Le Comte de Monte-Cristo (1998) Épisode 4

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Don't let anyone near the coach
Please we must talk
Tomorrow at 6.30 in the Saint-Cloud woods
Just one word each: "Ready?" "Ready"
Dear Count, I'm worried too
But althrough I chair the Chamber of Peers, I can't ask it...
...to institute proceedings based on mere allegations...
...Against one of its members
A member whom this article was careful not to mention
"A certain Fernand". You must admit that's rather vague
My grandson...
...is called Fernand
Dear Duke in tonight's edition...
...'Le Messager' will reveal The culprit's full name
It won't be "a certain Fernand", but Count Fernand de Morcerf
I must warn you
.It's true that, since the Revolution...
...no one in France is untouchable
But to accuse a man with the record of public service...
...and the respectability of Morcerf...
Here is the front page article from Tonight's edition of 'Le Messager'
Forgive my curiosity, but what is your role in this affair?
And you calmly admit this?
My calmness is only for appearances
Inside, I boil wit rage and disgust
Put my mind at rest
What does it matter if revenge goes hand in hand with justice?
You're too late
Dear colleagues. I would have paid no attention to these allegations...
Libel, then, to please the Baron
But these allegations were signed by eminent people who witnessed this...
Mr. De Morcerf, I didn't allow you to speak
I'll speak anyway. There are no rules against the insult...
you relay with such hurtful indifference
They're all on his side. If Albert doesn't kill me...
...I’ll be charged with an offence against national security
You've landed me in a mess
Morcerf thinks he'll win because he's sure he knows all the cards
But I have one...
...he can't anticipate
Please play it
I'll go and get it. I need fresh air anyway. You can't breathe in here
Who are these witnesses?
Old. Heroes from Janina
So old they're probably all dead
It's nothing new to make the dead speak
If you don't believe me, send a committee of enquiry to Janina
The Chamber of Peers has more urgent tasks...
...than to visit the Turks
My dear Morcerf...
...no one here doubts your word. I don't anyway
I'm at your service. I've waited so long for this
.So have I
So have
Bring back censorship!
Gentlemen, today I'm the one being attacked
Tomorrow, it could be you or you
Then our President will be in the stocks
And after our President...
...maybe our King
Back to your seats or I'll adjourn
Attacking the press isn't enough to defend yourself
What is there to defend? Risking my life in Janina?
Acting with such heroism that Sultan Ali Pasha...
...whom they say I betrayed
...rewarded me by making me a General?
Yes, but after he made you General?
After? Well, the city fell into Turkish hands
How did it fall?
That's the question
- And your trump card? - The queen of hearts
Silence. I have a very important announcement to make
Someone has just arrived and wishes to be heard...
...as a witness in the Janina case
We’ve heard enough
IT would be indecent to continue troubling the Count
It's all right. Let us see the face of the enemy
I'd be only too pleased
What's this sham?
Is that her?
Your name?
Princess Haydee, daughter of Ali Pasha
Impossible. She's an impostor
Because the Turks killed the Sultan's family
Yes, they all had their throats cut: My mother, father and two brothers
Only I wasn't slaughtered, maybe because I was a girl
Pity? From the Turks?
This woman is talking nonsense
Pity would have been to kill me, not to make a slave of me
If you're slave your testimony is inadmissible
She isn't any more
I bought...
...and freed her
Which side are you on?
The Count of Monte Cristo vouches for the validity of your testimony. Speak
She still has to prove she is who she claims to be
You tell them who I am
A mad woman
Mondego... You were one of the closest friends of the Sultan and his family
Did Haydee have any personal traits?
It was so long ago. How could I recall?
Did she or didn't she have any personal traits?
She might have done
She used to gorge herself on those sweets called Turkish delights
Her personal trait is that she should now weigh over 200 pounds
You really don't measure up, my poor girl
I was in Janina too
Only for a few days
But I had the honour of meeting the Sultan
This is about Haydee
Precisely. I meet his daughter too
- It's her - You're drivelling
Nothing new there
I don't know if you've ever gone...
