Gossip Girl Blair Bridal Hair Tutorial

Uploaded by kutrendSIM on 02.03.2012

Hi, my name is Faye Smith. I'm a makeup and hair artist from Vancouver
I just completed recording Blair from Gossip Girl Bridal Makeup look
If you interest in it please make sure to check out that video too
Right now I'm going to show you how to style the hair
If you are a Gossip Girl fan, they are celebrating their 100th episode
with their wedding day episode
So, we going to do a nice light natural wavy hair
Exactly the same as Blair hair on her wedding day
So, stay on this videos and see what I'm going to show you
First of all I want to let my hair down and comb it, so there are not knots
Next I want to section my hair
Create the first section at the base of the neck
You want to make fairly small sections, to make sure the hair are nice and wavy
A small section like that is great to start off
Now we are ready to add in the waves
This is never as easy to do as on yourself than on other people
But on occasion I will do my hair myself
So I've got my flat iron, I'm going to take a section
Start from the root of the hair, and twist it. Apply a lot of pressure on it
Hopefully you can see that
It has a nice wave to it
I will keep doing it on this section, hopefully I can do two chunzheks on this one
At the end of every section, you should spray it a little bit
Especially if you have hair like mine, that is very fine
You want to make sure it stay the way it should be
Now just repeat the process
Take a chunk of hair and repeat the steps with the flat iron and then spray
This takes some time so turn on your TV or listen to music
Now I want to toss my hair over, and put some mousse into it
To make the hair little bit more define
To finish off I want to make sure it will last all day
So apply hair spray
So this is my Blair from Gossip Girl's wedding day hair style
As you can see it's a nice light wave, not a full curl, like a hippie style
Pair with a veil, you can imagine me with the veil
Very pretty very natural, try it at home see if you like it