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Love Actually
Episode 2
Why didn't my brother come back with you guys to live here?
No. Not your brother, it's...
Hao Feng, what does big brother living here have anything to do with them living here?
Dad just said.
After meeting, we're one family.
Besides, living by herself out there
with Yang Guang... how difficult.
Sister-in-law, since you've moved here, then stay.
Please don't be reserved.
This is your house.
Xiao Xia
No matter what it's will be a dead end, but there should at least be a limit.
This is deception.
Uncle Chen, actually I...
Actually, how long do you plan on staying?
what are you trying to say?
They're living here as long as they want.
This is their home too.
Even if big brother isn't reliable,
that has nothing to do with them.
Li Yang,
how could you be so naive?
All these years, big brother never mentioned anything about a fiancé or a kid.
Their sudden appearance...
Don't you think it's strange?
I really don't know what to say.
Let's just wait for Chen Hao Jie to explain it to everyone.
There's no need to call.
Don't you know big brother's temper?
Once he leaves home, his cellphone will be off for days.
It's a waste of time to call.
How come you're so unreasonable?
It's raining really hard outside. Sister-in-law and Yang Guang just moved here
and you want to kick them out?
Do you have the heart to let them get drenched by the rain?
Uncle Chen, I...
Alright, alright.
Let's not talk about this anymore.
Xiao Xia,
You and Yang Guang will live in Hao Jie's room.
It's already late.
Yang Guang has school tomorrow.
Hurry up and eat.
After you're done, I'll take you upstairs.
Also, I'll -
Hao Feng.
Are you going to let them eat?
Auntie, this bed is so comfortable!
Alright, don't be too excited.
It's been a tiring night, sleep early.
I'm really happy today.
There's a huge bathtub to take a bath in.
Also, there's so much good food and Old Soup Wontons.
The most important part is
Auntie ate with me!
It made me feel really warm.
Alright, I know.
Sleep early.
You still have class tomorrow.
In my dreams, I'm going to tell dad
I've gained a grandpa and two uncles!
And so much food!
Uncle Chen kindheartedly took us in
but I lied to them
in exchange for this place that we can temporary stay in.
Should I do something in return?
This must be that older boy's room.
No wonder Yang Guang likes him.
This must be the Antarctic ice-man's room.
So a clean room
is like this.
They're brothers. How come there's such a huge difference?
Does he think that ripping a photo means he forgets?
What kind of girl can handle him?
They would be kicked out of the ice castle.
Even if he smiles, he doesn't give of a warm feeling.
What are you doing?
I'm... washing clothes.
This is your first day in our home.
Why would you help wash our clothes?
I saw there was already a pile of dirty clothes.
No one was washing them.
Also, washing clothes after 10:30,
the electricity fee is 1/2.
You... What do you want?
There's no need to wash my clothes.
Then... I'm going to go wash the clothes.
I'll be going.
Brother. You...
What were you two talking about?
What are you hiding behind your back?
It's none of your business.
It's all because of you.
Letting a strange woman live at our house is causing me a lot of problems.
Also, remember to lock the door when taking a shower.
Don't shout wildly when you're in there.
Uncle Chen,
do you have any clothes that need to be washed?
It's okay, it's okay.
You just got here
and you're helping us wash clothes.
I feel really sorry.
Xiao Xia, you've been working hard.
I don't know how to do anything else.
I can only do some housework.
This house is really different with a girl around.
Then I'm going to go wash the clothes.
Then you go work.
Uncle Chen,
don't drink too much tea in the evening.
You won't be able to go to sleep.
If Hao Jie can come home soon so they could get married,
how great would that be?
I... I'm here to pick up the clothes.
Li Yang! What's taking so long?
Go lay in stock.
I'm coming.
What secret are you hiding this time?
What are you hiding behind your back?
Put out your hands.
I won't leave until you show me what you're holding.
Hurry up!
Yang Guang!
Yang Guang, grandpa
made you a bento box.
Have the teacher help you heat it up during lunchtime.
You can't eat it cold.
Thank you, grandpa.
Thank you, Uncle Chen.
No problem.
Bye, grandpa!
Bye bye.
Bye. Let's go.
dad seems to really like Yang Guang.
