JONAS [HD] - S01EP02 - Groovy Movies (1/3)

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Hey, Nick.
What are you going to get Mom and Dad for their anniversary tomorrow?
It's their anniversary tomorrow?
Nobody told me.
You should know.
I don't have time to get them anything.
I have school all day then rehearsal all night.
Wait a minute.
Their anniversary is not for like four months.
Not cool.
You are so easy, and it is just so funny to me how easy it is.
What's so funny?
Ok. So I say to Nick,
"Hey Nick. What did you get Mom and Dad for their anniversary tomorrow?"
and then he goes,
"Oh no. I totally forgot. What am I going to get them?"
and then I say to him,
and then he goes,
"Not cool."
and then you say to me,
"What's so funny, Kevin?"
Ok. Stop.
I'm caught up.
I can't believe you fell for that again.
Dude, it's not their anniversary.
It's Dad's birthday.

I'm not kidding.
I'm not going for that twice. Yeah.
Guys, check this out.
[drum roll]
Nick, I think we forgot Dad's birthday.
I forgot last year too.
I am so awesome.
Hey hey.
Ok, do you guys think your mom will like this for her birthday?
Stella, we just pulled the same scam like two minutes ago,
and I just pulled the same scam two seconds ago.
Yeah, and I'm not falling for it a third time.
Besides, that's the ugliest sweater I've ever seen.
You would never buy that for our mom.
Look at it.
Ok, fine. You win.
I would never get her that.
What I really got her
is this Andre Foulard silk scarf from Paris.
Ummm, Nick?
That is something she would get our mom.
I know.
You guys forgot her birthday, didn't you?
I got a sweater. Absolutely not.
I think the school store is still open.
Good idea.
Mom loves pencils. Let's get her a football helmet.

I was sitting at home
watching TV all alone.
So tired of routines
The day goes on and on.
So I pick up the phone
Call everyone I know.
I say there's going to be a party.
Hit the music here we go.
You gotta live to party.
Bust your move.
Everybody's in the groove.
Tell the DJ to play our song.
Are you ready to rock and roll?
You gotta live to party.
Bust your move.
Everybody's in the groove.
Live to party.

I have no idea what to get Mom for her birthday.

Moms shouldn't even have birthdays.
They've been around so long.
They've gotten every single possible present.
Nice. Make sure to write that in the card.

Here's something.
Top five things moms want most for their birthday.
Number Five is a candle that smells like spaghetti.
She's already got one,
and she's never even lit it.
Are those bite marks?
It smelled delicious.
Number Four is a gold monkey clock that howls on the hour.
Two birthdays ago
and it's still running fast.
Number Three is a dinner with Joe.
I'm number three?

What's number two?
A vacation with the family.
What about number one?
Vacation without the family.
Makes sense.
Hey guys!
Hide the magazines.

What are you hiding?
A woman's magazine?
We're just doing some research on
because we're writing a brand new song about
We're writing it as
He means from the female perspective. I think.
So whatcha got there?
Your dad found those old home movies I thought we lost during the move.
I'm so excited to watch these.
Hey Mom.
You know, we already bought your gift and all but we just have a quick question.
Is there anything you wanted
for your birthday?
Oh honey. I have everything I need.
As long as my family is safe, healthy and together.

Why does she have to make it so hard?

Hey Dad.
What did you get for Mom?
Well remember last year? I really nailed it.

Thanks honey.

Now how am I going to top that, right?
But then it hit me.
Island birthday party, right?
I'm going to rent an island preferably volcanic
No more schmancy parties.
I just want a little get-together like a normal family.
Oh my.
You guys are so cute.
Come watch.

I just got an idea for Mom's birthday present.
I think we're thinking the same thing bro.
We transfer all the home movies onto DVD,
and we get an otter that can play the trumpet.
Just the DVDs.
Then we're not thinking the same thing.
We reedit the whole thing, right?
And then play it for everybody at the birthday party.
That's awesome. Plus DVDs, they'll never get ruined.
It's true.
Sweetie, you have to see this.
You were the cutest little boy in the world.
Awww, thanks Mom.
Awww, I know I was.
How old am I?

Come on Nicky.
Come on Nicky. One little smile.
Give me a smile.
Not gonna happen.
I was waiting until I had all my teeth in.
So what's your excuse now?
Where's the smile? Where's the smile?
Only kid I know that didn't smile while eating birthday cake.
Ok, give me a smile.
Give me a smile!
[random noise]
What were you doing behind me?
What? I was just making funny faces to try to get him to laugh
like this.

Works now.

Awww, look.
It's our last Christmas in the old house.
Wow, that's my old drum set.
It's the same drum solo you did on tour.
Nice dance moves Joe.
Did you have to go to the bathroom or something?
[horse neighing]
Hey, it's Kevin's first girlfriend.
Wow, those are big ears
on the horse too.
Dig the lasso Kev.
Go Cowboy Kev.
And that is the same way he gets dates today.
At least I get them.
No you don't.
Yes, I do.
Oh hey. First Christmas in the firehouse.
Do you remember when Grandma burnt those cookies, and we had to call the fire department.
Yeah, and then our phone rang.
Man, time goes by so fast.
Yeah, it really does.
Are you crying?
What? No.
A bug flew in my eye.
Are you crying?
Awww. It's ok.
This is real emotional stuff.
Awww, honey. I can't tell you how much I love these movies.
I'm sorry.
Oh boy.
Here you go.
Yeah, it's not sad crying. It's happy crying.
Yeah, I just love you guys.
Hey y'all.
I wanted to run these designs by…
Awww, home movies.

Happy crying?
Where's me?
These are from before you were born.
Frankie out.

Is that Joe?
What is your hair doing?
Did you cut your hair or did somebody chew it off?
Alright then. Well, I think we've seen enough tonight.
Actually, I don't think we have.
Look at that adorable little girl.
Look at those eyes and that hair.
Look at that smile.
Is that not the cutest smile you have ever seen?
Stella, that's you.
I know.