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There are chances of a war like situation..
I am also called at the headquarters.
The more you sweat in peace..
..the less you bleed in war.
We are goin to face war, anytime now.
Create a new air base there.
Hail India, Sir.
Sir, two JCO's and 32 OR's are aready for firing.
The brave soldiers of Punjab Regiment..
Today, is the day we have been waiting for a very long time..
The orders are here.
Company would go to Rajasthan on an advance post.
Every bullet you fire...
would be engraved with your enemy's name on it.
So soldiers, lets see, how the bullet gets through.
Hello Pappa. - Hello.
This is Preeti speaking.
Yes dear, how are you? Is everything fine?
Nothing is fine, Pappa.
Why? What happened dear?
He is been sent to the border.
And? - A war has been declared.
I am worried, Pappa.
Please stop his transfer.
You are politically well connected.
Huh! You have to do this, Pappa.
Alright dear. There is nothing to worry.
I will stop his transfer.
There is nothing to worry, dear.
I have stopped Kuldeep's transfer.
No he will not go for the war.
I will send him to the headquarters at Delhi.
I have heard whatever you said, and i have understood it very well.
Now you have to understand me..
If you stop my transfer.. then for the daughter whose happiness.. bothering you so much.. I will leave her.
Kuldeep dear.
1,2, 1. 1, 2, 1. 1, 2, 1.
1,2, 1. 1, 2, 1. 1, 2, 1.
1,2, 1. 1, 2, 1. Walk backward.
Walk backward.
Bring chairs.
You...What did you tell Pappa?
The same that you heard.
You had made a promise on Deepu, that you will never leave me.
I did.
So will you break the promise?
What if something happens to my child?
Let it happen.
Don't you forget , that I too had made a promise when I was commissioned in the army.
When I was born on this land of India, even then I had made a promise.
I had made a promise on this land.
..On which I grew up from a kid to a young man.
I had also taken an oth on those Himalayas..
..which is protecting the borders of my country since the last 5000 years.
I had taken an oath on the 50,000 billion people..
..who, like me, were born on this land.
Kuldeep can sacrifice his child for them any time.
Forgive me Kuldeep.
Your love had made me helpless.
Life without you, would be worse than death..
..thinking of which I had called Pappa.
What if something happens to you at the war?
Silly! nothing would happen to me.
Yours and Deepu's love wouldn't let anything happen to me.
I will be back in a piece.
This is my promise.
Rinku Bajwa. - Major Kuldeep.
How is that Sir?
The border outpost must have been readied by the BSf already.. just have to go and take charge.
We have all the problems.
Have to start from the basics..
..and we have no idea, how much tuime we have.
Seeing at the situation of East Pakistan..i feel..
..they will open the Westren Front.
Sir, you were sayin that Pakistan would open their Western Front.. then we will be the one's closing it.
They will fire the first bullet and the last would be fired by us.
But I don't think that, with the AirForce present... would need to fire any bullets.
Major Sir, in today's date.. the decision of victory in a war..
..depends on the strenght of the Air Force.
Sir, but my army is standing with its broadened chest..
But we are the invaders.
We will be the first to attack them.
Sir, whether the Army or the Airforce is more important...
..there is no end to this debate.
Both of us should only understand that..
An orchad looks beautiful only with flowers of different colours..
..and frangrances... Single flowers donot..
..make the orchad beautiful.
Woow, Major Sir, Single flowers donot.. ..make the orchad beautiful.
Good one.
There is an emergency, Mathuradas.
All the leaves have been cancelled.
And still we have sent your leave application... the Brigadier's headquarters.
Whatever the decision is, you will be informed.
Mathuradas, who just left, is from your Company.
He needs leave as there is an emergency.
The one who runs towards his house..
...when the war is declared.. has no right to stay in this army.
He says his wife is ill.
She has cancer.
Then give him a leave forever, Sir.
He can sit at his wife's foot.
Now go and manage the post at Longewala.
Relieve the Border Security Force posted there.
