5 Tips to Get a Body Like Shakira (Sexy, Toned and Hot)

Uploaded by HealthyPregnancyTips on 03.02.2012

5 tips to get a body like shakira
Tip #1 - Workout your Whole Body
Exercises like: Lunges, Squats, Pulls Ups, Push ups, and Burpees Will burn More Calories,
and Help you build That Sexy Toned Body in the Eareas you Want: Your Glutes, your Arms,
Belly and your Sexy Legs
Tip #2 - Drink lots of Water
If your Not Hyderated properly, you will be low in energy, and will make you be unmotivated
to workout and get the body you deserve, so Drink Up
Tip #3 - JUST MOVE
Shakira is a belly dancer so any dance or sport it will keep you in shape and will make
the man fall in love with your moves :) (plus its fun to dance)
Tip #4 - Eat Clean Shakira eats clean and she is not blessed
with great genetics, a diet high in protein and quality veggies will keep you energized,
fit and healthy (plus your skin will look amazing)
Tip #5 - Smile Really? seriously if you are not enjoying
your life then every effort you do to get a slim body will be harder, enjoy your curet
body and know that by exrcising your full body plus eating clean you will get your dream
body (possibly hotter than shakira) in a faster time, so Simply and Enojy the Journey!
Nutrution is the key to a hot body like and there is a Diet (link below) that will help
you get a body like hers and be super energized, healthy, sexy and toned!
Check it out @ Tinyurl.com/ShakiraDiet