[JMovie 2008]Handsome Suit Part 1 Eng sub

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Among men, there are those called "handsome"...
... and those called 'ugly'.
A "handsome" man is one with a well-formed face.
An 'ugly' man...
... as the word suggests, is ugly.
You might think a man 's looks don't matter...
... but many men have complexes about their looks...
... and only pretend not to care.
Yes, every man wants to be...
... handsome!
Takuro Ohki, 33, a.k.a....
...Butaro, or 'pig-boy'.
The taku in his name resembles the character for buta, or 'pig'.
His parents divorced soon after he was born.
His mother ran a small diner called 'Kokoroya', or 'Heart'.
He inherited his mother's talent for cooking...
...and even studied in Italy.
But his mother died ten years ago, and since then...
...he has lived his ugly life at 'Kokoroya'.
He speaks in his mother's strong Osaka accent.
Lord luv a dook!
I'm flummoxed!
He picks his nose when he thinks.
He repeats old TV comedy routines ad nauseum.
'And that's that!'
His Love life is worrisome.
He has approached and been rejected by 101 women.
Of these, 52 fled in tears.
25 accused him of stalking.
When he sneezes...
...women flee as if from a chemical attack.
But the thing from which all his troubles stem...
...is that he's ugly.
I want him in the Handsome Suit!
'My Revolution'! This song flips my switch!
Time to wrestle!
Opening time.
The way Ma made it.
The ginger pork lunch, Butaro!
It's 'Takuro', dammit!
Beef innards!
Uh...they want...
Beef, chicken, mackerel!
Orders up!
Great as always!
Thank you!
Hi, Toku.
Your special box-lunch.
Sorry for the trouble.
It's no trouble! I'm glad you eat it every day.
AII he needs to be happy now is a girlfriend!
A guy like me...
...will never be...
You brought him down!
...is the job still open?
The job?!
He's up again!
The one posted outside.
She's gorgeous!
What's your name, Miss?
Hiroko Hoshino.
Do I need a resume?
Heavens, no!
You're hired!
A babe like that? On the spot, right?
She's gorgeous...
...if I hire her...
...she'll regret it.
'Look how ugly the owner is!'
'Yuck!' she 's thinking.
Maybe we should have you start today!
Uh, I'm sorry.
Could you leave?
That's best.
You didn't run...
Have these.
I sneezed, and she didn't run!
Are you sure you don't have a cold?!
She sympathizes!
...please take the job!
Do I qualify?
Of course!
But you said...
It's a woman's privilege to change her mind.
You're a guy!
Start tomorrow.
Thank you!
This is Hiroko!
It's opening time.
Thank you!
She's beautiful, and she's a sweet-heart.
She met my eyes again! The fourth time today!
The first...
The second...
The third...
The fourth...
Not once or twice, but four times!
I'm in love again!
Butaro! Here's a picture of you!
'Oink'! Thanks!
Let me give you a hug!
450 yen for a meal set... isn't that cheap?
Isn't it?
Sonny hasn't raised his prices since Saki's time.
Sonny's mother. 'Ma's taste at Ma's price.’
Is that so...
Hazama Boats
It's ready.
Shinsuke! Lunch!
Come on, you two!
Oh, please!
Tell me...
Why did you want to work here?
I came here once a long time ago with my dad.
Someone tried to walk out without paying.
Walk out?
Hey! Where do you think...
...you're going?!
I'm sorry!
I haven't eaten in two days!
You should've said that before you walked out!
I'm calling the police!
No, please!
He's not a walk-out. He just forgot his wallet.
No, he didn't!
Sure he did!
He was going home to get it.
I'II wait.
...or tomorrow...
...or next year.
I'm really sorry!
I don't want people coming to grief from eating here.
Sonny hasn't changed at all.
Say 'ah'...
Good boy!
Tell me something straight.
Am I...ugly?!
At least think first!
You wanted it straight.
You've known for years anyway.
Why was I born ugly?
You're ugly.
I'm in a wheelchair.
But you're handsome.
People go by appearances, but only at the start.
After that it's your real self that's important.