...hawking my dear Duke
It's a very exciting way of hunting
Get to the point, M de Saint-Guyon
One day, one of the princess's hawks...
...cut her right earlobe with its beak
I hasten to add
...it didn't spoil the beauty of Princess Haydee of Janina
Forgive us for this humilation. It shall be the last
Will the Peers of France please rise...
...as custom requires when we receive a person of royal blood
She mutilated herself
Come down or I'll come up for you
Go home. Your poor mother needs you
You dishonoured my father
I swear I'm not relishing it
I had to do it
If you’re too ignorant to understand this gesture.
...it means I demand a duel
I'm sorry
Where and when?
Since your duel with Beauchamp is off...
...I suggest the same place and time
My witnesses. And yours?
Maximilien Morrel and Bertuccio
A trader and a servant to humiliate me?
I have no other friends in Paris
It's raining so hard, I hope he'll fall on his back, not on his face
He doesn't deserve to die with his nose in the mud
Leave that. I'll finish it myself
Go back to Valentine. I'm worried
Don't be. The Villeforts are attending a mass sung for Mme de Saint-Meran
Isn't anyone singing for poor Barrois?
Excuse me
The Countess is here
Mme de Morcerf
Leave us
Take a seat
- What are you doing? - Begging you
What for?
You know
Stand up. You only kneel before God
Like Him. You can do a miracle
A miracle? Your son considers he's the offended party. He'll shoot first
He'll miss. He's no good with pistols
I know
He'll be nervous and his hands will shake. It's his first duel
Mine too
But unlike your son I'm a sharp shooter
Should I miss?
Is that why you came?
Yes. In Gods name I beg you
Tell me you'll do it
That wasn't my plan, but all right
I'll shoot wide and miss your son. But we'll each have two pistols
So it'll be Albert's turn again
This time. The initial distance of 60 paces will be reduced to 30
Aim at me
You'll see
At 30 paces, even if you can't shoot...
., do you think you can miss?
Sorry, Mercedes
I won't allow your son to live long enough to aim at my heart at 30 paces
Then wound him... in the shoulder
I don't know but stop this nightmare
It's not a first-blood duel. It's to the death. Your son denaided it
You refuse everything. Why are you after us? What did we do to you?
I thought you knew
How? What do I know of you?
The other day on the river, I thought...
On the river. I thought things too
But I must have been wrong
He wasn't like that, He wasn't like you
I called you Edmond
Yes, but why didn't you say any more?
I thought it was up to you to speak I've been waiting for this confession
Confessions are for the guilty
You want me to say your name?
No one has ever said my name the way you do
I remember
You'd write it on misty windows
I was in love with you Now I'm scared of you
Say it anyway. Try
Say my name softy like you used to
For the last time because tomorrow it'll make you sick
Say it, Mercedes
Edmond Dantes
No caresses
Don't touch me
I know you hate me
I'll only start hating you tomorrow
For you its been 20 years and your revenge is to kill my son
Revenge on you?
No. On others, but not on you
I just want to know what happened to us
I told you, Your father said you were dead
I know, you told me. You could believe him. He didn't lie
Unlike some But why marry Fernand Mondego?
You know Fernand Mondego
You know who he is now
It's hard not to. Everyone talks of his betrayal at Janina
Would it have happened...
...if Fernand hadn't already had a taste for lies, slander and betrayal?
What do you mean?
He betrayed me
Impossible. He told everyone he'd lost his best friend. I saw him cry
Everything about him is fake
Tears, heroism, honour. He wanted you and I was in his way
So he wrote a letter. That's very brave. The anonymous letter trick
He’s like that
The scum
Yes, but there's more scum
Villefort, Danglars, Caderousse
Punish them. It's your right. But not Albert
Don't mix him up in this. Don't kill my son
If it helps...
