search Google for "Minecraft circles" and select "Images" and it should be right there.
As you can see, I've used it to plan out my towers.
You've got these two large ones, around the middle, the smaller ones at the back that will go higher, and the very small front ones which are guard towers along the walls...
...there's a similar design to the castle I built that later became "Verigans Hold" in Shadow of Israphel, so if you're a fan of that series, perhaps you'll see the resemblance.
The logs at the front you see are actually a circle, but flipped vertically to create a more authentic archway.
Once I was happy with that, I turned them into stone bricks.
*ambient music, and sheeps baaing*
...and there you have it.
We have completed the foundations, the front walls, two guard towers and the main gate.
Stay tuned because we are hitting the towers. We're gonna build those mothers right up to the sky...
...and you don't wanna miss that. Hit subscribe! I've been YogscastSjin, I'll see you next time!~