And that's the Shinsuke I fell in love with, right?
I get it! You're in love.
It'll never work!
She didn't run when you sneezed.
A guy like me saying he loves her?
Don't give up yet!
...if you were a bug...
...you'd be a roach.
A roach?
But a roach that's trying hard is really cool!
There's no roach.
You guys are so excitable!
...don't waste this chance encounter with the lovely Hiroko!
Reel her in, and bring her to our wedding!
Would you be brooding on something?
How did you know?
Most grown men on swings in parks at sunset...
...are brooding.
But who are you?
'The suit that will change your Iife'?
With our suit, 'Let's handsome!'
'Let's handsome!'
I'm going to play pinball!
It's ready!
Chef Takuro's Sicilian-style Mediterranean 'pasta caprice' !
It looks great!
Happy to hear it.
'And that's that!'
I know that one!
She laughed!
'Bow-wow!' 'Toot toot toot!'
You're really funny!
I am?
You want more?
How about this?
That's so original!
That's a pretty old one...
Go ahead, eat.
Thank you!
This is love.
Does she mean me?
No, stupid! The pasta!
True love.
What's this?
A new kind of postcard.
There's a chip in it.
There is?
There's other songs.
This is...
'My Revolution'.
I'm in love.
...in Love, too!
I'm in Love with you!
Really in Love!
Why do you Love me?
Huh? Well, uh...
...you're perfect.
What do you Love about me?
Huh? Uh, well...
You know, uh...
Your eyes! Your nose!
Your lips, earlobes...
And your pores, hair quality...
Everything I can see, all of it!
You're gorgeous!
I see.
I'm disappointed.
You guys told me to tell her!
Now she's gone and quit on me!
An ugly guy says he loves her, and she says she's disappointed!
No, I'm not coming to your damn wedding!
Piss off!
I have tried!
You don't have to look like that!
Aoyama Clothiers
So you made it...
I need a suit for a wedding...
That's not really why you're here, is it.
You want the suit...
...that will change your life.
No, just a normal suit...
I'm Shiraki, manager of this branch.
Excuse my handsomeness.
I have a suit I'd like you to see. It will change your life.
I just want a normal suit...
You won't look good in one.
Should you be saying that?!
What is this place?
We wish to recommend these suits.
What are those?!
They've got heads.
What's going on?
The suit that makes anyone handsome in body and face.
The Handsome Suit!
'Handsome Suit'?
You can change your life!
I came for a suit for a friend's wedding!
Takuro Ohki!
This is the real me.
Huh?! What?!
Eh? Huh?
We all want to be ideal.
Making this dream come true is the ' Handsome Suit'.
Let's Handsome!
If you're disfigured by injury, or you want to disappear...
... or you 're wanted...
... now you can be a different person!
The ' Handsome Suit' will make your dreams come true.
'Aoyama Clothiers!'
We'd like you to be a trial customer.
Why me?
Because you are the one who most wants to.
You have a complex about your looks.
You fit all our requirements...
...for an ugly person.
Great, huh?
Try one on.
No, thanks.
Oh, come on!
Show me a normal suit next!
Is this right?
The vacuum!
Vacuum? What? Why?
Hey, what are you doing?!
Keep still!
Hey! I'm being pressure-packed!
Look in the mirror.
What the...?!
I'm incredibly handsome!
Yes, very handsome!
I'm even handsome here!
Would you like to try the others?
I'II try this!
Be my guest.
'Here's to your eyes.'
Too trendy.
Too much?
A bit too much.
This is 'handsome'?!
This one's the most 'me'.
Yes. That is the one I would recommend.
Any way you look at it...
...I'm handsome!
One part is still not handsome.
What's that?
Your voice is ugly.
T ouch your throat.
Change the voice channel.
Now talk.
'A voice echoing like a distant train whistle'...
Very handsome!
Too achy-breaky.
Yes! This voice is handsome!
It's fantastico!
Why does he say that?
'Good evening. Gnineve Doog!
'Are yuz havin' a good time?! That's greet!'
Too Ieering.
'Like to have dinner with me?!
I'II take this voice!