If it helps...,
...punish me too
I did nothing wrong
Punish me anyway just to make yourself feel better
But don't harm my son
Do you hear, Edmond? Not my child
I was with your father when he died
No, Morrel was
I was there. If Morrel was alive.
No. Don't call a dead man to witness
But it's the truth
I held his hand until he died and until the end, he talked about you
- No - He loved you
- Don't do this - He loved you like I love Albert
I have nothing to add
But you, have you nothing to say before I go?
Tomorrow morning...
...20 years too late...
...you shall no longer wonder whether Edmond is dead or alive. He'll be dead
Albert de Morcerf will shoot me in the heart
Farewell, Edmond
Come in
You need me?
There's one for each of you
It’s money
Well, diamonds. They're easier to trade
To pay for your return and a decent life back home
I suppose Hassan will buy a felucca
Hell be a fine sponge diver. He so loves the sea
Tell him to be careful. You can't trust the sea
You're dismissing us?
No. I’m not dismissing you...
...but I may be leaving
But it's a place where no one needs anyone
Can we talk?
- What are you doing? - Making love
I like the taste of rain
It's lovely now
As always after a storm
If something happens to me, promise me one thing
Never make love when it rains
What could possibly happen?
You're the tallest and strongest beau, You're Monte Cristo
You see? It rhymes
You make me so happy lm a poet now
- What time is it? - Not six yet. Sleep a bit longer
No, have am appointment
No, I have an appointment
So early? Who with?
First of all with myself I'm hungry. Give me something to eat
- Bread, butter coffee? - And wine
And eggs with bacon Lots of bacon
And cheese
If you have one or two capon thighs. I won't say no
You ogre
Till tonight?
- Camille... - Yes?
Nothing. Or rather...
It was a wonderful night I'll never forget
Wonderful, but short
The next one will be so long
- He's late. Maybe he's scared - He'll come. He's a Morcerf
They're traitors
He also has a mother, Mercedes. She has courage. Here's my will
But sir...
I’ve left you ten million
Invest with Thomson & French at 18%... You'll have a nice income
You only have one obligation: To carry out my last wish
I was a sailor and I want the sea for a grave
I want to slide to the bottom from the Pharaon
Arrange it with Maximilien
They're here
Very well. In any case, we can't start at 60 paces yet It's too misty
The Count suggests starting at 30 paces
The mist wont be a problem
Well, Mr. De Morcerf wishes to...
He has something to say to the Count of Monte Cristo
You must know that's contrary to custom. Only weapons should speak
Would you check our pistols? We'll check yours
I came without weapons
But with apologies
You're the offended party. Why apologize?
I wish to speak in front of our witnesses
...and be done with it
Certainly, but not the way you think
I’m not here to be killed or to kill you
Unless you demand it, we won't fight
I came to apologize
Last night my mother came to see me
- She told me everything - What?
You'd hate me to repeat what you were prepared to do
True. It's between the Countess and me
It was only justice for you to accuse and defeat...
...my father
Yes, the Count of Morcerf committed felony, and not just in Janina
- Years ago in Marseille... - Don't
- You don't want me to... - No
You'll accuse him yourself?
Maybe Its my business, not yours
Very well. Don't worry, I can keep a secret, especially my mother's
Thank you for sparing me the shame...
...of further damning my father
I'm so happy
And me. I had a sumptuous breakfast
I thought it my last. So I indulged. We should always live like survivors
Massage your master
That's nice. Sing me a song from your country
- The Count of Morcerf - What about him?
He's upset and says he'll do what his son didn't
He wants to kill me?
On his honour
His honour? Then I’m quite safe
Stop taking everything so lightly He has at least two pistols
Tell him I'm coming
Give him everything he needs and run to the Villeforts
Valentine is alone. Quickly!
Hello, Mondego
Monte Cristo. I came...
What did you call me? Monte Cristo?
Count of Monte Cristo? You have the wrong address
Look at me closely. Am I the Count of Monte Cristo?
