Jane Hill, BBC News Presenter - It Gets Better Today

Uploaded by stonewalluk on 29.10.2010

I’m Jane hill, I’m a news presenter with the BBC, I’ve worked
across television and radio for more than 20 years covering
everything from the election of Barack Obama as US President
in Washington, through to showbiz awards ceremonies and
I’m fairly confident I can say that being gay has not affected my
career. In my more than 20 years as a journalist I’ve seen a lot
of changes and I’ve seen and watched the fight for gay equality
in the UK at first hand. Things have improved in that time.
When I first started in television I couldn’t really think of any
female role models, I couldn’t think of gay women that I knew on
British television, but I’m pleased to say that today there are a
few of us working across main stream radio and TV.
Just think of Clare Balding, Sandi Toksvig and Sue Perkins.
So improvements have been made, but of course there is
always more that can and should be done and we all have a
role to play in that. We know that 65% of young people in this
country say that they are bullied at school for being gay. Now is
a time to bring an end to homophobic bullying. The media of
course has a role to play in this. We have to represent gay
people on television and radio fairly and we have to explain gay
issues to the rest of the population. But it can be done. We’re
making improvements all the time, and we strive to make things
even better. For the sake of young people please do your bit to
deal with bullying of young gay people, whether you're a
teacher or a pupil, stand up for those who are bullied, help to
stamp out bullying in our schools today. We can do it if we all work together.
It gets better today, we can make it happen.