Introduction: 2011 __

Uploaded by PracticePack on 03.05.2011

Introducing a suite of web services for professionals: Lawyers, Contractors, Doctors, and Consultants.
Core services designed to help you, manage your most precious resource: your Time.
For your business, clients, and the cases matters, jobs, projects, or procedures you handle for them.
Bill for your time: fees, costs, labor and materials.
Schedule your time: events, appointments, due, deadline, and delivery dates. Use your own rule sets to accurately calendar dates.
Invoice your time: preview and edit each invoice before commit.
Visualize your productivity: in terms of hours, fees, revenue, or receivables.
Manage your workload. Compose Emails to any of your contacts automatically, for any selected: job, matter, or event.
The services are configured for multiple devices and platforms: computers and cell phones, Windows, MAC, Android, and IOS operating systems.
Customize the services for your profession and language.
Export selected data to Microsoft Excel and Oracle. Transfer your data to another device.
Import data from other members of your group or from backup.
Demo the system by uploading sample records in any of the supported languages.
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