- What are you playing at? - I never play
What I suffered was real. It was you who played
The tearful friend the comforting fiance...
...the heroic general. The noble and very respectable Count of Morcerf
But it's over. You played and lost
Forget it. You've already killed me
Well, you tried
You didn't succeed. I'm back
Have a drink with me
To the health of Edmond Dantes
My poor Fernand
You always wreck everything I have
It's Valentine
She needs a doctor?
It's too late. She needs a priest
Go on, run
Please don't make a spectacle of yourself. It won't change anything
It's only mud. Your coat won't be ruined
- Wasn't that the Count of Morcerf? - Possibly
You receive him despite his disgrace?
Don’t I receive you, Danglars?
Lm business, a reputation is like the stock exchange
Up one day, down the next
...By the way, how's your reputation today?
I’m grateful you worry about my affairs
Well. They have an influence on mine
I've decided to leave Paris
We'll retain an unforgettable memory of you
I don't want to leave any debts behind
So I'd be grateful if you could let me have six million within 48 hours
I’ve already given you six million
I need six more. Thomson & French granted me unlimited credit with you
You talk about Thomson & French
What do they know of my finances? My coffers are empty
If you can't meet my letter of credit, I fear Thomson & French...
.will make you bankrupt
Bankrupt? Me? All the money I lost was your fault
All those wonderful investments you recommended failed
Thank you Hassan
So we're agreed. Six million within 48 hours
Give this to my husband
Madam can do it herself
He’s just arrived
I don't wish to see him again
For Fernand
We're there, sir
She wanted milk so my wife brought it
Leave us. I'll hear her confession
She’s unconscious
That's Gods business. Not yours
And Jesus said...
"Lazarus shall rise from the dead
"He who believes in me, even if he is dead, shall have...
"... eternal life
'Why fear ye? O ye of little faith"
There. I'm naked. How humiliating
- How can I go out with no jewels? - Go where?
Mlle de Villefort's funeral tomorrow.
With black drapes. No one will notice your missing jewels
They're worth two million, plus our shoot and furniture.
Not the furniture. It's mine
- My family's - You prefer me bankrupt and in jail?
We were all so happy. Life was so wonderful, so easy
And in just a few months, fate,
These deaths at the Villeforts, Morcerf's disgrace and suicide...
And now you talk about bankruptcy and jail
What did we do to deserve this?
I don't know
You must do. God didn't suddenly go mad
I've done nothing wrong
And you?
Me? Nothing either...
...of course
Yes, what?
I did something wrong
I deserve for my jewels to be sold
And my furniture. I must be punished
I cheated on you years ago I had a child...
...with another man
But you can't have children
Maybe it's you who can't
With another man, I did. It was a son
Who's the man?
I have a child and I don't know him. No one knows him
And no one seems to care
One of the cashiers. Probably
I often saw her with them
She looked at them...,
...With her dreamy eyes
Shed lick her lips
A woman's tongue - soft, pink ad wet - can do a lot of damage...
...Especially with young cashiers
I hired them too young. But the good times are over
Young or old, I can't pay them any more
Get out
Everybody out
The Danglars Bank is suspending payments
He's stolen our money
God bless you for your hospitality
I understand why you can't stay in the house of a man who killed himself
It's the only sin God won't forgive
To kill yourself out of self-disgust is to doubt the Lords infinite mercy
If His mercy is infinite, I'm sure he forgives despair
To forgive means to forgive all. Especially the unforgivable
Maybe that's how you see things, Countess...
, Don't call me Countess
Those days are over, that’s why I'm leaving my estate to your community
We'll pray for you, madam...
...that God helps you find peace
And that He protects you in Algeria, sir
Ask Him to help me regain the honour my father sullied
Go and tell the family I'm ready
- Should we wait for the others? - What others?.
The people who will join the procession. I'm sure the departed...
