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Heís a pervert! Get him!
Pervert! Pervert!
Get him!
We must get him!
We must get him! Donít let him escape!
Mister, thereís a bra in that misterís pants pocket.
Donít move!
Donít move!
Go to Room 407.
Itís Room 407.
Have you heard?
About what?
About you spending the night with Min Hyeon Joong?
And you used to suspect that heís a stalker!
Could it be that divorcees are a little too casual?
Did you come to say this?
I am the matchmaker.
I should manage things a bit when they develop to this extent.
I say, Mr. Matchmaker!
Iím tired out by last night. I donít have the energy to do this now.
Eun Ho!
Youíre here.
Whoís this?
This person?
His name is Lee Dong Jin.
Heís the man who corrupted my account.
This is a friend from my hometown, Kim Mi Yeon.
Very happy to meet you.
Donít worry.
Women, when faced with men who rescued them,
will inevitably fall for them.
Batman, Superman, Spiderman
Is your hand okay?
I must say thank you to you for last night.
Donít say thank you.
On the contrary, I feel really thankful that I can be of service to you.
I heard something almost happened last night.
I heard a knife was used. How frightening!
Luckily, you have your lover with you.
Itís okay. You can tell us; itís okay.
Thatís why I say a woman must have a man by her side!
Thatís right!
Something bad almost happened!
Room 407. Room 407.
Joon Myo
So what if it was a hotel? So what if it was a hospital?
Itís none of my concern now.
How can you still smile at a time like this?
Do you know why Jenny fell for Tarzan and stayed in the forest?
Canít possibly fall for the Cheetah
You listen well.
Since ancient times, women have been falling for men who rescue them.
Even if that man has only a piece of underwear to his name, she will still fall for him.
Look at the various ìmanî:
Superman, Batman, Spiderman....
Theyíre all the same.
TrolleyÖwill you listen to me?
What youíre trying to say is that fellow may fall for Min Hyeon Joong, is that right?
Then what do you want me to do?
Thatís why before things progress beyond salvation,
have it re-tidied here.
Start over again with Eun Ho.
Through this event, havenít you understood your feelings towards Eun Ho?
Even if we start over again in time, she will still end up being hurt again.
Dong Jin, that wasÖ.
We are happily getting along now, and that is made possible by our separation.
The pessimists in life!
Busybody who meddles in everything!
The virgin is worried about her widower neighbor.
With your situation now, should you be worrying about me getting re-married?
Why arenít you married? Are you gay?
How can I possibly be gay?
Do you know how much I like women?
I have great relationships with women.
The closing down of a club happens in a heartbeat.
The better the business, the more we should be cautious.
Does everybody understand?
Also, Ms. Choi....
Didnít I say not to get too close to special members?
What does that mean?
The affair between the coach and the member. Itís already spread to my ears.
Itís not me.
What? Itís not you?
Itís said that the female coach is dating a male member.
If itís not you, itís Leader Yoo?
In any case, itís not me.
Sir, you donít know too, so why are you always pinpointing me? Why?
What? You donít know?
Miss Choi
You better reflect on your actions, and take the necessary steps. Understand?
I canít live like that anymore. I should be quitting from this company.
How can I be not angry?
How can I not be angry about something like that?
Donít go everybody, listen to me. Iím really upset now!
I donít care!
Miss Eun Ho
I donít want it.
Iím asking you to open it for me.
We need to talk.
Yes, I am very grateful to you for what happened the other time,
but nothing is going to change between the two of us.
This is where I work.
Mr. Hyeon Joong is only a member here, isnít that so?
Miss Eun Ho, you are really too mean.
Just because I like you, you treat me like I am a stalker.
Are these the only things you can say?
About that...I am really very sorry.
Which part of me looks like a stalker?
Other than my eyes and mouth?
Iíll take this chance and make things clear.
I will make use of this matter and attack endlessly.
I will request for dates, and I will request to go for movies.
You better be prepared.
Weíre not listening on purpose.
We were on our way there for coffee.
Letís go have coffee over there instead.
Letís go over there.
Customers, you can go over there for coffee.
Customers, let me buy you a drink.
Why are you leaving so early?
What drink?
Go date
No. What date?