One hundred and twenty men from the Company...
..are waiting for you outside.
Mere one hundred twenty soldiers, would mange the Longewala post?
And six hundred men will mange the Sadewala post.
Six hundred soldiers for the Sadewala post?
And only one hundred twenty for us?
That is because, if the enemy tries to open the new frontier..
..then they will try to enter through the Sadewala post.
They had enetered from here in the war of 1965.
So you think they will repeat their mistakes again?
Or will they ask us, before the attack..
..from where should they enter?
The enmy wouldn't do as we say.
But atleast you can.
Go take care of your post.
You very well know that the policy making and strategies..
..are done at the headquarters.
Not in our office.
Come, lets meet your men.
Company, Attention!
Company, Don't Move!
Hail India, Sir.
Four JCO's, Sisty-two Other Ranks are present in the parade, Mister.
Company, Don't Move!
Sir, you didn't tell me there is a kid..
between the one hundred and ..twenty soldiers.
You are right, Sir.
I am a kid. My father too was a kid when he enetered the army.
But he was such a loving kid.. in the 1965 war..
...God took in in his lap.
Your father's name?
Major Veer Bhan.
Subehdar, mount the Company.
I knew Major Veer Bhan, very well.
I can't say he was my friend, as he was my senior.
But our relationship was no less than friendship.
How is your Mother?
She is alright. But she can't see.
Can't see? - The eyesight washed away with the tears.
Sir, where have you thrown us?
There is nothing to be seen here. This is a dessert.
Don't crib, atleast you have a runway.
Now create an operational base.
Lets see who our neighbour's are.
If I am what I am, then what am I?
If you are you, then what are you!
Look, the army is here to takover our post.
Which unit is this?
I can see a Sardar, which means it could be a unit from Punjab.
Hail Mother India. - Hail.
Where is your Commanding Officer? - He is gone for patrolling.
Send him a message on the wireless..
..that we have come to takeover the post.
Sir... Sir.
There is a message for you Sir. - Message.
The army is already at the Longewala post.
They have called for you, Sir.
Really? I was sleeping soundly, Santram.
How can sleep on the sand, in the entire night, without any qualms?
This land is not called 'Mother' just like that, Santram.
There is a soothing affect in her arms.
When she sees the child is about to sleep...
..she pull ove a blanket of sand on him.
Lets go.
You must have already received the orders?
The BSF's Company would go to the Khutaru post.
Captain, you must be very familiar with this area, isn't it?
Like the garden of my house, Sir.
And may be that is why, the headquarters has ordered me..
..and other three men.. would stay with you at this post.
This request was from the Army Headquarters.
Sir, do tell them to light a lamp at the temple of the Goddess.
Sir, do you see that, temple of Goddess there?
My colleagues want you to light the lamp there everyday.
A lamp would be lighted there everyday..
..and prayers would also be performed everyday.
Sir, they belive that, if you do this..
..then the Goddess will protect this post.
Kartara Singh, do you understand? - Yes Sir.
Company Mount!
Hail the Goddess. - Hail.
Put it. From there..
Yes, pick it up. Ok Quick.
Pick it up. Yes.
Subhedaar. - Yes Sir.
Ask the soldiers to fill water from the well. - Alright Sir.
Soldiers fetch water from the well.
Bantya... bring the bucket.
Bring it, I am very thirsty.
Wait. - I will have bath.. - Wait.
My body weigth has increased. - Wait.
Lets drink water, together.
Wait, I am coming too.
No one will touch the water.
Look, let me fecth the water first, for cooking.
After that you can have bath or even jump in to this well.
Bhagiram, are you giving us this order? - Yes.
In my presence? - Yes.
Do you know who are you talking to?
I know it. You are an Officer.
Two I.C. Whatever you would say, will be obeyed.
But I will surely tell you this...
Food makes an army, the army doesn't make food.
History says, that without food , no army moves ahead.
You are just a cook, but you talk big things.
Don't feel bad Sir.
