Ezel - Episode 1 part 2/9 (English subtitles)

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Call this number.
A friend from the law.
You tell him Pliers Ali wants it.
If there's something up with this Ezel, tell him to let us know.
Alright.. exactly what,
What do we want to learn?
These are the big players Tefo.
They'll screw up a hotel and make them go bankrupt.
Millions of dollars fly away from their tables.
We want those dollars to fly to our side.
(Bloody casino heist)
This years most succesful tourism company
You're going to tell me every move of this guy.
Is there something you're suspecting, sir?
Since how long have you started here, Tefo?
A week?
Aah, I get it.
I have to get you in shape I guess.
You have to suspect.
Our work is to suspect of things.
I know these kinds of guys.
They try to act all mysterious and everything.
But they aren't worth a penny.
They're all pussies.
Get it?
You're right, sir.
Every move, dude. Every move.
What does he eat, what does he drink?
What kind of woman does he like?
What delicacies does he like?
Which hand does he use?
Which football club is he a fan of?
Where does his money flow come from?
What kind of guy is he? Was he abroad in the past, where was he?
To cut it short,
Who is Ezel Bayraktar?
Wait, son, wait.
Where is he going?
He has to go and be the first one to find his brother.
12 years ago,
Omer came back from the army.
He was going to start with a new life.
My son!
Mom, I think you can see.
I'm telling you but you don't believe me, she can see.
What do you think, she can see better than you.
Do I need eyes to see my sons?
Even if you go to the other side of the world, I can still find you by scent.
How are you, dad?
Thank god.
My son has returned from the amy well and sound.
Who could feel better than me.
What are you doing man? I'm talking with dad.
They're here too.
What's up?
What are you doing? Everyone's here, they'll say something about us.
I missed you so much, I was going to go crazy.
Quit messing around, we left our work and all and came here.
Brother Ali.
Let's have a word or two.
No more brother.
You're a man now.
Just Ali is enough.
Wait up, brother Ali.
I'll call you brother Ali until I rest a little.
Well, alright then.
What's that?
Did you drink a booze dude?
I only celebrated your return, man.
Did you mess it all up again?
When you were gone, man...
I messed it all up good.
Nice job, man!
I messed up because you'll fix it again.
Thanks man.
Come on brother.
Move it
I missed you alot, Eysan.
I'm here.
Why are you.. why do you look strange?
In the army.. they had ambushed us.
We threw ourselves in a cave just like that.
The general next to me.. He's telling me to fire.
I clench my fists.
I don't open them.
Because in my head, I'm holding your hands..
Like if I'd open my hands..
You'd disappear.
That was a little funny..
The general is trying to open up my fists but I'm still keeping them tight.
Did you open them?
Of course I did.
There's a fight going on, what the hell should I do?
I'm here look, I didn't go anywhere.
Come on, we're going to be late.
Then your mom's not going to like me.
My mom wouldn't say that.
She can see inside people.
I wonder what she sees in me.
The girl her son loves.
What is up,
Did you return from a wedding or something?
Cengiz is wearing a bow tie and all.
No, mister Mumtaz, I work at a, you know..
The new hotel near the coast, you know?
They have a casino in there.
Cengiz works there.
Do you sing songs??
Gambling spot, mom, right?
Casino in English.
Good job, Mert.
You're the one who decides but..
You're all grown up kids.
But god has told us gambling is against our ways.