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Uploaded by HowToSingDotCom on 03.10.2011

Hi. Aaron here from HowtoSing.com. I want to talk to you about voice lessons. When I
think of voice lessons, I think probably the primary concern for people is three primary
concerns. First one is the cost. Am I going to be able to afford this? Second one is time.
Do I have enough time to actually commit to this and really do what it takes in order
to get where I want to be as a singer? Third one is the program and finding the right program.
So I want to talk a little bit about that but I want to start with why even take voice
lessons. Why would you even want to take voice lessons? The first thing is, it's the quickest,
most painful way to get where you want to be as a singer. I was a snowboard instructor
for a while, living in Vail, Colorado and people would ask me the same thing. Oh, why
would I want to take lessons? Well, I don't want to do that. And I would just see people
with broken wrists and for year after year, they just didn't know how to snowboard and
it was just like the people that I taught within a couple of days, they were up there
just having a great time whereas the others were just floundering for maybe year after
year, day after day, whatever.
The same thing kind of with vocal lessons. It's like you get to bypass a lot of the road
blocks and the frustrations. It's basically just you're paying for knowledge and speed.
You're becoming what you want to be the right way, building on the right system from the
beginning. Maybe erasing some bad habits that you might have picked up along the way and
creating good habits and getting there more quickly.
So what should you expect from vocal lessons? Vocal lessons, you should voice lessons, you
should expect to be able to sing properly, properly more quickly. I kind of hit that
already. You should expect some type of systematic learning program, something that is going
to start you where you need to start and building all the foundation and everything you need
to know along the way, so a good kind of systematic step by step system. So you're not just out
there guessing what to do next or whatever. It's more systematic so you know where to
You should expect to get the knowledge. I say this a lot, like a voice learning to sing
is basically two avenues. The first avenue of the two main aspects, the first one is
the knowledge, the knowledge part. You have to understand the voice and how it works and
there are a lot of things you just need to know and the other thing is do the exercises.
So those two things you should also expect from a voice lesson program.
But aren't they expensive? Private vocal lessons can be extremely expensive. If you can afford
them, that's great. If you're on a budget or just want something more cost-effective,
I would recommend doing a good online voice lesson system. You can find great ones out
there that are systematic and can give you everything you want as well as voice exercises
and all that.
There are ones that I think are better than others. If you go to my site, I'm actually
at, like said, HowtoSing.com. If you go there, I can show you what I think is the best one
out there by far. Also I've got a bunch of tips and tricks and just a lot of cool, free
stuff for you there if you want to go check that out and also just for visiting, I will
give you I did a video. Kind of really good, long video to give you some good tips on how
to sing high notes but with less strain.
So go check that out at HowtoSing.com. I've got the link right below if you want to do
that and just click there and I will see you there.