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"...O, My God! For Ever Sleep, Sleep, When Will We Favoured To Wake Up?! - "Elegia", Ilia Chavchavadze .
Gia Burjanadze
Zura Ingorokva
Kakha Abuashvili
Maia Turiashvili
Beka Abramishvili
Levan Buadze
Zura Samkharadze
Teako Tvalavadze
Bakur Beruashvili
Dato Margania
Maria Berdzenishvili Elene Shavishvili Ciko Inauri
Video-Sound Operators: Giorgi Cheishvili, Giorgi Asitashvili, Giorgi Giorgadze, Giorgi Gociridze, Giorgi Gvedashvili.
Video-Sound Operators: Giorgi Cheishvili, Giorgi Asitashvili, Giorgi Giorgadze, Giorgi Gociridze, Giorgi Gvedashvili.
Art Director Elene Gvedashvili
Sound Editing: Irakli Khutsishvili Visual Effects: Irakli Geleishvili
Composer: Giorgi Dzamukashvili,
Edited, Written and Directed By Zura Samkharadze
-Wake up!
Two, One, Go!
Thank you, wake up show greetengs you,
i'll not bother you anymore and please welcome, actor Mr.Gia Burjanadze.
-Hello Mr.Gia. -Hello my friend.
-Please have a sit. -Thanks.
First of all i would like to thank you for coming.
-How are you Mr.Gia?
-How to say, until this show exists, i will say... not so bad.
-agree, it's true, true...
Then let's begin. -Off course.
-Very Well, as you know dear televiewers, in the last wake up broadcast we discussed problem such as war between generations,
generally every one understand the subject but
today we'll talk about problems wich everyday could see outside, streets, in public places.
Mr. Gia i am asking you not as an actor but as a georgian sitizen,
what gets you erritated? what can't you adapt? tell us your and i am sure not only yours, many georgians ailment,
so let me ask you a first question,
what does not like Gia Burjanadze?
-What i don't like?
Give the way to this kind!
Are you crazy?!
Where are you going, wanna give you a ride?
-Why not.
Ok, how are you?
-Fine, you? -Well, me too where are they sitting?
-In Cafe Miu on Kipshidze. -Ok
-Damn good car.
-Come on... a woman, off course.
-He has to drive this and we have to sit here?
-Oh, what a romeo! Look...
-Fuck your shakespear!
-Scary guy. -he would overtake bullet barefooted.
-What's wrong?
-People like them deserve to digg up eyes! how I hate them!
-Calm down please, do not be annoied boecause of them please.
Are not you coming?
-Ooo, I forgot to tell, I have some business and will see you later, ok?
-Do you want me to come with you? -No dear, it's quite delicate case
-So.... shall I worry about you?
-No, of course not, nothing serious, realy.
-How are you girls? -Fine, and you?
-Me tooo. -Where is he?
-He had some business and went away. -It's even good, or you would not here this.
-What?... tell me.
-Dato just proposed her. -What???
-No way! -Have a look.
-OMG i cant belive, he is such a fucking looser.
-Yes, but with taste. -Ooo come on, poor boy.
-Wait a second, what did you answer? -I answered that I will think for a wile.
-So you warrantied the ring? -yes, in a few days I will just get rid of him.
-Ouu, how can you do things like this, you selfish...
-Ouu, how can you do things like this, you selfish...
-Fuuu you....
-Excuse me? -Was this for us?
-Who should hear- already heared. -They will see now!
-Wait... willcal my boyfriend and who will hear what we will see.
-And what will you say: that one fucking looser is making you mad? Go ahead.
-Leave him alone, can't you see they are such an idiots ....
-She is right. -Bill please!
I will take off the bill.
-By all means she would take off...
-Can you imagine how rude they are talking?
-I see, but forget about it, it's not addressed to you, right?
-It does not matter, if my gilfriend will say these words meybe with little respect,
in such a plase like this or another one, freely with me or with her friend may be,
but when they are abusing like guyes, its disgusting!
-I don't like either but will you sit with each of them and explane? what will you change?
-I will change! -Come on, no one will change it...
-yes, came already? ok coming.
Lets go. -ok
Hello -Hi.
-How are you bro?
-So so, and you?
-Good, shall we take my car?
-Why? don't you like mine?
-It does not matters.
Did you take sportsware?
-Off course.
-Lets go, we are late already.
-Are you ready?
-He's talking to me?
-Come on, lets go now.