Did your ex-husband introduce this man to you?
Thatís why Iím even angrier.
Crazy! Crazy!
This is too ridiculous!
Is that Min Yeon Joo an escaped patient from some mental hospital?
Is there a major flaw with him?
He couldnít have introduced this guy to you for your own good.
He is just entirely out to get you. That bad egg!
Which bad egg?
Your ex-husband!
Let your ex-husband resolve this.
Such things should rightfully be resolved by the middleman anyway.
No, thereís no special way to have this resolved.ÖIÖ
Because youíre a pushover, thatís why!
Be careful!
This person!
Marriage, divorce,
Youíve gone through all that. How can you still be so muddle-headed!
Look at me. That bad egg wouldnít even dare appear before me.
Which bad egg?
My ex-husband!
Such matters, you canít just let it go like that.
You must let him feel deeply about what he did wrong.
WhatÖwhat should I do?
You just wait patiently. I know what to do.
Donít recognize me anymore?
Oh, yes
The other time you were looking at me so blatantly.
Werenít you looking at my face?
Itís the breasts. Itís the breasts.
Of course itís the breasts.
Did you come here for a reason?
To buy books.
Itís a lie.
Iím here to see Mr. Dong Jin.
Iím also very curious about where youíre working.
Are you his colleague?
Who are you?
I donít know how to put this....
Can I tell the truth?
You know
Me and Mr. Lee Dong JinÖ
Hold on!
Shall we step outside to talk?
What truth? Speak what truth?
Can I say I was introduced by your ex-wife?
So I see that was okay.
No, itís not like that.
We were not that kind of match made relationship.
We just said ìhiî to each other, thatís all.
How weird.
Eun Ho told me to perform well.
Eun Ho really said that?
Mr. Don Jin, do you find me unsatisfactory?
Itís not a problem of satisfactory.
Itís a little thatÖYou are Eun Hoís friend.
Didnít Mr. Dong Jin also introduce a man to Eun Ho too?
I really like the easy way Mr. Dong Jin is treating this.
Iím not easy.
So thatís where you are!
What are you doing here?
Well, since Iím here, treat me to a good meal, wonít you?
So compatible!
No, itís not.
You must get along nicely.
Itís really not. You are all mistaken.
Itís really not?
If you donít have a boyfriend, why not try him out?
I picked these from the garden especially for Miss Eun Ho.
Place them on your table and admire them. Take it that youíre looking at me.
Mr. Min Hyeon Joong
If you keep doing that, Iíll be placed in a very difficult position.
And Iím very sorry, but please donít call me by my name.
If you donít like to call me ìTeacher,î you can call me ìCoachî or ìLeader Yoo.î
Iím not a boy scout.
Why canít I call Miss Eun Ho as Miss Eun Ho?
Mr. Min Hyron Joong, this is a gym club. It a place for people to exercise.
If your motive is not to exercise,
Iím very sorry. Please donít come again.
Leader Yoo
Can we have a talk after your afternoon classes?
Now youíre even eating your phone. (Meaning: not picking up your phone calls)
[Best Male Employee of the Month]
Not one thing goes smoothly.
The club is already not doing well. How can you turn a member away?
Leader Yoo, do you have some vengeance against me?
Why do you keep calling?
Do you think I hang around and do nothing but wait for your calls?
Everything that has a linkage to you, not one of them goes smoothly.
You are the stumbling block in my life, a trap!
Forget it.
Why? What?
Why are you calling?
Youíre the only one who knows how to complain?
What kind of a friend of yours is that?
Who is she to come looking for me at the bookstore?
She went to look for you?
Why? Thatís great! Itíll increase your sales.
This is what you said when Min Hyeon Joong came to the club.
Your friend didnít buy any books.
She will after one or two more trips there.
Why? Donít like it?
Sheís exactly your type.
Why did I start to fancy the idiotic type?
Why are you like that? I can hear you clearly.
You said womenís heads are filled with shit.
As long as her face and figure is pretty, itíll do.
That was said jokingly when I was drunk, this person youÖ
Was that a joke?
But that seems to be the exact case.
Anyway, please tell your friend
not to come and look for me here again.
You tell her yourself.
