Xcess Box

Uploaded by dothegreenthing on 20.03.2012

The Android armies are ready for war.  They are amassed on the plains of Zorn outside
the city.
Smashed out the compound. Cops are onto me right, but they don’t come close. Not in
that sweet ride baby. 
Beans on toast?  Cheers. 
Know what I’m saying? Cheers.
Code Blue. Code Blue. Enemy activity. 
Their battleship cruises have laid waste to many planets. 
That’s nice dear.
It won’t be dangerous. But I have the Sword of Elixir. And the Axe of Gonan.
So I cruises in there with the Porsche right. Pow trashes it. Takes them all out. Job's
a good one.
Going Code Red. 
Together we can defeat the Council of Galactic Elders.
Look. Get lost, ok?
No. No. No.