Bhagiram must be rigid, but he cooks for us lovingly.
Colonel's and General's ignore whatever he says.
Why wont they ignore? They have all reached to the..
..higher ranks, by eating the food cooked by Bhagiram.
Sir, try the food I cook.. will progress.
Come Masti. - Come Bhagiram.
Subhedar Ratan Singh. He too is here to die.
Only two RCL guns?
They think the enemy had only two tanks?
Why two? Let it be hundreds...
You don't have to fear when Ratan Singh is here.
Ratan Singh, don't give away your hands and legs to them.
Why not Sir? If I get an oppurtunity..
I will put my head on the canon mouth....and will shut..
..the cannon.
Ratan Sigh will never change.
Like always you must be hungry?
I am so hungry,Sir... that I will eat you the..
..enemy tanks like I eat tandoor.
You can go. Bhagiram is waiting for you.
Greetings Bhagiram.
Oh! you are in big trouble, Bhagiram.
You hit on head, when you saw me? - Yes.
Why? You didn't like me coming here is it?
Is this friendship a pain for you?
I was thinking..
That the Indian army, has some problems with me..
..whichever Company I go to... your posting is done at the same Company.
Bhagiram, the force has nothing to do here.
Show your horoscope to a good astrologer.
His name must be associated with your the unlucky stars?
The unlucky stars have no comparison...
This the ' Lord of Sleep', who is visting my horoscope.
after becoming a star after his death.
Is this the result of such long years of friendship..
Let the friendship go to hell.
No I will roast the bread on the pan.
Mastiram.. - Yes Sir.
Till date you have cooked food for 120 people right? - Yes.
Tommorow onwards... Why tommorow, today onwards...
...cook for 130 people.
Where have 10 people come from?
10 people! Don't you see them?
He is only one.
1 . 2. - Wait
3, 4,5,6,7,8,9,10. - No.
Oh my friend Ratan Singh. - Oh Bhagiram, my friend.
How far is the border from here? - Its just 16 kms, Sir.
Are the villages close to the border friendly?
They were once upon a time.
But during the war of 1965, some people have crossed the border.
They are relatives of the people staying at the village.
Some of them are informers, Sir.
Dharamveer, start a full-scale checking of the village tommorow onwards.
If required.
This and this, these are not proper roads.
..which comes from boder pillar number 635 and 638.
I want to see these well as the border pillars. - Sure Sir.
We can see Pakistan's post and its territory can also be seen.
Ratan Singh, prepare to leave for the border, tommorow morning.
That is Pillar number 635.
Bent down Sir.
Don't keep standing. The enemy snippers are always alert.
What kind of craziness is this, Sir? Stop him.
Sir, someone is coming.
Kudabaksh, is this Indian officer out of his mind?
Sir, if I have your orders, I can finish him now. - No.
Love and madness have an age old relationship.
Looks like the Major has love for this country.. much as I love the sand of this dessert.
Then he too will be given the bravery award someday.
My father too had got it.
He too was a victim of such madness.
He left me a bravery award and a blind mother.
Shall I ask you something, if you don't get offended?
Ask me. - Isn't there a little difference between bravery and madness?
The thing that you all madness, is born out of belief.
And my only belief is that, life and death are in the hands of God.
And my God is not with my enemy, but with me.
Because I always live in his shade.
Major, these villagers are at utmost danger.
Because the way,to travel goes through their village.
Sir, the Pakistani's are on the wireless.
On our frequency?
They want to tell you something.
Yes tell me. This is Kuldeep Singh.
Kuldeep Singh Janpuri, we know that you are here.
You are posted at the Longewala,with 23 Punjab.
We were waiting for you.
Maybe your death has been written at the Longewala.
If you want to escape death, then run away from the post.
You will not be spared by us. If you die..
...your wife would remarry.
..What will happen to your kid?
You can only talk shoddy things.
Be a man, and come face me.
And then you will know, what a man Kuldeep Singh is.
..or he has come as your death.