How am I supposed to say that?
Do you know how the rumors are spreading at the bookstore after that person came here?
Everybody thought I was bitten by the flower snake.
What kind of a woman....Why is she so clueless?
She thinks sheís so sexy and all the men in the world will fall for her?
Is that woman lacking something somewhere?
Iím a little occupied now. Call you again later.
Men donít like that kind of blatant sexy.
Sexy should be elusive, then itís sexy!
That woman is sexy from head to toe.
But that will feel like a burden.
That woman should know that as well.
She doesnít seem to know this, throwing herself at me.
Women with breasts bigger than their heads usually have this misconception.
Shut up!
Shut up?
That man is full of rubbish. You have to listen selectively.
How did you end up marrying a man like that?
Thatís why we ended up divorced.
Does he think itís easy being sexy?
Itís difficult. Very difficult.
Am I not popular among men?
Youíre popular. Super popular among men.
How unbecoming! How can a personís breasts be bigger than her head?
Concentrate on practicing.
Only that way will your breasts be bigger and have more bounce in them.
Bigger breasts will only invite mockery by men saying Iím stupid and slow.
What are you saying? People who say things like that are mean.
People who say one thing but mean another.
Recently, arenít breasts the things people spend money to get stuffed up?
Thatís right. Men are always saying things like that.
Thatís why women are confused.
Use your strength to pull it up.
Breathe in
Breathe out
Honestly, is it because you dislike me?
Everybody already said theyíre tired.
Itís just a little bit of drinking. Iím not asking you guys to drink a lot.
Didnít we go for drinks the day before, too?
And I paid for them, too.
Thatís right.
Youíve only given us a treat once, and youíre taking it out to talk. My treat today.
Supervisor, you must have seen the popularity board, didnít you?
I wouldnít give a treat just because of that.
To get along! Iím doing this to get along!
Weíve been too distant lately.
Weíll grow more and more distant like that.
The drinks, do I not drink because thereís none?
We should have a drink together and relax!
When we drink together, we will grow closer!
We can chat along as we drink. What? Where are you looking?
Why is she againÖ
You donít have something urgent to attend to, do you?
Urgent matters, I have a lot of urgent matters.
The staff wants to go for a drink together.
BirthdayÖwill it be inconvenient if I go?
Why would it be inconvenient?
Because itís a bring-your-partner party, all the male companions are meeting for the first time.
My friend may be a little weird, but itíll be interesting.
You must be careful. All the time.
You girls! Stop fussing.
Letís blow it out together.
Mr. Dong Jin, weíre out of line, are we?
Mi Yeon is a fun-loving person, even more out of line than we are.
How am I out of line?
Because of Mr. Dong Jinís presence, sheís entirely different.
You girls canít be like that on my birthday.
Iím completely being bullied by your girls.
If we donít lie to you, would you have fallen for our tricks?
Mr. Dong Jin, you donít mind, do you?
All right, stop bickering
Mi Yeon, itís your birthday today.
Letís begin the declaration ceremony between her and her boyfriend.
No, no.
Mi Yeon canít hold her liquor, so donít drink.
Mr. Dong Jin drink then. You must finish it up!
Bottoms up! Bottoms up!
Again! Again!
Again! Again!
One more glass! One more glass!
Again? Donít ask him to drink again.
Donít ask him to drink again.
Slow down!
Eun Ho?
Things are progressing well now. Iíll fill you in on the details later.
Whatever it is, he will not be appearing before us again.
Iím hanging up now.
Youíre awake!
I suddenly felt like looking at the sea.
But although weíve come,
because itís so late at night, we canít see anything at all.
Itís so cold.
Iíll sleep a little while more.
If youíre very cold, do you want to get warm in a warmer place?
Just nice, itís near.
Thereís a motel not far behind.
Although sheís an ex, you still shouldnít be doing this to your exís friend.
Youíre a little casual, arenít you?
If Eun Ho hears this, what will she say?
Didnít you say you donít like sexy?
Big-breasted, empty-headed?
Throwing myself at you would burden you?
But because the situation is like that now, the way you think has changed?
Who are you suggesting motel to?
Who? Who? Who?
Am I such a push-over?
