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[Episode 8]
{\a6}B.O.N - Band of Nuts Funsubs Presents
{\a6}Express Boy
Let me tell you,
if that fella hadn't escaped as fast as he did,
I'd have made sure he got into trouble.
Nan Ge
is really angry with us.
I'm bored to death.
Mai Mai, do you want to dance?
Don't feel sad.
He meant no harm.
Yes, her majesty is angry.
Yes, Honey. It's me.
No, I'm with my friends right now.
Jojo is here.
Jojo? Where?
She's there.
Hello. I'm busy now. I'll call you back later.
I'm busy!
Yes. Bye!
That's life for you.
You came here
and you're doing nothing?
Let's dance.
I don't know how to dance.
Come on.
Just dance on your own.
Let's have fun.
I really can't.
Come on...
Xiao Mai Cha is delicious.
{\a6}[*Xiao Mai Cha = Malt Tea]
Malt tea.
Evil Boy's Delivery Express.
Be it big or small packages, we'll send them to the ends of the world!
Yo! Yo! Yo!
Lao Da, coffee for you.
Sorry, we are preparing.
If you have something to deliver, please take a seat.
Elva, we are ordered by the MP to bring you home.
I don't know you.
Why should I go with you?
We are the assistants from MP Shen's office.
Kindly return with us please.
You're crazy. Get lost!
Please do not make our lives difficult.
I am the boss here. What's going on?
We are the assistants from MP Shen's office.
The MP wants us to bring Elva home.
I don't want to go.
Boss, please explain to them that I don't want to go.
Don't worry. I've already told you that
if you stay here,
no one can do anything to you.
If you do not let us bring Miss home,
we will charge you for abducting an underage girl.
Elva, how old are you?
I turned eighteen two months ago.
Well, I'm sorry.
Well, I'm sorry.
Please, call your boss here.
He is the boss.
Stop fooling around. Call an adult here.
Miss, if you don't come with us,
the MP will come here personally.
Shoo... Rude fella.
What do you mean "call an adult"?
I'm telling you,
I am the boss here.
If you have any problems, deal with me.
I know that the MP is looking for his daughter.
But she is now my employee.
Furthermore, she is eighteen years old.
Business card?
Sure, I have one too. Big deal.
Return to your boss and tell him that
his daughter is working here now.
She is fine and safe.
I'm warning you.
Call your boss now;
if you won't I'll call the police.
What attitude is this?
Can you be more polite?
Yes, a young person can also be the boss.
Are you discriminating against our age?
Continue holding if you dare!
Sirs, please be civilized.
Don't be barbaric.
Our boss is not in.
I am the manager here.
Uncle Fei Long.
Erm... let's just talk the things out.
Harmony breeds wealth.
Come. I have here with me
a VIP card.
If you need something, feel free to come to us.
As for Elva,
because it's currently working hours,
and our boss is not around,
please wait for our boss to return and
I will get the boss to call the MP immediately.
Is that okay?
Did you hear that?
When our boss returns,
he will call my dad.
Okay. Sorry for the trouble, Manager.
Please, make sure your boss makes the call. If not...
Yes, we'll do that.
Thank you.
Sirs, if you are free, come here for a cup of tea.
Thank you. Thank you.
So, how much discount does the VIP gold card offer?
Feel free to use our service. Thank you.
Alright, thank you.
Uncle Fei Long,
since when did our company have a gold VIP card,
and why didn't I know about it?
That card was for the place we go often.
You know, the VIP card of that Karaoke shop?
Sometimes, I admire myself.
Do you know?
Okay. Okay.
Continue working.
Rong Rong, why are you here?
I am here to thank you.
Thanks for giving me that music record. Also, I am here to check your wounds.
I'm alright. I'm as strong as a bull.
Thank you for rescuing me.
After all, you shielded me from a bullet.
That isn't something just anyone could do.
We are good friends.
That's why.
Ah Nan,
I don't want to be just normal friends
I love you.
Why are you dazing away?
Why did you pinch me?
Then why is your mouth like pig snout?
Why are you here?
I am here to thank you.
Thank you for saving me.
