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out at Kennedy Space Center on florida's east coast, tucked away at the end of the
former space shuttle landing strip, sits a small hangar which houses the most
unlikely group of Space Cowboys you'll ever meet
What the hell? Where's Bloke again?
Glad you could make it. You're welcome.
Yeah bloke. Jesus did you bring enough for everybody? Yeah
and we're not talking about the fleet of nasa security helicopters which
constantly patrol the airspace above Canaveral either.
on the other side of the very same hangar you'll find six mavericks
tinkering away on what happens to be the world's only
privately owned
supersonic air force
their weapon of choice
the Lockheed F104
this airplane's an absolute speed demon that has no equal
My name's Rick Svetkoff. Call sign Comrade
and i'm the president ceo of starfighters incorporated. We have a total of nine
Our program right now is to
help develop the commercial side of space
while I don't think Rick wants to feel like he's getting a little bit older can look at all that
he's getting a little bit older
enjoy being around him
He's a great pilot, he's a good friend and I love flying with him
My name is Sean Freitag, I'm the director of maintenance for the Starfighters
as far as out here in the hamgar, I guess I would be the whip cracker, I'm pretty much the head guy out here. I mean Rick does his business part of the deal
Sean is probably one of the most capable aircraft mechanics I have ever met in my life
Short fuse
giggles like a
three-year-old igirl
the great thing about Sein Freitag is there is no
system of this airplane that he will not tackle if there is a problem with it.
Yeah I get people all the time "oh I'd love to work for the Starfighters. I'd love to do that." Yeah
it's all great until you're starting to do it. You know when you're out there
working til midnight, twelve o'clock fixing an an engine for an air show then
tell me where you're at now.
My name is Michael Smith, I'm the operations officer for Starfighters aerospace. Mike
is a phenomenally qualified
and capable pilot. He's flown most of his life in fighters.
I call Smitty superpilot
That guy could fly anything.
my pilot Mike Smith, love him to death.
He's a good guy, very particular. Consumate professional when he's out flying an airplane but
he's Smitty, he's one of the guys
you can go to the bar and drink beers with and
tell ten percent true stories.
My name's Dave May,
call sign big bird.... Big Dave,
heart of gold
thankfully he's a gentle giant
and uh... otherwise he would break you
and if you puke on my nice cockpits
there will be hell to pay.
I've flown on it twice.
it's the best thing I ever did with my clothes on. That's your raise right there...
lNo my raise is when I bend over and drop these.
We have to go through this with him
every single time.
You really, really have to stay on top of these birds. stay on top her
Maintenance wise and flying wise because if you get behind the curve on either of those
somebody's gonna get hurt.
my name is mike robinson
and I'm a Jack of all trades, master of none
and my call sign is Bloke. Main
job title is life support egress. So all the flight equipment the pilots wear, maslks,
G suits, life preservers,
Shark stabbing equipment
when everything else goes wrong mine works and saves everybody. There's no fucking parachute in the airplane...
He's kind of a
high-tech secretary,
the problem with Bloke is that he doesn't know when to say no.
I'd say like a gopher boy but a little bit higher
than a gopher boy I guess. Be nice.
I'm Tim Franta and I work business development for Starfighters.
We basically test
components and units uh for rockets.
We fly experiments that need high G's.
We also can be used as a camera mount and we have some other things
some of which I cannot discuss. There's some military applications for a jet that
flies very high and very fast. I haven't hung out with Tim enough to know..
Like I said we're a bit of a fraternity so if you don't go out drinking with bros ..
It is a mixture of being a Mom and Pop operation and operating an Air Force.
It's the only private supersonic fleet on the planet.