You bad egg! You bad egg!
Cold. Cold.
There are hot ones, too.
No need. Iím hot enough as it is.
2000 won.
Iíll bring it to you in a while. Please hold on.
[Öcanít come to the phone now]
What are you doing?
Give me. Give me my bear room slippers.
Give me!
[To Eun Ho, from Min Hyeon Joong. A million roses for you]
How sloppish.
Okay, I lose.
You can have them. You use them.
I hope you get athleteís foot.
Just concentrate on your driving. Just drive your car.
This old face of yours. ReallyÖ.
I thought you liked old faces?
When we were young, you said thereís no prettier face than mine in the whole of Korea,
such a prosperous face, said I was the best choice for a wife.
And now? Old face?
I saw wrongly that time. Saw wrongly seriously.
Me too. Me too!
Never thought Iíll be selling vegetables in the market like that.
If I had listened to my teacher then, things wouldnít turn out like that
Break up then. Break up.
Okay! Break up!
Everyone who saw me said I have a prosperous face,
say my face reflects great fortune. But what is this?
Ajussi, what?
You canít?
How about this?
Those who are here to exercise, why arenít you exercising?
Why are you standing around?
Letís go.
What a pity.
Mi Yeon
Come over for a second.
Itís so difficult making a choice between aerobics and gym.
Thereís still the rest of the plan.
But I saw he was really pitiful, so I just went straight home.
You left him there by himself?
Oh no. How did I lose it again?
Really shouldnít wear small earrings. Theyíre driving me crazy!
How many times is this? Iím going crazy. Itís so expensive!
Eun Ho, have you seen them?
Irritating! It was still there a moment ago!
Iím not human if I wear small earrings again.
What is the meaning of this!
Whatís going on today?
What are you doing?
Caught the flu?
Did something happen?
Forget it.
Iím already on fire now. If I still catch on fire again,
Iíll get all charred.
One iced-coffee please.
Scrap that order. One hot chocolate please.
You shouldnít be abusing your body when youíve caught a cold. You should be careful about your cold.
Youíll be forty the day after.
You just have to nag a little, donít you?
One iced-coffee.
How much including these?
Go to the hospital for a look.
Why let people get sick and get treatment at the same time?
Forget it. Take it that itís my fault.
It was you, wasnít it?
No wonder I felt something was wrong right from the start.
Suddenly coming to the bookstore to look for me,
or else asking me to go karaoke with her.
On top of that, an entangling woman.
Itís life-threatening. The two of you are in cahoots right?
No, weíre not.
Look. Your eyeballs are turning.
Your eyeballs turn whenever you are guilty.
Am I rubbish? Just dumping me and running off like that.
I told you, no.
What, no?
Luckily, I got back safely, or this will be a case of planned murder!
WhyÖwhy would I?
Youíre taking revenge because of Min Hyeon Joong, arenít you?
Arenít you?
Min Hyeon Joong?
Yes! Min Hyeon Joong!
Why? Are you feeling the guilt maligning me of revenge?
Because of him, Iíve been ostracized lately,
making a mess of my life.
This is what I call abusive behavior towards others, understand?
That...that, too.
How could you let that kind of woman make a fool of me like that?
Speaking of which,
if I get fired, will you be responsible?
How are you going to clear up such a mess?
Responsible for what?
This is really infuriating.
Who should the dog blame when it steps on poo?
Backtracking from the past, who was the one who started it?
Did you get ostracized because of him?
Iím not only talking about the matter of being ostracized now!
You must have started seducing him first.
Arenít you always seducing people?
-You say Iím seducing people? -What are you fighting about?
What do you think youíll become in the future?
Fought yesterday too.
Who started it? The girl becoming violent?
Shouldnít you try to get along? Why are you fighting?
Tell mommy why are you fighting?
You fight the moment you see each other every day.
What are you learning in school?
Did mommy ask you to fight?
What is wrong with the two of you?
Have you seen an alien before?
There are no such things as aliens.
There are no aliens. I canít even support myself.
Theyíre out.
What are you afraid of? Weíre not doing anything wrong.
Oh, yes.
Chest out.
The other time was inconclusive because he caught the stalker.
Until now, that fellow is still a mystery.
