Creationist Hawaiian Island Stupidity

Uploaded by shanedk on 05.09.2009

Man, just when I think creationists can't possibly get any stupider,
one of them comes back with levels of idiocy that are just mind-blowing.
Really, that's the only thing they've ever shown me to be wrong about!
Just look at this idiot, NephilimFree, who claims to be
educating a user named LittleTruckingBozo.
LittleTruckingBozo is a Christian who accepts evolution,
and he attempted to educate NephilimFree
about the age of the Hawaiian islands.
Here's the astounding idiocy of
NephilimFree's lame attempt at a rebuttal:
"Here you've done whatever evolutionists always does.
"Everything they believe in is based on an assumption.
"You see, you've assumed--erroneously--that the westernmost islands
"are eroded more down below sea level than
"the easternmost islands because they're older.
"That's false. It's because of ocean current patterns.
"You see, here are the westernmost islands, right there, okay?
"And guess what? They're right in the path of a major ocean current,
"which passes over and above the island of Hawai'i."
I love how this deluded imbecile thinks that the ocean current
goes right where they've drawn the arrow on that particular map,
and nowhere else!
The arrow on this map depicts the upper part
of the North Equatorial Current,
which extends down to a latitude of 10 degrees--
FAR south of any of the Hawaiian islands!
As LittleTruckingBozo explained,
the Hawaiian islands were formed by the movement
of a tectonic plate over a volcanic hotspot.
As the plate moves, so do the volcanic islands,
so new islands appear in the new location
of the plate over the hotspot.
As time goes by, water erodes the islands down to seamounts.
You can easily see this in the Hawaiian islands with Google Earth.
Notice that Hawai'i, the biggest island,
is at the end of the chain.
Notice also that a greater proportion of its area is above sea level.
As we go northwest, we see smaller islands above sea level,
but below sea level we see that
they really aren't that much smaller in area.
This is due to isostatic adjustment,
where the tectonic plate tries to reach isostatic equilibrium.
The result is, as the islands become eroded by the sea,
they become seamounts, and then become flattened
over even longer periods of time.
Look at how many seamounts lie along this line
that aren't seen as islands!
This is the Emperor Seamount Chain, if you want to look them up.
Hawai'i is just the tip of them.
The fact is, we see this kind of thing in numerous places,
such as the Tuamotu Archipelago.
A similar chain occurs with the
subduction of two plates over volcanoes,
which is what formed the Marianas Islands and many others.
In each and every case,
the older islands are eroded and flattened
because of isostatic adjustment,
REGARDLESS of what the currents are doing!
The currents just don't have anything at all
to do with the erosion pattern.
And again, Hawai'i experiences just as much
of the North Equatorial Current as Kaua'i.
"But you didn't research that,
"because you began with your evolutionist assumptions."
Or maybe he just knows how to read a simple map!
"They're also subject to more eddies.
"An eddy is a big round ocean pattern,
"a circular one, and it breaks away,
"and in this part of the ocean, it goes northeast.
"And guess where they go?
"Right over the westernmost Hawaiian islands."
These eddies--or, more accurately,
North Equatorial Counter Current vortices,
cover ALL of the Hawaiian islands pretty much equally--
and even if they didn't, since they're generated SOUTH of Hawaii,
they should hit the easternmost islands first!
In any case, these vortices are overwhelmed
in magnitude by Tropical Instability Waves,
which hit the islands equally and indiscriminately,
and are usually far greater in size
than the overall area of the islands themselves!
"How many times have creationists told you
"that real science supports the creation model
"and that evolutionists begin everything they believe with an assumption?"
They've told me that LOTS of times.
But despite what Hitler and Moussolini claimed,
repeating a lie often enough does NOT make it true.
[LittleTruckingBozo] "That is, at least, for now because it will soon
"join all the underwater seamounts that we see
"in this island chain."
[NephilimFree] "Soon?
"I thought nothing happens quickly,
"according to evolutionist geology."
Again, sheer ignorance.
"Quickly" on a geological or evolutionary timescale
is tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of years.
"They're not interested in science,
"they're interested in finding something
"that supports their assumptions."
"The island of Surtsey appeared out of nowhere in 5 years' time.
No, idiot, it did NOT "appear out of nowhere."
This was the amount of time it took to rise above sea level;
that is NOT the entirety of its formation.
The sea floor was 130 meters below sea level.
The initial volcanic eruptions would have been
almost instantly quenched by the water pressure surrounding it.
But this made a layer of solidified magma
which caused the next eruption to be closer to the surface.
It took a number of successive eruptions
before the eruption finally got close enough to sea level
that the pressure of the eruption could break through the water.
It was that final eruption that made the island.
"It has countless layers."
No, it has ONE layer,
unless you drill below sea level and get to the previous eruptions.
There is NO layering, NO stratification.
And his contention that life showed up there
in such a short amount of time
is just further proof of his idiocy
in not realizing that plants and animals can easily
migrate the 10-15 miles from Iceland.
Much longer migrations have been witnessed many times.
it's nothing special.
Let's look at what it actually formed.
Surtsey's area is 1.4 square kilometers,
and its current elevation is about 115 meters.
Whereas the Island of Hawai'i is over 10,000 square kilometers
and its highest point, the top of Mauna Kea,
is over 4000 meters above sea level.
If you measure Mauna Kea from its base instead of from sea level,
it's over 10 kilometers high--
making it the highest mountain in the world by far.
Everest is only a higher elevation
because its base is over 4 kilometers above sea level.
By comparison, Surtsey's height from base to tip is just 145 meters.
Come on--it's not like you can't just look this stuff up!
So, if we were to use eruptions of the same magnitude
to turn Surtsey into Mauna Kea,
it would take 7,100 such eruptions
to make Surtsey even resemble Hawai'i--
and that's NOT factoring for the erosion
that would occur between eruptions
or the mass lost to debris during the eruptions.
The truth is, Surtsey is a tiny little island that,
if current erosion patterns continue,
will disappear and become a seamount by the year 2100.
If he honestly thinks he can use this as an example
to prove that a lasting island like Hawai'i can form quickly,
then he is just one more bit of confirmation
of the delusional nature of all creationists.
Well, that's all the dishonesty I can stomach for now,
but I hardly think there's anything more worthwhile
in the other 14 parts of his video.
Just deluded ranting
without even bothering to look up the evidence,
as is typical of NephilimFree,
as is typical of ALL creationists.