-Listen now, do not be nervous,
just think about game, try to show your maximum, you have nothing to worry about, understand? ok
Hello,i think i spoke to you todat right?
-A, yes, yes.
-This is that boy and um...
-Where can i change?
-I could not tell you this by phone and please let's step aside.
-Is there a problem?
-Please come.
- Over here, please.
-Let's go!
-Why? -I said let's go!
-Tell me, what happened?
-Speak what's wrong with you?
-Speak what's wrong with you?
-You can't play there ...
-Why, there is no place or...
-Place is, but it's not free.
-If it is something like application fee or something i would get money...
-Application fee for twenty thouthand dollars?
-Don't worry, if not here, we will do something elsewhere...
-Take care.
-Wonna drink?
-Then open.
-Hey, when you will meet me keta?
-Which keta?
-Which keta?
-Keta your neighbour.
-I don't know her good enough myself.
-Come on i know you know her.
-How do i know, just hi, hello and that's all...
-So you know her?
-Ok i know her then what?!
-Then meet me her.
-Are you healthy?
-You know how much i like her..
-I like her too.
-Ok, i will meet her myself!
-How's that?
-Just like that i will go straight to her and meet.
-You'll go straight....
-Yeah when she will be near your home i'll go, say hi keta and invite for cofee or something...
-Are you joking?
-Why am i joking?
-Off course after i will say hi to her one or wto times...
-Imagine she's standing near your house waiting taxi or someshing, i will go to her,
-Stand near and say...
-Hello keta, what would you say if i invite you to drink coffee with me?
she will say tha she's not coffee lover and that's all.
-Not at all?
-At all.
-Not even starbax?
-Not even starbax.
-Not even for sigarette?
-I don't smoke.
-Ok then let me buy icecream for you, if i don't bother you off course.
-With pleasure but throat hurts.
-That means i am on the right way yes?
-Aaa... ok then what you like most of all?
-What i like most of all?
Well i like ferrero rocher chocolate wich zuka bring from belgium where is factory of it.
-I like ferrero too but when i am on high, alpen gold is also good.
-What did you said?
-Aaa... nothing, ok goodbye keta.
-Leaving so soon?
-Yes i am leaving... and tell zuka that factory of ferrero rocher is not i belgium it's in italy, don't make him you lied you are not small girl anymore.
-What are you doing?
-Let's have a little ride
-Please drop it, you have been drinking...
-So What man?
-Please don't...
- Slow down,like this we will crash...
-I don't think so.
-What that means you don't thing so, are you ok?! slower i said!
Carefull, car! what are you doing?! we are dead!
Are you nuts?! we almost crashed, are you on your mind?! stop the car...
Stop the car!
-Ok just let me out...
-Here! Get out!
-Now you can go where ever you want...
-What are you doing?
-Give me the key.
-No way...
-Give me the key,I am going home. -Leave me alone I will not give you.
Take a taxi. -What taxi?
You take cab!not me!
-I will not let you go by car. -I said give me the key!
Give me the key!!! -Quiet!
-I don't care!!! -I said quite, people are watching!
-I fuck....
-Get up.
Get up.
-Will you give me now?
-What have you done?
You bitch!
-What are you doing boys?!
Ok enough, calm down! -Take your hand off me, you....
-What is this?!are yu not gronw in the family?!
Almost had heart attack...
Poor Georgia...
-Doctor, whats wrong with your phone? I could not call you...
-I don't know, It was working, wait .. calm down and tell me whats wrong?
-We have patient who need urgent surgery operation. -What's happened with him?
-He has 3 deep knife wounds and is in coma.
-Are his relatives here? -His identity is unknown, someone left him near entrance and ran, he also has no any documnets...
-Not even mobile? -Nothing at all.
-In this case we can't do anything. -But doctor he will die.
-Operation like this needs big funds.
-Yes but doctor?
-You work here two days only! You better go and find his relatives.
Don't look at me as if i am monster!... It is the real life.
-It's sad but this is our reality, everybody is wise in others actions,
but when i see all this i don't even know what to think, i allways think, from where's coming so much hate,
agression, pride,
simply if you get an answer on your thankful words, you should be be happy... I do not know what is this... if it is possible, I would like to say one thing to my people,
I think this camera is recording me yes? -Yes, please.
-My brother!... My sister!... And my lovely people!
We have passed so many difficulties and if we will not think and care about this, right now, believe me tomorrow will be much worse!
So Gorgians WAKE UP!... WAKE UP!