Isnít that so?
Falling for the bride at the wedding....
He was abnormal right from that moment on.
How could he be captivated by somebody elseís bride? That lunatic.
After waiting for five years, he appeared so coincidentally. Heís obviously suspicious.
Definitely suspicious.
The Dr. Gong at this moment is not very normal as well.
Why? Thereís something right?
What can there be? Scary.
Just have a look and learn well.
Then, Iím quitting.
You do this yourself.
Return the money to me.
You are so hot-tempered.
So he went to have something to eat....
He looks really unrefined.
The way he is eating that thing.
Heís quite good-looking.
What? Good-looking?
When theyíre old they all have a face full of wrinkles.
Itís all in the present only. Can good looks feed you?
Those men who donít even have it at present...there are those, too.
Are you talking about me now? IÖ
Thatís because Iím full of virtues.
I feel that my life should not be too beautiful. What are you saying? Really!
He got on! Got on!
He got on! Got on!
Go quick!
Hold on. We have to wait for the bus to move before we start following
Okay! Okay!
Itís moving!
- If you lose him, youíre dead! - Okay, Okay!
Go! Weíre dead meat anyway. Weíll see!
How is it possible to lose track of a bus?
That wasnít a bus. It was a rocket.
Anyway, thereíre no results today. Letís wrap up.
Canít say there are completely no results today.
Youíve seen him. What are your thoughts?
Other than that.
Bingo! Bingo! Okay!
You have to focus on that point when you tell Eun Ho
the fellowís actions.
That fellow doesnít look like a rich manís son. He looks more like a untrustworthy character.
All swollenÖI thought it was some kind of a sickness.
Yes. I donít wish for my sister to lead a down and out life.
Although, money is not everything.
Now what?
Women choose rich men; rich men like pretty women.
Isnít that the way things go?
Now, that is normal.
What theory is that? Then poor people canít even fall in love?
You canít say that.
Even in poverty, there are many people who lead a happy life.
Why are you already so materialistic at such a young age?
Really! What exactly am I doing?
Robbery alert! Robbery alert!
Thereís a case of robbery at District 21 Pyeong Chang Dong
Officers in the area around the crime scene, please be on alert for any suspicious characters.
Does he look a little odd?
Catch up. Catch up!
Young master?
We have no solutions then?
Why would there be none?
Just look and there will be many.
What? What? What?
I remember now.
Unnie, UnnieÖI need money.
- Money again? - Unnie, UnnieÖI need money.
- I know! I know! - Unnie, UnnieÖI need money.
Will this do?
You really shouldnít have.
Think about it.
Your image has been in that manís mind for the past five years.
For five years, that manís image of you in his mind
is lingering and vague. It must be shiny and glittery.
Anyway, very different from the reality.
Nice Cash
You need to let him know that the you in reality is very different from his image of you in his mind.
The moment he sees the real you,
the image in his mind will vanish at light speed.
From the angle of psychology, perhaps you are the one stimulating him.
Just see him once.
When you meet, show him your true self.
Miss Eun Ho
Miss Yoo Eun Ho
Have you finally realized the charms of Min Hyeon Joong today?
Your flaring at every little thing may make him feel even more amused instead.
Didnít you say weíre going somewhere?
Letís go.
Excuse me, the bill.
All right
How much?
Still want your change of 100 won?
100 won is money too, right?
Mr. Min Hyeon Joong
Some jokes can be cracked while some jokes cannot.
Yes, I may be in the wrong too.
I donít know how you see me.
Weíre here already. Why donít you just stay for a while and have a look?
Letís go.
Originally, my plan was like this.
Eun Ho youíll ask me where we first met.
Two: I wonít tell you.
Three: youíll keep asking.
Four: Iíll tell you but canít get the words out.
Five: this way, Eun Ho will see my charms.
This is what I call a perfect plan.
Exactly where did I go wrong?
Celebrate our meeting at this place again
You still cannot recall, huh?
Eun Ho, have you hurt your head before?
At the dawn of the wedding day....
Iíll die!
Iíll die? Iíll die for you to see!
Are you happy?
What way?
None, because Iím alive.
Best wishes
Are you not happy?
