Mercedes G63 AMG verpulvert Nissan 370Z (with English Subtitles)

Uploaded by AutoWeek on 05.10.2012

This is a container.
This... actually is a container as well.
And the car standing here fits seamlessly into this environment. Although this machine features capacities you would not expect at first sight...
Yeah, mister Tameling, quite bizarre hey? This Nissan 370Z automatic in 5,6 seconds from 0 to 100 kph, that huge machine claims to do it in 5,4 seconds. 2.400 kilo's?! Faster than this thing? I have to see that for real!
Are you ready?
Whohooo! Without any effort man! 2.400 kilo and I'm faster than he is. Sure, he has more trouble with the wet track but still... incredible!
What a machine, hey Roland? - Yeah this is a world on its own.
And this isn't even the real thing yet. - Right, lets start about the engine. 5,4-litre V8, twinturbo, bizarre! - Yeah, but there's also a V12 in the G65 AMG, so this actually is the version for pussy's.
Look at that, shift down and you even blast trucks out of your way. Brilliant! You demand respect when you drive this.
I've never been this high while accelerating so fast. Maybe in a 747, but this is quite epic. - It changes your perception of speed.
It's idiotically fast, but it drinks like a mad man as well... - What mileage do you get?
Well, the owner of that other G-class claims every G does 7 kilometres on a litre of fuel, but I think when you hammer the throttle the number goes up to 7 litres per kilometre. If you get my point. It's sick.
And how many Prius drivers did you smash this morning? - Well, I had to think about that when I drove up here, this car eats Priusses for breakfast and alle those A-segment cars in Holland...
...are considered roadkill. As a matter of fact, coming here this morning, I had to pull two Mini's out of the grille. No but seriously, that's the way this car makes you feel.
You are the boss of everything. - Just one big finger to the rest of the road!
But then again, this car confuses me big time. It looks very rugged on the outside, but in here you get an interior that would fit into an SL.
Very nice finishing, leather of the dash, alcantara on the roof lining, it's just nonsense! Harmann Kardon speakers in the doors. - And then this handle bar, and sitting so close to the front window.
But what do you think of that? Does it make sense, or is it bollocks? - I think it's nice with cars evolving slowly over a long time, it's the same you saw with old 911's getting nicer and nicer on the inside.
And it still has that old G feeling. Rugged and tough. - I think it is totally absurd. - Just like the whole car!
Whoooooooooh! BAM!
It does fly! - Ping, your meal is served!
But... does it corner in any way? - Absolutely not!
Here, you turn in, the whole body leans on one side. And when you go too fast, dispite all of the AMG-genes, the electronics think the car dies and it pulls away all of the engine power.
Take a look: you see? It just is madness! This car is good in a technical sense, it's very smart, but in real life...
Whoops, sorry Tukker! That might have been a bit too harsh... Are you okay, chief?
But then , in the end... I think this car is ridiculous, but it makes me very happy to see Mercedes just pulls this off. Not everything is usefull, or neccessary.
I mean, just imagine yourself standing at a traffic light in your supersonical container. And then a 370Z pops up... I'll promise you, you'll laugh your ass off!