After all, that wasn't something every other person is capable of.
Rong Rong,
I have always been in your past,
and I will always be in your future.
Let me help you to forget the pain.
Let me look after you.
I... I love...
I can't stand you. What show are you acting from?
I am confessing to you sentimentally.
Can't you play along with me?
Yesterday, Biao Ge said that we are compatible.
He wanted me to consider it.
However, I don't want to lose
a sister like you.
Who's your sister?
I am a man.
Yes, you're marvelous.
You can fight ten people alone.
That's nothing.
I know I'm strong.
You only know how to play with words.
Hello, may I speak with Mr. Li?
I received the present you mentioned.
Is it a blue box with a blue ribbon on top?
What? 5:30 P.M.?
But the traffic is so bad now!
Okay, I will try my best to get your delivery on time.
Why are you giving me problems now?
Hello, Uncle Fei Long?
This is Mai Mai.
I need to deliver something urgently,
but my bike just broke down.
But it's really urgent. What should I do?
Okay, I'll figure it out myself.
What on earth?
Why are you reading comics here?
What's wrong?
Hurry up and help me. I'm in a rush.
Where's your bike?
It broke down.
I'm not enjoying picking on you, girls always behave like this.
They don't know anything about vehicle maintenance.
Cut the crap will you?
Let me continue.
Stop. Just hurry up will you?
Don't grab my hand. I will feel shy.
Crap! Just hurry.
Hi, are you Mr. Li?
Evil Boy's Delivery Express?
Yes, I am Mai Mai.
How do you do?
This is the present you want.
Great! I'm able to make it!
I really wanted to propose to my girlfriend today.
However, at work,
I realized, I had forgotten to bring the engagement ring.
Did you get any flowers?
Ah! Flowers!
Oh my God.
This is life. You might forget about things by mistake.
Stop it. Don't play a prank on him.
Bring it out.
A bouquet of fresh flowers.
Oh! I can't believe it!
Thank God.
Your thoughtfulness really touches me!
This is our job.
Hurry and make your preparations.
I wish you a successful proposal.
Success to you!
Thank you. I love you. I love you.
Wait up.
You haven't given us acknowledgement of delivery.
Take a photo please.
Come. Smile.
One smile!
You're crying.
Who's crying?
Then why are your eyes
filled with tears of love?
I finally understood what boss meant,
by his feelings about delivering presents.
Don't you think they are in bliss? [Xing Fu = Bliss]
Sorry, my surname is Zhang, not Fu. [Xing=Surname, Fu=A Common Surname]
I suppose,
if there's a boy like him,
who planned meticulously for his proposal,
to give me a surprise, I would definitely marry him.
Do you want to get married?
I'm wasting my breath telling you. Let's go.
Nan Ge, are you alright?
I'm fine.
Did you fall for me?
Let me tell you something,
I don't lean that way.
Alright. I'm going to the bank.
I will leave the company to you.
Oh alright.
Nan Ge, be careful when riding your bike.
Why are you alone? Where's the boss?
Hey, what are you doing back?
I am really unlucky today.
When I was making the delivery, a vehicle
blew its exhaust right onto my face.
I am going to wash my face.
Call him Pingu
No, call him Beer.
Beer? No way!
Not good enough. How about Xiao Huang?
Good Boy.
No. How about Ah Fu?
Don't call him that.
Let's think of a happy name.
A happy name?
How about Le Le?
If you're *happy, I'm happy too. What about this? [*Kuai Le = happy]
Le Le?
Sure! Le Le.
You squirted me!
Let me wipe it for you. Sorry.
I'm really sorry.
Don't tell me that you're really falling for me?
What's wrong with it?
Am I right?
Are you trying to pull my leg again?
Haha. By looking at you,
I can tell, you've never had a girlfriend before.
But let me warn you,
don't fall for me.
Because I'm in love with the boss.
I knew you were pulling my leg.
You've gotten smarter.
If you're my friend, then help me.
How do I help?
Nan Ge likes Dr. Su.
That's why I need your help.
Elva, you...
really don't want to go home?
Will you bear to let me go and never return?
Le Le. Be good.