Put your right hand on your left chest.
Go on
This way
You can feel your heart beating, right?
I feel better when I do this
when Iím depressed because Iím unhappy, or uneasy because Iím too happy.
You still have the mood to send others well wishes, then things must not be that bad.
Fortunately, my happiness index is very high, so Iíll let you have some.
After youíve gotten your share, donít forget to share it with others in the future.
That day was my first day of work.
It was then that the incident happened.
That was also when I met you, Eun Ho, for the first time.
In order to find you, I immediately went after you.
Youíve already disappeared without a trace.
I often think back to that moment.
If I had not met Eun Ho,
did not hear Dong Jinís words from his heart....
How will your marriage turn out?
Could it be that I took a share of your happiness that day?
Thatís why your marriage was unhappy?
Iíll take responsibility.
Itís Red Indian, I think?
People from a certain tribe believe that
when you save a person, you have to be responsible for that person to the end.
Seems like only Red Indians do that.
Arenít Red Indians of the same ancestor as us? We are all of Mongolian origin.
Mongolian freckles. Donít you have them too, Eun Ho?
Not joking.
Who is that?
Look at this charisma.
Black VS White
This is so old-fashioned!
Even school children donít write it that way anymore. What are all these?
Angel of the Door
Exactly who thought up this name?
What fireworks? This is not a ìbeware of fireî poster.
Just fire matches will do.
Is the person behind me this person?
Oh, really?
Supervisor, visitor!
Arenít you too lucky lately?
This woman is really! How does she look at people?
Pain! Pain!
Let go! Let go!
What do you think youíre doing?
Saying hi.
Is this saying hi? This is murder!
There should at least be some degree of difficulty.
Really! I give in to you because youíre a woman, but there should still be a limit.
I can still tolerate now.
Iíve been scheduled for a match.
Are you here to sell tickets?
Of course. Did you think Iím here to sell books?
Youíre not an authorized ticket vendor. Itís illegal.
None of your business!
Iíll buy! Iíll buy!
Take 20
Iím not buying anymore.
What? Not buying?
Supervisor, should I call the police?
Is it painful?
Will it affect your match?
Forget it.
Iím off.
Iíll go cheer you on!
Go to the hospital if it still hurts!
Watch your step!
Iím sorry.
Come have a look.
Is this the schedule for today?
Is there an audience?
Louder please
A little more. Good, good.
One, two. One, two.
You must draw it well.
Good, good.
Iím going to make a trip to the restroom.
That unnie is that unnie, right?
The legendary one that can seduce any man with a crook of her finger?
Is there such a legend?
Mi Sookís teacher is head over heels over that unnie.
He squatted outside her house and waited and got taken away by the police.
Your memory is so good.
Why are you so good?
Hi, Sister-in-law.
Youíre here.
I have to be here if I want to live a longer life, isnít that so?
Why are people around you all like that?
One a secret society member, another a pervert
Youíre the worst out of all of them.
That seatís taken.
Itís no big deal.
Is that fellow here?
Hyeon Joong?
Looks like heís already taken off.
Because itís him, the two of you have persisted until now.
If itís someone else, itíll be game over within one week.
How about you? Why did you spend a few years then?
Tormenting years, those were!
Youíre here!
I discovered a really fantastic woman.
That woman. That woman!
Move aside. The owner is back.
There are seats behind, too.
No need.
Joon Pyo, letís go.
Iíll stay here. The seatís very good.
All right. I hope you have a good time then..
I say, would you like a drink?
Take a seat.
No need.
You can get a pretty good view of the women from here.
Why didnít you persist for a while more?
Is that important now?
But, did Eun Ho ask that fellow to come?
What rubbish are you talking about?
What are you doing here?
Itís such a coincidence for us to see each other here!
Thatís a lie.
I thought you may come, so I came too.
- Youíve worked hard. - Yes
Ryori! Ryori! Ryori!
Kill her!
What the heck!
Concentrate on the match, will you?
Well done! Thatís the way!
What the heck?!? Really!
- I know even if you donít say it.
So what if you know?
What are you trying to do?
Just mind yourself.
What was that about today?
Why are the two of you leading your lives like that?
What about me?
I heard youíre 25 years old.