...had friends
No, there's only us. Let's go and be done with it
They've gone home to mourn. Let's get down to business
Satisfied? We said 3.000 for a loose lid. 2.000 not to put the stone on...
I'll pay 20,000, but I need...
...one extra thing
My goodness! What do you want for this?
You want her out again?
Do you provide medical students with fresh corpses for dissection?
I just want to buy your hearse. The horse and your silence
That's fine. Still, you priests are into strange deals
We're done. Come on. Let's go. Hurry up
Bertuccio, to work
But toads and humans are different
While the toad sleeps. Valentine might be dead
Do as we said
She's breathing like a hibernating animal
We must have faith, Come and help me
When she comes to, she'll be thirsty, cold and scared
She won't know where she is
Don't worry III look after her. I'll take her out to stretch her legs
I'II give her some Provence wine
Does Maximilien know about your trick?
Of course not
And you love him like a son? You're cruel
No, cautious. If it all went wrong. He couldn't bear it
You mean if she never woke up?
- Come on - You see? You're not so sure
How I hate black
You're the one who wanted this black
What do you mean?
My daughter was poisoned with only four of us here
Valentine, my father, you and me
Could she have committed suicide?
No, I don't think so
Then who made her drink the poison? My father?
In his condition? That's impossible
Then it's you or me. Did I kill my daughter?
I don't know
I didn't. So?
You're mad
I'm accusing you of three murders
Marie-Louise de Saint-Meran, Jules Barrois and my daughter
You're distraught with grief. To kill, one needs a motive
Money? Oh God. Money
Yes, money
Then Valentine, so you'd inherit her fortune through me
What about Barrois?
Was I hoping to inherit from him too?
No, Barrois shouldn't have died
It's my poor father you wanted dead, so you alone would have all the money
After a decent period...
...I too would have,.
Think carefully before you make a big mistake
If I'm the murderer you claim I am, if I'm dragged before the courts...
...You'll be the first to suffer from the scandal
And you're brilliant career...
You have one last chance
I agree
Don't get carried away
...than being beheaded by the guillotine...
...while the mob jeers and spits
Your famous poison causes a painful death. It seems
But then...
...you must be punished
Mustn't you?
You have an hour
Mlle Valentine, please try to wake up. You can't carry on sleeping like this
She's icy cold
Father. I suppose you've come for your fee
My fee?
- It's customary to give. - There's no need
Caderousse was stabbed, Morcerf killed himself...
I've always been honest. I couldn't take your money. I'm not a priest
But you're Father Busoni
I recognize you
No, sir. You don't recognize me
Monte Cristo. You're the Count of Monte Cristo
No, Villefort
I'm Edmond Dantes
- I didn't recognize you - We rarely recognize our crimes
What do you want?
What do you expect from me?
You want rehabilitation? I'll intercede on your behalf
The King will give you justice
Justice is my business
I brought you this address
Cherche-Midi jail
Murderers' quarters
You want to send me there?
I didn't kill Heloise. She killed herself
It's best for her
I'm not a murderer. I don't want to go to jail
Even to see your son?
My son?
Didn't you know you had a son? You're going to love him
Toussaint. He was found on All Saits' Day in a garden in Auteuil
I hope you won't have to sum up against him
Requesting death...
...for one's son is different...
...from sending Edmond Dantes to rot in the Chateau d'If
Farewell, Prosecutor
Suffer me to take my leave, as they say...
...in your world
Or rather...
...just suffer
My poor child
I wanted to see you
I'm leaving too
Going back to Marseille?
Much further
To Algiers?
So much further
Can't you guess?
I'll help you. After the duel, you gave me a pistol as a souvenir
- No. Give it back - I don't have it here
Where is it best? The temple or the mouth?
Have faith
In whom? God?
Since Christ...
.few have risen from the dead. God lost his touch
I felt the same at your age Same rejection, same revolt
Almost the same words
I too wanted to die
Why? You have everything Love above all
I had nothing then
I wasn't allowed to see the sun, let alone to love
Then one day, in the depths of despair...
