Winemaking Equipment : Degassing Homemade Wine

Uploaded by expertvillage on 29.09.2008

Hello, this is JB. I'm with Austin Home Brew Supply here in Austin, Texas, and today we
are talking about wine making equipment. And specifically right now I want to talk about
degassing your finished wine. When you're making wine, one of the things that will happen
at the end of the fermentation process is there'll be a lot of dissolved gas in the
wine. Now, as you know, when you serve a bottle of still wine--we're not talking about sparkling,
we're not talking about champagne, we're talking about standard still wine, chardonnay, Cabernet
sauvignon, what have you, there shouldn't be any dissolved gas within this wine once
it's bottled. So, as a home wine maker, you need to dry that gas out of the finished product
before you put it into bottles. How do you do that? There's a few different techniques.
I'm going to show you the basic techniques. The most basic of techniques is to simply
use a spoon like this to degas the wine. Well, you know, obviously this end is not going
to fit, but with the spoons we carry, the small handle in will actually fit down into
the carboy, so that you can simply stir it around enough to be able to actually degas
it. This technique works pretty decent. I've been using this technique for a number of
years, and it'll actually work pretty decent. So that's the first way. The second way of
degassing is this particular item called the whip. The whip would go down into the carboy,
and then you would hook a drill up to the end of the whip, and it would spin the whip
inside of there, subsequently degassing the wine. So that one works a little better. And
this one I think works the very best of all. This is called the mix stir. And once again
you'd also use a drill, and you would take the paddles and you would drop the paddles
down into the carboy, and then once it drops down into it, then you would hook a drill
up to the end and spin it to where it would be gas. So, either manually or through the
use of a drill and a couple of these guys, a few different ways that you're able to degas
your finished wine.