Finally, I have finished the delivery.
Are you crying alone again?
Since when?
Yeah right.
Let me treat you to dinner.
I'm not hungry.
But I am. Come on, let me treat you.
I can afford my own dinner.
To think that a miser like you is giving me a treat,
I will accept it.
Then let's go.
$17? That's expensive.
I really think,
this inn is definitely a bandit's.
Feeling heartache?
Then we will go Dutch.
I was right about you being a miser.
That's not true. I'm just saving money.
What for?
Okay, I'll tell you,
but don't tell anyone else.
I am saving money to start an IT company.
Sheesh. I thought it was some incredible secret.
Starting up a company is tiresome.
Staying in the delivery express will be enough.
There are free meals and accommodation,
although it can be tiring at times.
You cannot think of it this way.
Don't you have any aspirations?
The company that I will be starting up,
will specialize in creating websites for people,
and designs as well.
This is my dream.
You are usually so ditzy,
I can't believe you have such dreams.
You usually are so fierce,
I can't believe you can cry by yourself too.
Who's crying?
This is life... crying by oneself is inevitable.
I don't have dreams.
In the past, I used to play around with Elva every day.
I'd make do with any amount of money I had,
even with money I cheated off guys.
In the end, all the money would be wasted.
Then, why didn't you go home?
I just don't feel like going back. There's no particular reason.
What about you?
It's hell for me. I'd rather not bring up the past.
Don't ask me anymore.
My dad
is a locksmith.
My mom's a normal housewife,
who will help out in taking care of kids at times.
When I was young, my family was poor.
But no matter what I wanted to learn,
my dad would raise the money for my education,
and my mom had never scolded me before.
In the past, Elva used to ask me,
why I chose not to go home.
My family is not problematic
and my parents doted on me.
But I really hate them for placing
their hopes on me.
The pressure is enormous.
After all, I am not the studious type.
I understand. I can fully understand.
This is life...
Boss, are you looking for me?
Yes, I want to ask you about your family issues.
I don't want to go home.
Who is forcing you to?
But you have to tell me clearly what's going on.
Otherwise, how am I supposed to talk to your dad?
everyone has something that
he or she doesn't want to talk about.
If you really want to ask,
it will be like those evening dramas.
There is nothing special.
No matter how disappointed you are with your dad, he is still your father.
Don't tell me that you want to stay here forever, and never go home?
What about you? Why aren't you going home?
Me? I'm different.
Why are you comparing yourself to me?
Boss, let me ask you...
your dad is always committing adultery
and your mom is always crying at home,
what would you do?
And in school,
if you were bullied by your classmates
and tortured by your seniors
who slapped and burnt you with cigarettes,
what would you do?
Who burnt you with cigarettes?
Most importantly,
your mom, who you believed to be standing on your side, and
was the only one you could depend on,
disappeared on your birthday, and
from then on, you couldn't find her.
You would realize that
she didn't want you anymore.
Your mom didn't want you anymore.
Your mom didn't want you anymore.
Hush, it's alright. Don't cry.
My mom didn't want me anymore.
I don't want to go home.
Well, scrub the toilet bowl till it shines.
Ou Gu, you really want Long Yan
to wash the toilets for a month?
Is... Is there a problem with that?
Long Yan, ignore him.
Nut case.
It's alright.
I'm already used to cleaning.
You are really too much.
After all, we are colleagues.
Why does he have handle everything alone?
Stop it.
These are ground rules.
How can you defy the ground rules?
Furthermore, during my time,
I cleaned for more than a month.
Hell with the rules.
Mai Mai, it's alright,
If I don't clean it,
should I get the two of you, girls to clean it?
Plus, it wasn't easy for me to get a junior, I can command.
Why are you causing me trouble?
You're terrible.
If you don't like to be ordered by others,
then you shouldn't do this to others.
I... I also don't know why things turn out this way.
I don't care about you anymore!
This is how my family is like.
After my dad remarried,
I was neglected,
someone who was abandoned.
It was him who didn't want me to go home.
Now, for elections,
he wants to get me back.
It's amusing.
I think
the only person, who cares about me
is you.