A Handsome suit needs a handsome name.
'Hikariyama, Annin'!
'Light' and 'mountain', shining and majestic.
Then 'Annin'...
...soft and sweet as almond jelly.
Now that's handsome!
This is a test suit, remember.
Avoid hot water.
A test suit...
...you can't tell anyone.
I won't.
I couldn't.
Now go forth and enjoy your Handsome life!
How do I do that?!
Just wear it home.
It's the Handsome Suit!
Let's handsome!
Let's handsome!
You coming?
Oh, sorry...
Oh, sorry!
No problem!
Huh? Last time she looked at me like dirt, and now she 's smiling.
Look at that guy! Isn't he hot!
Yeah, real hot!
Did someone call me 'hot'?!
He's looking!
Oh, wow!
Women are staring at me! Stabbing me with their eyes!
So this is 'handsome '!
The waitress comes sooner.
You get all the refills you want!
PI ease! Take three!
When you 're handsome, they say 'please ' and mean it.
And you get three packs of tissues!
Thank you!
Let's try it in English.
My first wink!
I ' m skipping!
Skipping through town!
Even dogs come to me!
Handsome! It's fantastic!
My boy!
Men, too?!
Hey! Hey!
Who's your agent?
Perhaps you've been working abroad?
Well, I was in Italy until recently...
Milano! Firenze! This is your lucky day!
Would you like to try modeling with us?
I mean it.
A model?!
I am Kamiyama.
With Kamiyama...
...you can dream big dreams.
Do you see?
Yesterday was fun!
I love being handsome!
Gotta watch the accent.
'Thank you.'
...excuse me.
I saw the sign outside...
...about the job.
Oh, I'm sorry.
The job's taken.
If you'd just come sooner...
Wait a minute...
You need someone cute to replace Hiroko!
This is a diner! Who cares?
But she's ugly!
Looks don't matter!
...I'm used to not meeting the visual standards.
No no no...
I'd be happy to have you here.
You mean I pass?!
Starting tomorrow.
I'm Motoe Hashino. How do you do.
This is Motoe!
But looks do matter.
Thank you!
One pork-eggplant lunch!
Thank you!
Rice omelet!
She's really good when it's busy like this.
50 yen change. Thank you!
Over here!
Do you mind?
This way.
Thank you!
You're short of time. Miso mackerel?!
One large miso mackerel!
Now if only she was pretty!
That's what they all say.
That feels good!
Your fingers are so strong!
I'd like to thank you.
For what?
When I first came, and you said...
...looks don't matter.
Did I say that?!
Your man must be one happy guy.
You work hard, you give great back-rubs, you're so calm...
The position's vacant.
Just kidding.
I'm off!
See you.
Back soon!
Here we go!
He's changed...
Whoops! Forgot the vacuum.
It's huge!
You're here!
I knew you'd come!
Come stand before the camera.
I Love that case. It's so new. So original, so cool.
Someone take his case!
Yuki! Reimi! Move!
Who's that guy?
Move, I said!
Who are you?
Kamiyama senses hidden potential within you.
Who's that amateur?!
He's got something!
Stand before the camera and do your thing.
Strike a pose.
What kind of pose?!
Are you sure, Mr Kamiyama?
You're losing your eye for talent.
As if you were doing the thing you like best.
The thing I like best...
The pose you take for the thing you like doing best!
In that case...
You're playing guitar.
That's right.
Let's call it that.
Right! Next!
He's on the beach, playing with his dog!
I see the doberman!
I know!
You're driving your Porsche.
I see it! The Costa del Sol!
For a newcomer, you have an enormous repertoire.
There's Raika!
I Know her! She's in commercials!
She's gorgeous!
Perfect timing!
Raika, the cool beauty!
Who's he?
May I present...
...my latest discovery...
He'll be huge!
I disagree...
I think you'll see how talented he is.
...why did you become a model?
Huh? Why?
It looked Iike fun.
Then quit now!
Wait, Raika!
Don't think modeling is just posing in front of a camera.
If you think that...
...you shouldn't be here.
Yeah, you're right.
I shouldn't be here.