Don't try to step on our land...
There is no place in Longewala to make such a big graveyard.
And about my son.. shoddy people... he can be your father. Father.
Sir.. let those scoundrels come.
We will make a graveyard for them, Sir. For sure.
Sir, this information must be given by the villagers to the Pakistani's..
...who keep travelling between the borders.
Sir, there is fire at the ruins.
Don't who these people are.. and what have they been doin in this area.
What's the matter Sir?
Who are you people?
We are travellers, Sir. We have to go to Tanod... visit my Goddess.
Sir, they say that they are going Tanod to visit the Goddess.
Where are you coming from? - Dungra village.
I had brought bread.. so thought of eating some...
..and then take a little rest. The camels too can rest a little.
Nothing Sir.
Eat your food.
Sir. Do you see the grass layed infront of the camel?
Gurnaam. Torch.
This grass is green.
And in this dessert there is no green grass to be found. Yes.
But such grass is found in Pakistan..across the border.
He must have seen death for the first time, Sir.
Then tell him to get habituated.
He can't be the son of Major Veer Bhan Singh.
How can he kill the enemy, when he vomits on seeing their blood.
You cannnot win the battles, by becoming a matyr..
by dieing at the hands of the enemies.
You have to kill them to win the battle.
Hey, take it backwards from there.
Rafiq, I had seen a movie.
In which..when villian sees a gun in the hero's hands..
..he says this is not a toy gun, baby.
Bullet Romeo, I had sent..
NMG and guns..
..for some purpose.. Has the purpose been served?
What is the matter Lietunant? You are not sleepy yet?
Juliet Romeo, when I had gone there today morning..
..when enquired.. I discovered that NSg and both the guns have been repaired.
I am sending the NSG to you but for the guns..
Did your father die in the war of 1965?
Because he was in the army.
Do you really think, that the Indian Army... responsible for the death of your father?
Then why did you join the army?
My father had compelled me to promise that..
..I should join the army.
Why did he make you promise?
Because the love for the nation was the true love of his life.
And for the same love, he chained me in this uniform.
Placed a gun in my hand, to kill the opponent soldier.
The same soldier, like me, could be a son of some mother.
The same soldier, who I have never seen in my life.
Who has not troubled me in any way...
I wouldn't even know his name.
Why? For what?
Because, if you don't kill him, he will kill you to death.
He will walk on your dead body and step on the...
..chest of your motherland.
And this free motherland..
..would be in the chains of slavery again.
We never eye on anyone's land.
But...we are noth such useless children, Sir.
That we keep watching, when someone eyes on our motherland.
Your eyes should be on the enemy..
Your eyelids shouldn't batter too.
Forget about such serious things. Dharamveer, you are young.. Officer too. Your Mother must have already..
..searched agirl for you.
Did you see her?
Did you like her? - Surprisingly, she liked me.
Now you are in my control. Tell me, what happened and how?
What should have happened? I returned my village after the commission.
The bus stopped and...
Aunt, he is here.
He is here.
Aunt, he is here.
Are you telling the truth? - I make a promise on the goddess.
What's in my feet? Come embrace me.
Come embrace me, my child.
Come embrace me, it will soothe me.
..and all the sense in my body will bless you.
How are you?
You have started shaving? My child has grown up.
How much ever I grow up, I will still be a kid for you.
You seem to be weak.
Doesn't the Army, feed you?
He looks fit an fine to me, Aunt.
You know nothing.
A mother's hands can see, what your eyes can't.
Alright Aunt. Don't worry. I wouldn't put an evil eye on your son.
I have already eyed at him.
What are you saying? I understand nothing.
Good you don't understand anything, Mother.
Shall we go?
Hey what are doing? - Oh common.
Aunt, my mother and father are here too.
Congratulations Sister, our Dhramveer is now an Officer.
Congratulations to you too.
May you live long - May you live long, son.
Hearty congratulations, Sister.
I thank God, that Veer Bhan's hous eis filled with happiness again.