In my opinion, your mom has her reasons.
She didn't abandon you, and you don't need to hate her.
I won't hate her.
On the day I left home, I swore that
from now on,
I will live happily
and will not shed a tear for those jerks.
Are you really happy now?
It's better than home.
Plus, being here, I have you taking care of me.
The others are also concerned about you,
like Long Yan and Mai Mai.
Forget it. I never believed
in true friends.
The same goes for Mai Mai.
That ungrateful person.
What happened to you two again?
When there are benefits, she treats me like sister.
When there is trouble, she blames me.
It can't be. Does she do that?
I usually find her obedient.
Feigning obedience is easy.
To survive, it's a basic skill.
Anyway, I will find time to talk to your dad and
convince him to let you continue working here.
Everything else, we'll talk about it at another time.
I visited Dr. Su a few days ago.
Why did you look for her?
I just want to help you.
You were feeling really down lately.
So I went to ask Dr. Su
about her feelings towards you.
Who asked you to be a busybody?
It was out of good will.
Everyone knows that you like Dr. Su.
You... Don't you guys have anything else to do?
Dr. Su admitted, that she likes Mr. Lee,
and that you are a friend to her.
I already knew that. Do you have to spell it out?
Boss, are you sad?
You little girls won't understand.
Friendship can also exist between a man and a woman, other than love.
To like someone,
you don't have to own her.
It's okay, Boss.
If Dr. Su doesn't like you,
you still have me.
I will treat you well.
Quit it, Kiddo.
I am not a kiddo.
Who else is an eighteen-year-old, if not a kiddo?
Ah Nan, good morning.
Good morning, Uncle Fei Long.
Ah Nan, last night I heard
you laughing with Elva on the rooftop.
Why, you little...
Please. I am not that old!
I don't have to look after my eyes.
Ah Nan, let me ask you.
Are little girls today very aggressive?
Yesterday, you...
Uncle Fei Long. Why are you still so naive at your age?
It's about time for you to get a girlfriend. Be careful, your testosterone could drop.
I am taking calcium every day.
But frankly,
about these youngsters,
I'd like to have a talk with you.
Do you mean Elva?
And also Ou Gu and Long Yan.
It seems that Wei Ju Ye and Long Yan are getting friendly towards each other now.
But for Ou Gu, it is the opposite.
I find it strange.
It's hard to be a boss nowadays.
I still have to settle their worries and difficulties.
What time do you think it is now?
This morning before exercise,
I have the announcement to make.
Are you going away?
Is Uncle Fei Long getting married?
This is very good news.
are you bringing us to Bali for holiday?
Or giving out bonus?
Or is *Lin Chiling (*a Taiwanese Celebrity) becoming our client?
This Saturday,
we will be working overtime.
It can't be. Overtime. Oh my God!
Plus, we are going somewhere far away.
This sucks.
This is a meaningful,
important, and sacred mission.
Boss, then can I give up
the overtime pay and this assignment?
This is a mission in which everyone has to take part.
I want all of you to help a charity organization
in delivering donated clothes to an native village in Nantou.
See? It's very meaningful!
Hey rookie, do you know what kind of fish this is?
This should be a breed of Oplegnathidae from South America with
modified genes from *Jin Gang Ying Wu (*another breed).
You rascal. You are well-informed.
Let me tell you.
The one with bulging head is called Hong Cai Sheng,
and this round one is called Hong Yuan Bao.
What? Thinking of your Elva again?
Let me tell you. Girls like her
I'm familiar with.
She is different from your concubines.
I call you "rookie", but you don't want to admit it.
Let me tell you,
if you know how to apply the technique of keeping your fish
to chasing a girl,
I believe that
you would be successful.
What kind of nonsense is that?
*Qi Cai (*a breed of fish) can be kept at least nine different ways.
If you don't understand a lot about this fish,
and you never take care of it carefully,
as a result your fish
will not live long.
You enjoy beating around the bush. Get to the point, will you?
keeping Qi Cai is similar to chasing a girl.
You have to understand her family background,
her working situation
and also take care of her.
Not to forget her accommodation and daily needs.
