Yiruma - Live at HOAM Art Hall

Uploaded by MrJaoming on 06.10.2011

Greetings, this is Yiruma. Nice to meet you.
Today, I want you to listen to my performance comfortably.
I am playing in my room,
my room is smaller than this, by the way, haha.
I need to think like this to comfortably play the music.
So, you can just sit comfortably, it doesn't matter
to talk to friends next you unless you bother others:
"How do you like him?" "Sucks." like this. Haha.
I heard you start coughing, so let's not chat and I'll play
"One Day I Will" and "Do You."
I guess I was lost in music, haha.
Next song is, umm..
I honestly don't like playing this song,
but I'll do it for you,
called "Sometimes, Someone."
Sometimes, someone might think of me...
My theme is always about the same.
I am still in my twenties, which is time to fall in love a lot..
It feels weird to say like this, haha. (laugh)
And another song is called "Chaconne".
This also has the similar feeling.
In this music, I pictured a girl standing by the window,
thinking about someone, I wish it was me, and singing to herself.
I hope you imagine the scene as well.
I'll play "Sometimes, someone" and "Chaconne."
Thank you.
This time, I will play songs in my third album
and I want to give you the feeling of my room.
There's a song called "Yellow Room."
It is nicer on a clear day.
My bedroom in England has yellow wallpaper.
You all know by now, right?
It's the yellow striped wallpaper,
and I don't want to get out of my room
whenever I oversleep with the curtains closed
because the whole room turns yellow and it feels so warm.
So I want to play this song to you.
Another song is "Indigo."
Indigo indicates literally the color, dark blue.
I feel like many people here are wearing indigo clothes.
I like indigo color;
I like indigo socks and indigo un.. underwear (laugh) as well.
I wanted to express the image after love ends.
You haven't loved someone yet, have you? Haha. (laugh)
So, I will play "Yellow Room" and "Indigo."
Thank you,
you are still here, haha. (laugh)
I'm always worried when part 1 is over.
I feel like everyone will disappear after part 1
or pretend to go to bathroom and exit. (laugh)
I just played (mispronounced) "It's Your Day." ....PLAYED(again)
It means today is your day.
Although I am standing here,
please regard me as someone who writes in his diary instead of a musician.
Every single one of my music is a diary. There are some writings on my album jacket
all of which come from my diary.
I am an ordinary person. I am, right? (laugh)
It's an ensemble this time, with a string quartet.
Please welcome. (applause). Come in.
Thank you.
The song I will play with the quartet
is "I" and with cello "Passing By."
"I" is currently in the Japanese soundtrack of "Winter Sonata"
so many Japanese know this some.
I will play "I" and "Passing By."
Thank you.
I will introduce the string quartet members.
Mr. Lee Ui-guen the first violin,
Ms. Kim On-yu the second violin,
Mr. Byun Jung-in the viola,
and Ms. Jung Se-eun the cello.
I feel much more comfortable when I play together than when I play alone
because I feel like building together. This team has always helped me,
but the viola player is leaving for Germany tomorrow.
All of them are smart, pretty, and hansom, aren't they?
From now on, I will play "Small Steps" and
"All Myself To you" with this quartet.
"All Myself To You" is from "Doggy Poo" album.
It means I will give you everything including myself.
It is impossible for anybody to give himself to someone else unless he is God.
But I think we can at least try.
There are violin and cello solo parts in this music,
violin represents me and cello represents my parents
I became what I am today due to their support.
Now I will play "Small Steps" and "All Myself To You."
Please give them a clap again.
Ah... I got lonely, haha.
There are two songs left.
Seems like it's been so long since we began.
Do you think so?
Who just said yes?
All right, I'll wrap it up quickly.
This music, "Love Me,"
I haven't played this for a long time since last year.
The word "love me" is my favorite.
The other music is called "Wait There".
I am going back to England,
and I hope you miss me and wait for me.
I think waiting and longing for someone is the same thing.
We long for somebody because we wait for him/her,
and wait for him/her because we long for him/her.
Is this weird? Haha.
So please miss my music.
I think this third album will be my last piano album.
I don't know what kind of music my next album will be,
still I will be the same person and my heart will be the same as well.
I'm afraid I have to wrap up this concert with "Love Me" and "Wait There."
Ending is always sad but that makes you want to see me again,
doesn't it? Oh, it doesn't?
I'll play "Love Me" and "Wait There."
I really hate pretense
but I had to pretend to get out.
Of course there is an encore.
You just stopped clapping.
Just kidding.
Are you okay with it?
Why are you there? Come down.
I will sing this time.
Can I sit? (Yes!)
I felt many things from this tour.
Although Korea is not a good environment for concert music, many people came to see me.
It is very meaningful, and I will remember this when I go back to England.
So I will come back quickly.
Someone says I will be there for six years, but that's absolutely not true.
Maybe six months, haha.
So, no more chatting.
I will play songs named "Just For A While" and "Autumn Leaves," because I'm thinking of coming back in late fall.
I really like this song. I play this when my friends ask me to play something at a bar.
Do you know this? Really? It is a chanson.
I'm sorry.
I should've learned French if I had known this.
I'll play "Just For A While" and "Autumn Leaves."