Raw Food Diet: Healthy Lunch Ideas : How to Serve Raw Food Spring Rolls

Uploaded by expertvillage on 20.01.2008

Hello, I'm Denise Bennett and I'm here on behalf of Expert Village. As you can see,
we went ahead and made some of these beautiful spring rolls and placed them on the plate
and we have this lovely vegetable salad that I've not put on the plate, so I'm going to
do that now. I want to dress it a little bit. Everything you do, tasting good is wonderful
but you want it to look good too, and so we're going to try our best to present it in a very
appetizing way. So, we have as you remember an Asian pear in this beautiful salad, so
I'm kind of wanting to put that on a plate and create some type of arrangement, so we'll
see. I'm just kind of playing around. I think that's the best way. I'm not that anxious
to follow any rules or some way that somebody else did it, so we're going to kind of do
our own thing here. Okay, without getting too finicky here, I think I like that. Okay,
I just made a little design. There's nothing there really, just a little tiny design. And
now I'm going to grab the salad. Gee that smells good. I've got to pull a little bit
of this silk out, just be patient with me, please. I want to get the silk out of there.
And as I said, this is where your creativity comes in, just have some fun. Trying to (indiscernible)
a tower here. Oh, I think I like it. What do you guys think of that? Put a few little
things, a few little pieces of corn on the plate. Okay, and as you can see, we've done
just a little bit of creativity to our plate here. Look how lovely that looks. Just with
the pear behind it and a few little pieces of corn. And, you can't smell what I'm smelling
here. Everything is so fresh. And so, as you can see, we have a little blank spot in our
plate, and so we're going to make a pate.