He even made him a special lunch.
Special lunch?
I just saw.
Dad made it himself.
It must be the best.
When we were little, we could only eat it if we got 100%.
He's really biased!
If dad
could make me lunch,
I would really want to go back to being a kid.
Let's not think about it anymore.
Brother, I'm going to Xiao Guai to get supplies.
I finally don't need to bring 50 dollars anymore.
Take care of your lunch and dinner.
Also, with grandpa's bento,
I can be like other students
and eat in the classroom.
I won't have to hide in the field eating instant noodles now.
Didn't I tell you you're not allowed to eat instant noodles?
I won't eat instant noodles ever again.
I'll let you off this time.
Don't do it again.
Thank you, auntie.
We're at school.
I'm going to class now. Bye.
This bento smells really good!
This is the first time I've seen Yang Guang this happy.
What do I do?
Do I continue lying,
and let Yang Guang live comfortably for a while,
or do I tell Uncle Chen the truth?
what are you doing?
You're cutting off the legs.
How are customers supposed to sit?
Do you think customers could sit here?
Hao Feng, I want to discuss something with you.
From now on,
we're not putting customers in the room in the back.
I want to make it a study.
That way Yang Guang can have a quiet place to study.
can you stop being so good to Yang Guang?
What if -
What if what?
Xiao Xia isn't a bad person.
My eyes are good at judging people.
Two plates of Crab Roe Pastries.
Two orders of Crab Roe Pastries.
When this Arctic ice-man is concentrating on work,
he has a lot of charm.
I already told Uncle Hao Feng.
From now on, customers can't come into this room.
After school,
you can peacefully do your homework here.
After you finish your homework,
play some chess with me, okay?
I finally have my own study! Thank you, grandpa!
Sit down.
Is the height okay?
you treat me so well.
After I grow up, I must repay you!
Our little Yang Guang.
You're really thoughtful.
This Antarctic ice-man
doesn't want to pick a fight again, does he?
Why aren't you going to find my older brother?
I want to find him.
I also want to ask him
where's my free house?
Or I wouldn't have to be here taking your crap.
What are you thinking?
I was thinking
where I could go to find him.
Even his own fiancé can't find him.
You're a really unusual fiancé.
Of course.
I only pretended to be his girlfriend for a day, and I became his fiance.
How could I not be unusual.
I don't care why you're living in our house,
but I want you to speak the truth.
Stop hiding the truth
and using my father's feelings towards you.
hate women who lie the most.
I didn't mean to lie.
If it wasn't for Yang Guang...
Fine, since you're being so forceful,
then I'll...
Actually, Hao Jie and I are...
I have a couple of clothes that I want you to help me wash.
Then I'll go help you wash them.
Brother, smile a little.
If your face is always like this, it'll scare people.
Just put these in the washing machine.
Clothes made of this fabric need to be hand washed.
Is that so?
Then, thank you for your hard work. Don't wash for too long
or it'd be tiring and it'd hurt your hands.
Don't worry. It won't hurt my hands.
The better Uncle Chen is to Yang Guang,
the more I feel guilty.
The more time dad spends with Yang Guang,
the deeper the connection.
Xiao Xia,
you should at least have a limit to your lies.
Uncle Chen is such a good person.
You can't keep using his kindness.
These two people
lied and are using my father's kindness.
I won't allow it.
Yang Guang,
I'm really sorry.
For dad,
I'll expose her right now.
Dad -Uncle Chen
What a coincidence.
Let me ask you,
How did you meet my brother?
Brother, why are you asking that?
A person like our older brother, how could he be romantic?
It must be something ordinary, the most ordinary of the ordinary.
She has a mouth.
You don't need to speak for her.
I met him when I was renting a house.
I just knew
that when she was trying to find a house,
big brother was a real estate agent.
And then the two slowly started getting to know each other.
Add on brother's words,
and he must've gotten to her right off the bat.
That's why the two are together.
Are you her spokesperson?
There's no need for you to explain for her.
My brother was a real estate agent for at most 2 or 3 years.
How is there such an old child?
That's not right.
From what I recall,
he has been a real estate agent for a long time.
Then, he did some other things.