...I met someone who talked to me as I talk to you now
He said: "Have faith
"Have faith despite everything, Edmond Dantes
'Have faith"
Why Edmond Dantes?
That's who I am
He's dead
Many people thought so. Even my father
My God...
How I would have loved to tell him the truth
My father would have recognized you
Not disguised as Lord Wilmore
Lord Wilmore? A disguise?
The magic shows you and Valentine liked...
...are nothing compared to what I can do
Lord Wilmore. Father Busoni and Monte Cristo are the same man
This man is Edmond Dantes
How? Why?
It's a long story...
...in which Valentine played a part. Do you want to hear it?
No, all I want to hear is the report of a pistol
You won't hear it. You'II already be dead
Bullets are very quick, Unless you miss. It's so easily done
Your hand shaking...
...the barrel shifting slightly and you'll end up like Noirtier
You have better?
Yes, poison
I know a wonderful poison. You just let yourself go
You go to sleep without any anguish, without any pain at all
You start dreaming
Then the dream starts to fray like mist drifting in the wind
Soon there's nothing
It’s all black, a void
- It's over - Give me it
Not tonight
I'll do you a deal. Give me two weeks
During these two weeks, promise me not to try to ed your life
Then we'll meet in Marseille. If you're still as despondent
...I'll give you the drug
I won't forget Valentine in two weeks. Eternity wouldn't suffice
...there's all the more reason not to rush into it
Surely you can do that for me.
...in memory of what Wilmore did for your father
All right, two weeks. To the hour
You swear?
Yes. I swear. But you must swear too
Yes, Maximilien
I swear to help you to die if I was wrong
Everything's ready
We can leave when you wish
Shouldn't your cook be doing this?
Why didn't you say? I'd have taken him with us and paid his wages
It wasn't a problem
Have you heard the news?
I went to say goodbye to Beauchamp and heard.
...Franz dEpinay is mad about Haydee
There's talk of marriage. Things won't end so badly
Yes, you're leaving
We're leaving. Together
My husband liked predicting the weather. He knew the clouds well
He said fine weather was a anomaly...
...between two rainy, cold and grey spells
You were my anomaly and it was beautiful
What are you saying?
- Where are your trunks? - Nowhere
Aren't you ready?
Hurry. Camille. We're leaving now. I have an important meeting in Italy
I'm staying. You're going without me
What's the matter?
Don't you love me any more?
Oh. Yes
I'll always love you
You're a magician
I was asleep and you woke me
I'm glad you did The world is beautiful
- Especially in summer. But... - What?
I'm not a woman. Not a real woman
Just a funny little girl
You find me touching, but it's not love
You’re mad
It is
I do love you You're so pure
Let's say naive
With time it'll bore you. You’ll turn away from me and I'll suffer
You've tasted too many liqueurs to make do with sweet cordial
I love your sweet taste
Why deprive me of it?
If you ever come back. I'll be there
But you won't
Mercedes will know how to keep you
You've waited 20 years for each other
You're crying?
Wretched onions. If you lived in the country, you'd know they make you cry
They're beans
They must be of the onion family
You’d better go very quickly
Don't say a word. Don't make a sound. Let me go back to sleep quietly
You made them all pay?
Yes. Very dearly
May I give you my bill, too?
Your bill?
The price of my renunciation
I'm returning you to Mercedes. It must be worth something. You're so just
I thought about it, but didn't want to humiliate you
My fortune is yours I don't need it now
Not your money
Then what?
Me? Forgive?
Everything and everyone. Even the rain when you have no hat and you get wet
I tell you that because I forgave my husbands killer
It took time, but I succeeded
I think you can too
That's what I ask. It is too much?
