Kpop Music Mondays - U-Kiss "0330"

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This week's Music Monday is the Crazy Edition
With Bran New Kiss' 3:30 AM.
Isn't is 0330?
I don't really know. No one's really said it yet.
Maybe it's like "0 3 30 hundred hours"
So, first off, I said this before in the past,
I'm not really into ballads. But I do have to say
the piano part for the song is really catchy and extremely pretty
But the music video: it really, really confused us.
We actually had to watch it three or four times
before we could actually grasp the plot,
and even now I'm not to sure if we know fully what's happening.
So here's our guess: the video starts with a guy getting stuck
in a rainstorm but then running under and awning
and meeting the love of his life there.
Oh! Hey!
You're all wet!
Yeah, caught in the rain.
Here, take this.
Thank you! That's so nice of you.
Uhh, these are underwear.
So do you wanna go for a coffee?
It probably wasn't underwear.
Anyways, afterwards he goes to a coffee shop
with his love connection while all of his grumpy stalker friends
are grumpily stalking in the background.
Then he goes to a studio and starts playing the piano with her
while his lurking friends are still stalking
Now, don't they have anything better to do?
I mean, I've heard about being a third wheel,
but these guys are like the 7th wheel, come on now!
And there's even that one member of the band
who stares at him while he's sleeping.
Anyways, so all of his grumpy stalking friends
have gathered into one room to watch him talk on the phone
And then suddenly one of them...he can't take it no more!
He storms over to his happy friend
and he hangs up the phone call. That jerk!
But wait! The plot thickens...
That's when we learn the truth about why his friends are grumpy stalkers,
It turns out this guy is Captain Crazy pants
Going out to a coffee shop? Make it a solo espresso
You wanna play the piano?
You're playing the solo with your imaginary girlfriend
Who's that you're talking to on the phone, eh?
Is it your girlfriend? What's her name? What's her name?
So, if you don't have a girlfriend, and you're on the phone,
you're probably talking to a dial tone,
Get it? Get it? It's's a joke FORGET IT!
Anyways, turns out this guy has been imagining his girlfriend
this whole time, and his roommate can't take it anymore
and decides to intervene.
I can totally understand why. I mean, your roommate
having an imaginary girlfriend: that's gotta get pretty annoying.
Ah! Damn! You're so good at Mario Kart, girl!
Hahahaha! I love you!
Oh. Oh yeah.
I'm hoooome. MAX TIME!
Hey! Turn off the lights!
Baby, I'm so sorry! I didn't think he'd come home so soon,
Is that my pillow?
What do you think you're talking about?
I'm so sick of this! Give this to me!
Wait get your hands off of my girlfriend you filthy bastard!
Is this drool?
How dare you say that about her? NO! DIAL TONE! I'LL CALL YOU!
Seriously though: we're a bit confused about how the video wraps up.
I mean, we're not sure if his girlfriend actually broke up with him
or if she died, but either way your friend has a serious psychological problem
if he's imagining this girl with him when he's in public.
So, is it just us, or does this video wrap up
a little bit too neatly and a little bit too quickly?
I mean, the climax of the video is when they confront their friend, right?
They're like "dude, you're delusional! This girl doesn't exist!"
And everyone breaks down, and they're really really emotional,
And then suddenly, everyone starts, like, laughing together
and then they go up on the rooftop and they have a singalong.
Really? That seems a little bit too convenient for Captain Crazy pants,
I mean, you were just imagining a girl two minutes ago on the phone with you.
But..but what if...what if there's another possibility?
Now, we know that he has no girlfriend, but what if
he also has no friends? WHAT IF IT'S ALL A HUGE DELUSIONAL DREAM?
Who could be behind this? What mastermind could be some kind of a puppet master to these people?!
BUAHAHA! DO YOU KNOW ME? This is Mordney Present!
Oh yes! You might have forgotten about me from the last U-Kiss video,
But I have been planning my evil return these many, many months.
Oh yes! It is me! I am the puppet master!
Dance puppet dance! Muahahahaha!
Now, come to me my dial tone! Let us be alone toghether!
Oh yes! Oh yes that's nice! MAX TIME!
Now since this is a ballad, there isn't really like
a signature dance move for the song, except they kind of like
make fists and bring them into their chest emotionally
It's a little bit like JYJ's AYY GIRL but a lot slower.
As for the English of the song, we give this a
3 out of 5
Now their pronunciation is awesome. We even know that
some of them are fluent in English,
we're just confused as to why some of the lyrics are so bizarre,
like "Why did I turn on this love show?"
What does that even mean? How do you turn on a love show?
Is this like a TV Show or something? I don't know. I'm confused.
And, come on now: Don't deny our R squared Pi
You know it, and I know it:
this is like the weirdest thing we've heard all year.
I mean, don't get me wrong: I understand what he's trying to say,
Pi R Squared is the area of a circle,
So by saying "Dont deny our area of a circle"
He somehow means "don't deny our love"
and I understand that it's trying to be poetic,
but it's just.....CHEESY!
Math equations just don't belong in lyrics.
I call this next one, Cosine the Infinity of my Love
Give me two sides and the opposite angle from the star
That equals Half AB Sin C...into the depths of my heart!
Give me a right angle. What have you go to lose?
Baby, I'll whip out the length of my hypotenuse.
Thank you.
See what I mean? It makes for bad poetry.
But it's good math.
So as for the math of the song, we give this a 5 out of 5
Last week we asked you What's the Best Way to get Vengeance on a cheater?
By playing playful pranks in 4Minute's Heart to Heart,
or by FIRE MURDERRRRRRRRR in 2NE1's "Go Away"
And the winner was: 2NE1's Fire Murder.
Wow. You people are crazy. But surely you won't want to
murder someone via fire, right? Guys? Guys?
Anyways. I think Fire Murder is a pretty great name
for a heavy metal band if you ask me
For this week's Crazy Edition we ask you
who has totally lost their freaking mind.
Dong-Ho in "0330" or Kan Mi Yeon in "Going Crazy"
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