But for the past 2-3 years,
he seems to have gone back to real estate.
He's just that type of person.
You brought up Yang Guang by yourself?
My brother has always been irresponsible.
How come, after so many years, you suddenly show up here with a child.
usually, you're the most reasonable person.
How come you've suddenly lost your mind these past couple of days?
Either way, I believe
if they didn't meet some kind of difficulty,
sister-in-law wouldn't stand in the rain
and come to our house.
Shut up.
You believe what others say?
Why can't I believe it?
You've read too many comics and now you've become brain-dead, haven't you?
Why would I become brain-dead if I read comics?
Where did you - ?
Alright, alright. Stop fighting.
Let me ask you,
Hao Feng.
I decided that Xiao Xia and Yang Guang would stay.
I believe her.
I will find evidence
to prove that this woman is lying.
It's me.
I heard you work at an investigation center.
What do I have to prepare if I want to do an paternity test?
It smells really good.
If you want to do a paternity test,
then you have to get some of the person's dead skin flakes,
saliva, or hair.
No way. It's so clean, I can't even find one hair.
Bathroom... bathtub...
The drain seemed to be clogged.
I came to inspect it.
Why do I have to explain so much to her?
You don't knock on the door before coming into the bathroom?
What if there's someone taking a shower?
Do you have any manners?
I'm sorry.
I'm done inspecting.
Why is it you again?
What are you trying to do?
Recently the lamps in our house have been weird.
Sometimes they're on, sometimes they go dark.
I came to see
if there was a problem with the room's circuits.
Is she afraid that I'll find out her secret
so she's deliberately trying to get close to me
and lure me into a trap?
Who would believe he's checking the circuits in the middle of the night?
Miss Xiao Xia,
you're a little too forward.
I must clearly look at your expression
and uncover your plan.
Why are you so close to me?
What are you trying to do?
What are YOU trying to do?
Why did you get so close to me?
You were afraid I might see through you
so you deliberately inched back.
Why else would I keep walking forward?
I was always standing here.
You were the one who was walking forward.
I'm a girl.
How could I casually lean up against guys?
You came to my room in the middle of the night.
You weren't trying to
do something shady, right?
I told you I was checking the circuits.
This is my house.
Why do I have to explain it to you?
why did you come out of sister-in-law's room in the middle of the night?
She's a liar.
I must find evidence to expose her.
It'll be more accurate with the follicle?
Then the ones that I tried so hard getting
was for nothing?
you already agreed.
I can only put out this much.
Oh yeah,
how long do I have to wait after I give it to you?
Uncle Zhang!
We're old classmates. Help out.
I'm really in a hurry to find a house.
Are there any cheaper ones?
How could it be me?
Stop guessing.
Thank you. Yes, the sooner the better.
Mind your own business.
That's it.
Miss Xiao Xia,
I know you're lying.
Don't think that just because dad believes you,
you can live in our house carefree.
I will find evidence
and let dad see your true colors.
Yang Guang,
who makes food at home?
It's me.
It's not much.
I don't pay much attention to it.
You cook?
Brother's really picky.
Other than dad's and Hao Feng's,
he doesn't eat anyone else's food.
You're really awesome.
You can conquer big brother's stomach.
Then you have to taste this carrot pancake.
Big brother relied on this to get first place in the cooking competition.
I never thought Chen Hao Jie had this talent.
You lived with big brother for so long,
he must've told you
what the ingredients are.
Antarctic ice-man wanted me to eat the carrot pancake in order to test me.
This dish's ingredients include
green onion, carrot, white sugar, xanthoxylum seeds, and
goose liver paste.
this was created by big brother himself.
Big brother told the secret recipe to sister-in-law.
He never told us.
Even I didn't know there was goose liver paste in this.
You figured it out yourself.
Alright, alright.
Don't just talk about this dish.
Come on, eat.
Yang Guang, eat fish.
Please enjoy.
Please enjoy.
Thank you.
Look at all these people.
How many servings of Old Soup Wontons do they sell?
I never thought
that when the boy starts working, he's not too bad.
Do you need me to help with anything?
It's okay.
You cleaned the whole place this morning.
We're already feel very apologetic.