Its a lot, but I promise I'll try
The Count of Monte Cristo doesn’t try He succeeds
I love you, I love you
Come on, wake up
Wake up, open your eyes
She's dead. She's really dead
Wake up. Open your eyes
Faster. Hurry up
Ten. Twelve. All there
All of it
Everyone will know you're an honest man
The least Thomson & French can do is meet Monte Cristo's letter of credit
What a fuss
You had me worried. Unlinited credit is unheard of
You must admit wed never heard...
...of such an exceptional person as Monte Cristo
I'm Luigi Vampa. How can I help you?
Why am I your prisoner?
My prisoner? Never. You're my guest
You abducted, drugged and locked me up
What was it? My throat is burning
Have a drink. It'll help
What would you like? A little Chianti? We have a really nice one
- A little, but quickly - It'll be 200,000 francs
200,000 francs for a little wine?
Not "a little wine" For 200.000 Luigi Vampa will bring you a whole bottle
A whole bottle or even a barrel. Even a full vat, It's insane
Aren't you a banker? Bankers are rich
Keep your Chianti. Give me some water. My throat is on fire
A jug or a glass?
It's 100,000 francs for a jug and only 20,000 for a glass
20,000 for a glass of water?
It's very pure
You're a bandit
Like you. The only difference between us...
...is I've never made a secret of it
Who's that?
What does he want?
You're the executioner?
Please have mercy on a poor man
Do you have regrets?
Regrets? What about?
The harm you did
The harm? I never did much harm
Are you sure? Think harder
No, I can't see. Honestly, I can't see
I made money, but where's the harm in that?
I lost a lot too, you know
Gold mines without gold. Sturgeon farms without sturgeon
Ukrainian wheat fields without wheat
Marseille, 20 years ago
An inn in the Catalan village where the wine was cheaper than here
Caderousse's inn?
Your memory is coming back?
Do you recall that fine summer's day?
You were drinking with Fernand Modego
And Caderousse
How do you know all this?
Monte Cristo?
No, Danglars. Edmond Dantes
That's impossible
I should have known. "Impossible" is what you all say
You have less imagination than me
Come on, get out of this rat hole. It's nice outside
It's Italy
No way. I'm not mad, Dantes. You'll shoot me in the back or your men will
They're not my men. As for me, I'm learning to forgive
I'm starting with you. You're very lucky
But go quickly. I feel forgiveness is less satisfying than revenge
- What about my money? - What money?
When we abducted him, he had nothing
I had twelve million
You must be mistaken. You've always told me you didn't have any money
Be logical
If you'd had that much Vampa wouldn’t have abducted you for a ransom
I'd only have taken the millions
Don't worry, I went through it too. Jail drives you mad
Remember our agreement
I'll keep my word
Danglars millions will go to poor people, orphans widows and hospitals
And prisoners, in the form of blankets, medication and food
Don't forget prisoners
I'm meeting Monte Cristo
We said two weeks. You're early
I know. But I can't stand this pain. I want mercy
I kept my word, Your master must do, too
Still despondent?
Yes. I warned you. I'm ready. Are you?
Do what I said
He'll give me the poison?
I'm glad You won't dirty your hands
I must warn you
You’ll experience a violent shock. Something you can't imagine
You fear I’ll be a pathetic sight
After all you could be right. Dying might not be that easy
I'd like the poison now
Whatever you feel, don't shout. We don't want to scare our old neighbour
I'll control myself. I can stand pain
The time has come to prove your courage. Come with me
"Only one loaf, baker. My son's gone. Mercedes Igualada"
Edmond Dantes...
...is back
I hope you're not crying. Remember...
I was younger than him when I left
Why are you here?
Same as you
I live here
And your mansion?
Or rather, no. I left it to monks who needed a monastery
I did the same. I left my estate to nuns
Is the hill house still yours?
Them I'm fine. I know where to sleep
Stop or I'll fall
We'll get up again. We always do
I feel dirty
You smell of Paris, money...
...the coach sweaty horses and tavern chicken
Jump in there
Come on
You forget I can't swim
Come on
I'll teach you