My Phonak FM & Me

Uploaded by vandywm on 14.04.2010

MADALYN: Hi my name is Madalyn and I'm from Toano, Virginia. I'm 10 years old and I love to use my FM.
MADALYN: The mic is really helpful because when the teacher's like, far away, it, um, sounds like she's right near me
and I don't miss any, um, important information about what we're studying.
When I get to school this is what I use so I can hear the teacher or the students.
I change this every morning.
MADALYN: So what I do is I take this part, put it back in this case,
and then I slide this in and I make sure this is on,
otherwise it would be off.
It's really easy. It only takes a second.
JARRETT: The FM is right here at the bottom of my hearing aids.
MADALYN: And this is my brother.
MADALYN: And he wears FM too and, um, I think it's really cool
because I'm not the only one in the family that has an FM.
MADALYN: My dad, who is also our soccer coach, uses a Phonak FM to help us score on the soccer field.
My Phonak FM lets my golf coach talk to me on the driving range and on the golf course.
What does that mean? More birdies!
PAUL: Oh my gosh!
[music plays during golf clips]
PAUL: Hey Madalyn. You ready to go rock climbing? Where are you going to climb? Up over here?
PAUL: Uhhhh, you think you can do it all right? Little bit nervous?
MADALYN: Sort of. PAUL: Sort of?
PAUL: Okay. Don’t worry. I've got the FM so I'll be able to talk to you all the way up, okay? All right, have fun!
[Star Wars theme music plays]
Jedi Master: Other way. Over the head. Well done, young lady. Deactivate.
[Space-age music]
[Inspirational music]