Boss, I need to add some things.
I'll do it.
Our signature dishes are Old Soup Wontons, signature steamed dumplings, and carrot pancakes.
Why don't you try these three?
Sorry. What would you two like to add?
Signature steamed dumplings.
One signature steamed dumpling.
Got it.
Please wait.
usually we don't introduce these three dishes at the same time.
Because our shop's food is unique.
Signature steamed dumplings and Old Soup Wontons are one style.
Old Soup Wontons and carrot pancakes are another style.
If these three things were put together,
the taste wouldn't be as good.
Wouldn't that be too bad?
Oh, so it's like that.
I'll get it.
What do you want?
Sorry, brother.
The kitchen is the center of operations.
No one can go in and out without brother's permission.
I don't even dare to go in.
Li Yang, I'll tell you the truth.
I don't want to be a freeloader here.
You guys have done so much for me and Yang Guang.
I'd feel better if you would let me help out in the shop.
why are you being so polite?
Just stay home and wait for big brother to come back.
We have enough people working the shop.
But I can't always be doing nothing.
Besides, I've worked at a restaurant before, so I have some experience.
If you think your brother won't agree,
then I'll go tell Uncle Chen.
this decision isn't made by dad.
Dad is the head of the family,
but Hao Feng is the head of the restaurant.
Anything regarding the restaurant must be approved by him.
This is our shop's rule.
If you want to help out in the shop,
Hao Feng has to agree.
You want to work in the shop?
You want to make up for lying to us, right?
Fine, but under one condition.
In 3 days,
as long as you make 3 mistakes,
then you and Yang Guang have to leave this house.
how come you still don't believe sister-in-law?
Sister-in-law is kind enough to offer to help.
How could you threaten her?
Besides, you can't just kick them out.
Sister-in-law, forget it.
Don't help out in the shop.
I didn't threaten her.
She's the one who wanted to help.
As long as you don't make 3 mistakes, I'll count is as you pass.
If you really pass this test,
I'll agree to let you stay.
Even if I get kicked out, I tried.
I'm feeling guilty for living and eating for nothing at the Chen's house.
If I really pass,
Yang Guang and I will have a place to stay.
I accept.
But you better keep your word.
I'll keep my word.
Remember, after 3 mistakes, you leave.
No one can save you.
Dad, what do we do? What do we do?
Sister-in-law agreed to Hao Feng's insane request.
These two people are crazy!
If sister-in-law makes 3 mistakes,
brother said that even if you beg, it'll be no use.
there's only one person that can help Xiao Xia.
This person is you.
what I'm about to say to you is very important.
You have to listen.
My brother is the head of our kitchen.
He has the power over the Chen family restaurant.
No matter who it is, as long as they make a mistake in the kitchen, they're fired immediately.
Is it really that bad?
I'm not exaggerating at all.
There were countless managers and chefs fired by my brother last year.
The ones left are the best of the best.
Then wouldn't I be immediately fired?
Not necessarily.
Auntie, you look amazing!
Are you going to be a chef?
I'm not going to be a chef.
I made a bet with the Antarctic ice-man.
For three days, as long as I don't make three mistakes,
then we can comfortably stay here.
But if I make three mistakes within the three days,
then Yang Guang and I can only leave.
and continue wandering.
I believe in you.
You can defeat the Antarctic ice-man
because we are summer's sunlight.
So the Antarctic ice-man will be scared when he sees us.
I will give it everything I've got for Yang Guang!
Hao Feng,
I know you've always been suspicious of Xiao Xia and Yang Guang.
But I -
for family matters, you make the decisions,
but store matters,
I make the decisions.
I know I know.
I just want to remind you.
Look, a woman with a child
with nowhere to go,
it's really pitiful.
You don't have to be so harsh.
you know that what I hate most is when women lie.
If she really had some difficulties,
she could just say it.
There's no need to tell lies to gain your sympathy.
I didn't mean that.
Going to school?
Do you like them?
If you like it, then take it.
If there's a dough figure missing, then that means that Xiao Xia made a mistake.
Auntie won't lose to you!
Okay. You'll be late for class.
Grandpa will take you.
Come on.
Thanks for watching episode 2 of Love Actually!