Orbitz Promo Codes - Current Coupons and Deals

Uploaded by wantacodeusa on 03.08.2012

Welcome to wantacode.com where I will be showing you how to use coupons for Orbitz. I’m on
the wantacode website, in the Orbitz page, where I can see the Orbitz coupons. For example,
55% off all inclusive hotel deals, 50% off beach hotel deals, $40 savings on vacation
packages with code, carnival line cruises starting at $159 and roundtrip flights under
$200. I’m interested in carnival cruise lines starting at $159 so I will click the
activate icon for that coupon which will take me to the Orbitz webpage where their deals
on cruises are listed. I select the one labeled carnival cruise lines and from there I can
select the cruise of my choice. That’s how you can use wantacode.com to locate coupons
for Orbitz and activate them. These deals are constantly updating so make sure to check
back with wantacode to get the most recent deals.