Still a kid, a silly kid.
What about army enlistment?
Iím excused.
Why? Is there something wrong with your body?
I hurt my leg when I was in high school.
Men should serve the army in order to be considered men.
Have you served the army before?
Of course! I was with the land force.
So how come you didnít become a real man?
Yes, same reason why you didnít become a real woman.
I'm asking you from a moral point of view.
Why did you do that the other day?
A place where thereís not even public transport,
what did you suppose I could do when you abandoned me?
I was afraid of pouncing.
What kind of a person do you think I am?
No matter how I suffer or how sex-starved I amÖ
I was afraid Iíll pounce on you.
Eun Ho
Letís go together.
Hyeon Joong, letís go too.
Letís go together.
Thank you.
What are the two guys in their 30's over there going to do?
Forget it. I canít be bothered.
We are busy but we can still join for a while!
I sayÖ
Just a while. Just a while will do.
Hold on.
Here it comes.
Let me pour you a drink.
Itís not here yet. The dishes to go with the drinks are not even here yet.
A toast
All glasses filled?
To everybodyís wishes!
Cheers! Cheers!
This is really good.
But Iíve suddenly remembered...
Dong Jin,
didnít you first propose to Eun Ho here?
That was really romantic then.
The two of you talked about breaking up here as well, right?
There was really nothing else you could do then.
Is Eun Ho a regular here?
This place is like their love's haunt.
Although itís a relationship that ended as a failure...
We donít know that for sure yet.
Dr. Gong is clueless.
Gong Joon Pyo
Yoo Ji Ho
Come over, quick!
Do you have to do this?
Didnít Dr. Gong start it?
Donít you want your sister to be happy?
Itís precisely because I want my sister to be happy. Thatís why Iím like that.
How can I shut that mouth of yours up?
If Dr. Gong, you keep your mouth shut...
You just have to bicker with me.
But why do we have to come here?
I thought we were going to kiss.
Whatís this?
This wild fellow!
Who is this guy?
You look really happy.
First time I see you laugh so happily.
I can understand.
As a woman you will feel some jealousy.
Whatís wrong with Eun Ho?
This is how they express their love for each other.
His mouth is a little naughty.
Our Miss Mi Yeon really loves to drink. She has been drinking non-stop.
I have something to ask the two of you.
Asking questions is a good habit.
Why did you split up?
Did Dong Jin have an affair?
Does he have that kind of bad habit?
Did you spend money carelessly?
My sister?
The number one scrooge?
Hit someone?
Too crafty and didnít take responsibility.
Too casual and sometimes too rude.
And sometimes too infuriating.
But heís not really that bad a guy.
Difference in personality.
Felt that if we continued being together...
Weíll dislike each other so much we wonít even want to see each otherís faces.
So we split up.
I see.
You guys havenít reached the end point and
have yet to go all the way.
So, thereís still a little bit of infatuation.
Isnít that You Jin?
- Isnít Dr. Kim around? - I sayÖ
Whatís the address there?
- I understand. I understand. - What do you think of our Eun Ho?
Although it's a little awkward to answer that here....
But since youíve asked, Iíll answer openly.
I want to date Eun Ho officially,
as a prelude to marriage.
Iím going to the restroom.
The separation has begun.
He has set off. What do you think?
The young man who says he would like to date you seriously
as a prelude to marriage.
Young men like me.
I should be grateful.
Are you really going to date him?
As a prelude to marriage?
Why should I tell you that answer?
When did you start to be good at taking care of people?
Youíre so happy that a young man fancies you? Smiling so widely!
If youíre drunk, you can lean over.
Iíve only got this pair of legs left.
I didnít expect to have to use them here.
OhÖterrible alcohol smell.
Wake up!
Give me some response so I know what to do.
The woman you recommended is the child's mother.
Didnít you say you like family-oriented women? You get a family of three at the blink of an eye.
Why donít you introduce the daughter of a CEO, then?
Your tieís color is so striking.
How old-fashioned.
Not bought by you
Are the words okay for listening to even on an empty stomach?
I donít have intentions of dating Hyeon Yoong.
Forget Dong Jin and make use of me.
I want to date Dong Jin properly.