No wonder, you can keep so many fish at one time.
Most importantly,
you have to give them day and night
the feeling of being cared for.
You have to let them know:
without you, they will perish.
Then you will become powerful.
I don't want to cause fatalities.
Every morning,
I saw you secretly
putting the gift from Elva
into your bag.
If it wasn't like that, I would have ignored you.
How... how did you find out?
I'm not blind. I have eyes, that can see.
Yes, baby, I do love you.
You have to trust me.
How can you be like this?
Yes, I only have you.
Come on, give me a kiss.
What? A girl's voice?
Ah... the bag is too small.
That means I can't bring my laptop along. This is terrible.
My stomach really hurts.
It seems like gastric inflammation.
I will call you tonight.
Boss. Hurry!
Elva is giving birth!
I am just having gastric inflammation.
What's wrong?
Boss, my stomach really hurts.
Alright. I'll take you to the hospital.
Did you eat the wrong food?
No idea.
I felt strange for the whole day.
Don't tell me that you want to stay with boss alone,
so you're pretending to be sick?
Don't you have any compassion?
I'm already hurting badly,
and you're calling me a liar?
Come on. I will bring you to the A&E.
I'll take you there.
Boss, there's no need to.
I will be fine with Long Yan.
How can I allow this? If I don't go with you,
won't I be cheated by you?
What do you mean?
Quit acting. I know you aren't sick.
Since when do the sick put on makeup?
I knew it.
This is life. Being found out is inevitable.
Ah Nan, why did you wake up so early?
Why don't rest a bit longer?
It's not early anymore. See.
I understand.
Wei Ju Ye was waking them up just now,
and was scolding Ou Gu for not going to sleep earlier last night.
That kid was watching porn.
Even I was woken up by them.
Did you play Mahjong with Uncle Ah Wei last night?
Well, they were short one player. I couldn't help it.
How's my dad?
Fine. He's fine.
Our leader is very lucky.
He kept winning,
and I lost horribly.
If not, when given the right chance,
I would have recovered my loss.
What is my father's surname?
[Note: "Hu" a surname and also Mahjong lingo]
Ah Nan, that's a lame joke.
I have been telling this joke
across the table for decades.
You boys are really dirty.
The trash from the van isn't cleaned.
The child is not mine.
Good morning, everyone.
I see, the car is properly cleaned.
Are the goods checked?
Boss, be assured of my work.
On Saturdays, you usually sleep until afternoon,
how can I be assured when you woke up so early?
It is because of Long Yan.
I don't know what he is excited about.
He woke me up so early.
You still have the nerve to mention?
If you didn't wake us up in the morning, we wouldn't have been here.
Hey, you said, you wanted to get up early
to check the vehicles, didn't you?
I can't believe when you are getting energized,
you become chatty.
Alright. Cut the crap.
Prepare to move out soon.
Where's Elva?
Going out at such an early hour, and we aren't shooting advertisement.
Feeling better?
Yes, getting better.
Let's get ready to move out.
Long Yan.
All of you take care.
Message me when you arrive there.
Grab the chance.
You know what to do.
Boss, does your eye hurt?
Okay, Boss. Let's stop chit-chatting.
Hop in the van. We're leaving.
Alright. Hurry up. Be careful.
Drive carefully.
Bye bye. Bye bye.
Finally, a peaceful
holiday on Saturday.
Today's Saturday?
Saturday. Saturday.
The steps are getting closer.
Today is Saturday, I will not fool around with you.
I am going to pick up Rong Rong.
Ah Nan, Uncle Fei Long. Good morning.
Good Morning. Rong Rong, you are so courteous.
Rong Rong, what brings you here?
Didn't we agree that I will fetch you?
It's okay. I knew that your company was doing charity work at Nantou,
so I was worried that you were still busy. That's why I came here on my own.
Uncle Fei Long.
We are going to the amusement park. Do you want to come along?
Sure! I heard the new roller coaster ride is superb.
Yes, and there is also a rafting ride, which falls from extreme heights into the water.
It is very exciting.
Yes. Do you know, I haven't gone there for twenty years?
I mean the amusement park. Let me tell you...