Excuse me.
Before I go, can I ask a rude question?
Are you always like that? Never smiling?
Raika is a cool beauty! She doesn't smile.
Why do you ask?
People look their best when they're smiling.
I don't really like my smile.
OK, then...
'And that's that!'
'Bow wow! Bow wow!'
I'm Annin! Howdy do!
I like your smile.
I'II be going...
You're right. He could make it big.
You're in!
Raika approves.
Could he do the cover with me?
I'm doing that!
What about me?!
Hey, Boss!
Annin does it.
What?!! Wait a minute!
Wow! A break-out!
On the cover?!
Hey, new guy...
Oh, hello.
Want to hang out?
I'm asking you out. Are you going to say no?
You're asking me out?!
It's dinner with some friends. Be at your best.
Yes, ma'am!
They're her friends?!
Bam! Knock it back, man!
You're into scarves?
Me, too!
Let's trade.
You don't mind?
You with a guy! This is rare.
We're just friends.
You're lying!
But you like him...
Annin! You've got a chance! I mean it!
With Raika!
Bam! Get in there!
Bam! It's Raika, man!
Go! Go! Go!
Raika, I'II help.
Shall I cut that?
Excuse me...
Cucumbers are tricky.
First you cut off the ends...
...then take off the bottom.
See?! It doesn't roll.
That's fast!
Then we take this...
...and we're done!
He's good!
Oh, at the diner...
Uh, I call my kitchen at home...
...'the diner'.
That's so cool!
I've got to make Takuro disappear!
Settle down. You'll be fine. They can't know I'm him!
Jeepers! What am I doing'?!
You speak Osaka?
Nay, nay, nay!
Is he ever funny!
Isn't he!
You think so? I don't.
He's really different. Today he did 'Comaneci' for me.
He sounds just Iike Takuro!
Sorry! Sorry!
It's OK!
You're the second person who's done that.
Nice one!
He sounds like we'd get along.
Why don't we call Takuro?
Yeah! He and Annin would get along great!
Who's he?
He's probably busy.
He's at home watching porn.
I doubt that.
Do you know him?
Of course not!
It sounds that way...
He's just kind of familiar somehow.
Let's call him!
But aren't we having enough fun without him?!
The more the merrier!
Yeah! Why not?
Is that...
...'My Revolution'?
Hey, I've got a call!
Excuse me.
Someone you can't talk to here?
This friend's a nuisance.
A nuisance, huh?
He's not answering.
What's up?
Takuro? Come over and meet someone.
His name 's Annin.
I'm having dinner with some people right now.
Yeah? Who with?
You don't know them.
They're a nuisance, but I'm stuck.
Call us later then.
OK. See you.
He's with some nuisances and he can't get away.
That's too bad!
Welcome back.
Is your phone call done?
Nothing important. There's no problem.
Your voice...
That's amazing!
Just Iike Takuro!
Damn that Shinsuke!
I'm back.
Tomorrow's the cover shoot.
I can't just close...
Yone, I'II get things set up tonight...
Who are you?
Good question.
Good question.
Good question!
Oh, well...
Yone, I'm sorry.
What are you doing here at this hour?
Yone phoned and said you'll be away tomorrow.
I'm really sorry.
I'II help.
No! I'II be fine. I can't let you do that!
It's OK. I'd just be at home doing nothing.
Well, in that case...
...maybe you can use this.
Can I open it?!
A wrist-band!
Can I try it?
But why?
That wok looks hard on your wrist.
Thank you!
Oh, and that star...
Push on it.
'My Revolution'!
They've got chips that play songs.
I know...
So that means you had this made?
When you get tired, push on it.
Thank you very much!
Shall we?
So I'II...
It's OK.
Why did my heart go pit-a-pat?
So is there someone you like now?
Right here with me.
Just kidding.
Stop that!
What about you?
I was in Love with a girl who worked here.
You were?
But then I got carried away...
Why am I telling you this?
I'm happy you would.
When you're around, I seem to start talking...
Raika, Annin...
...here we go!
Get closer to Annin!
That's good!
He's away again?
Curry, right?