May God, make Dharaveer a groom soon.
I will make tea.
Take this.
I have had enough mangoes..
...but this is the best of all.
This has the juice of love, in it.
Alright, I will go and set the tandoor.
Son, you can go after, having the food.
Dear, you people continue to eat, I will go visit the farm.
What are you doing? Hey.
What are you doing? - Why did you pour the mango juice on me?
You are eating the mango, forgetting about everything else in the world. - Why
Don't you realise, there is someone else around you?
Why? Don't you like mangoes? - No I don't.
So what do you like? - Shall I say.. - Yes.
Shall I say? - Yes.
Second Lietenant Dharamveer.
Mother........ - Kamo... Kamo come back.
Mother. - Kamo, I am coming.
Kamo.. Come back.
"My beloved, like pearls."
"My beloved, like pearls."
"My beloved, like pearls."
"Since the time I have fallen in love."
"This world has turned beautiful."
"Since the time I have fallen in love."
"This world has turned beautiful."
"Since the time I have fallen in love."
"The beautiful scenes, have embrace the fog."
"The river is quiet, and so is its strand."
"There is a small boat and us."
"We move ahead with the help of the waves."
"Our companionship, has turned beautiful."
"This world has turned beautiful."
"Since the time I have fallen in love."
"On the bylanes, near the farm."
"I walk holding your hands."
"Is it themelting evening or the sun's gold."
"But I only keep looking at you."
"The condition of my heart has become strange."
"This world has turned beautiful."
"Since the time I have fallen in love."
"This world has turned beautiful."
"Since the time I have fallen in love."
"My beloved,like pearls."
"My beloved,like pearls."
"My beloved,like pearls."
"My beloved,like pearls."
"My beloved,like pearls."
"My beloved,like pearls."
You have arrived son? - Yes mother.
What are you knitting? - My wedding headgear for my Son.
Wedding headgear?
For my wedding? - Who else?
I have no one apart from you.
But have you found some girl for me?
What is there to see? There is only one..
..who is on all our minds.
Whos is that? - Who else?
Our darling, Kamo.
That girl, with her nose held high? - What?
That girl, with her nose held high, I will not marry her.
What are you saying?
You heard me, mother.
This can't be. You have to get married to Kamo.
And my decision is that, I will not get married to her.
Hey! Why are you getting agitated? Whats wrong with Kamo?
You don't see anything wrong in her. How can a ill-mannered,
..illiterate girl, become a wife of and Army Officer?
Hey! Why are you breaking the vessels in the house?
What are you mad at? - Wouldn't I get mad?
I have been repeating, that I don't like that girl.
And you are being stubborn for Kamla.
Don't do this son.
Kamo and her family have been..
..dreaming to accept you as their son-in-law.
I cannot ruin my life for someone's dreams.
I don't want to be stubborn.
I will go to Chaudhary Sir, and apoligise, with joining hands.
They have been hoping.. since you both were kids..
I don't know if they would forgive me or not.
Where are you going Mother? - Leave.
I was joking.
Are you saying the truth? - Yes Mother, I was only kidding.
Do you like Kamla? - Yes Mother.
Very much. - Live long, my son.
I will get the both of you engaged tommorow.
Dharamveer. Son. I have heard the news on the radio.
The war has been declared at the border.
Emergency has been called.
The leaves of all the soldiers has been canceled.
And they have been called back.
What happened? Why did the music stop?
Sing. - You all can to your houses.
Hey! where are you going?
Dharam. Son.
Son, why are they going back?
Be seated Mother. - Where is Kamo? - Sit.
What happened? Tell me what has happened?
Mother, my leaves have been cancelled.
I have to go.
Where? - There is going to be a war at the border.
Son, won't you wear the head gear?
The head gear is incomplete. Knit it.
I will wear it, when I am back.
No. I won't let you go.
Don't be stubborn, Mother. You know I can't wait..
..even if I want to.
Son, think. Have pity on your mother.
Now my eyes have no strenght.. wait for you.