Uncle Fei Long,
weren't you playing Mahjong with my dad until late last night?
Didn't you want to go back and rest?
Uncle Fei Long, your luck must have brought you big wins yesterday. Right?
lost badly.
I see.
Don't be sad.
After all, today Ah Nan will be paying for everything. So let's go together.
Uncle Fei Long, money is short-lived; health is more important.
Hurry back and rest.
In that case, I feel pains in my stomach.
Why don't the two of you go ahead?
Uncle Fei Long, are you okay?
Elderly people tend to get adhesion ileus.
{\a6}[Note: "Adhesion Ileus" is gastrointestinal disorder]
Do you want to go to the hospital for a checkup?
There's no need to. It's because I had a hot pot with Uncle Ah Wei yesterday.
And that's why my stomach hurts now.
Alright. If you finish your business later and still feel the pain,
remember to call us immediately.
Okay, okay.
Take a rest.
I have told him many times
not to play all night Mahjong. He just won't listen.
He even had a hot pot.
Rong Rong, I am going to change.
I will be back in a jiffy, wait for me.
Can you slow down?
My legs hurt.
But they are at the front.
I am a sick person.
For me, to get this far is good enough.
Alright, let's drink some water and take some rest.
I'm going to pee. Don't peep!
What's there to see? Hurry.
Why are we taking the long route?
Long Yan, come here! Ouch.
What happened?
I was bitten by a snake.
Does it hurt?
Of course it does.
Bear with it.
What did the snake look like?
What color was it?
It hissed and then disappeared. How would I know?
What are you doing?
Stop jerking!
I am going to suck the poison out.
Why are you so nice to me?
Why is your leg so hairy?
That's fast.
How much is it?
Let me guess. You had a sexy dream.
If you don't know how to guess, don't guess.
How are you? How much is it?
Let me tell you.
I just dreamt that I went for a foot massage
and it felt so good.
She even helped me wash the toes.
Your leg watched too much porn, did it?
It's really wet.
Dear audience, we have arrived
Guan Xi town in Xinzhu - Liu Fu Chun Theme Park.
Later, we will be playing Da Nu Sheng,
followed by Xiao Ao Fei Ying,
and then Wu Di Feng Huo Lun.
But I'm scared.
Sister Su, I'm scared. What can I do?
Hu Tie Nan. Quit being a sissy.
I will walk this direction.
Let's go.
Sister Su.
Biao Ge!
You're here.
Another sissy.
Did you wait long?
Nope. I just bought the tickets.
Why are you free to come here today?
I'm on leave today.
Rong Rong said she wanted to hang out, so we asked you along.
Then I have to thank you for today.
Come, sissy.
You two ladies.
Let's go. Let's enter.
Hello? Li Jing Biao speaking.
It's the Merry-go-Round.
Let's go and play.
I'll pass.
I'm feeling dizzy. You guys enter.
Tie Nan, come with me. Hurry.
This is for kids. I don't want to.
Fine, I will go on my own.
Come and play!
It's been a while since we played like this.
Hey, don't smoke so much, would you?
Are you nuts? You want to control my smoking?
Rong Rong doesn't like the smell of cigarettes. Don't you know?
I didn't know.
Because you came here today, won't your wife nag at you?
Laugh all you want; I'm abnormal in the first place.
It's alright if you are odd.
But don't cause her to be the same as you.
What do you mean?
Rong Rong said that
she saw your wife too.
Don't use such reasons to make her sad.
Don't make her feel that she's worse than a dead person.
To me, Lan Er is not dead.
That's your business.
But for her...
you keep comparing her to your wife.
Because she is kind by nature,
she feels she isn't good enough.
And that's why you aren't able to forget the past.
Thanks, I understood.
I should go back to Taipei for a meeting.
Aren't you on leave?
Do you think public servants like us, ever go on leave entirely, and give up working?
Besides, if I don't go to the meeting,
how can you be alone with Rong Rong?
Then I should thank you properly.
Where's Biao Ge?
He said, he had to go back for a meeting.
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QC: Raspberry Latte Final QC: melica
Coordinators: hanjae, melica
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