And I have no tears...which.. could be shed thinking of you. No.
Don't make my path difficult, Mother.
I have to go.
I have to go. - No.
I have to go. - No.
I have to go. - No. I won't let you go.
I won't let you go.
I won't let you go.
I won't let him go.
I won't let him go.
I will stop him.
I won't let him go.
No. I won't let him go.
I won't let him go.
No. I won't let him go.
I will stop him.
I won't let him go.
Kamo. What are you doing here?
You thought of leaving, without informing anybody, Right?
But I had decided to see you leaving.
So that I can see you here, when you return.
Would you mind if I walk with you to the bus stand?
Come. - No. I won't let him go.
I won't let him go. I will stop him.
I want to tell you something.
Tell me.
Kamo, if I never come back.. should get married to someone else.
You are laughing!
I reminded of something. Once I had gone to Agra..
...there a mad man on the road was behaving weird..
..sometimes he used to turn back..
..then he would look straight and close eyes with both his hands.
And slowly he would look on both the sides.
Then he would sit on the ground furiously, and start hitting the ground.
He turned to the left. He turned to the right.
Sometimes forward and sometimes backward.
Then he would start running and then take a pause.
He would turn back, a lie down.
He would then get up with a force, and start spinning himself.
Do you know what was he doing?
He was trying to run away from his shadow.
I am your shadow.
You cannot escape from me.
I will leave now.
Take care of yourself.
I had no courage to turn back and take a look at her.
Her eyes must have followed the bus, Right?
You have heard my story..
..won't you tell me your's?
The same old story, about a king and a queen.
I am a Langra Rajput.
This part of the earth, was ruled by my ancestors.
I am sitting with a king!
My youth called out for love...
And love called out Phool Kawal.
She is the daughter of a nobleman of the neighboring village.
She came into my house, as my bride.
I can't forget my nupital night.
Sir, there is an order for you, from the headquarters.
Infront of my eyes was my bride.
And the call of motherland, in my hands.
Alright. We will leave for the border in the morning.
What is the matter? People from BSF at this hour of night?
Oh them? They had come to congratulate... for the wedding, on behalf of the battalion.
Would someone be upset, at being congratualated?
Don't they say, Why are you crying? My face is like that.
Look, don't talk anything bad about my husband.
"Hey passing moments, wait for a while."
"Hey passing moments, wait for a while."
"I will come along, let me meet her for a little while."
"I just want to tell her, the one thing in my heart."
"Then i will leave."
"Then i will leave."
"Hey passing moments, wait for a while."
"The softness of her face."
"Her cloudy tresses."
"The light of lamp in her eyes."
"The border lines of her lips."
"The softness of her face."
"Her cloudy tresses."
"The light of lamp in her eyes."
"The border lines of her lips."
"All these are her charms."
"Before I leave, in my breath, my eyes."
"In my dreams, my thoughts."
"And in this heart, let me hide her."
"Then i will leave."
"Then i will leave."
"Hey passing moments, wait for a while."
"Wherever I be my love, I take a promise on my life."
"There could distance, but our love wouldn't decrease."
"Wherever I be my love, I take a promise on my life."
"There could distance, but our love wouldn't decrease."
"The one I love, the one I worship."
"Let me look at her, let me touch her."
"Let me talk a little, let me take her in my arms."
"Let me kiss the moonlike forehead."
"Then i will leave."
"Then i will leave."
"Hey passing moments, wait for a while."
"I will come along, let me meet her once."
"I just want to tell her, the one thing in my heart."
"Then i will leave."
"Then i will leave."
What if we don't go back?
Trust me Bhairav Singh.
We will surely go back.
What will God answer to Phool Kawal and..
...Kamal's youth?
Sir, some Pakistani informer.
In our frequency?
The one'e which are here, are placed in the left.
Can you trace him?
As far as I know, he has to be withing the radius of 10 kilometres..
..towards the west.
I don't know, where is he going Sir.
Bring the jeep. - Alright Sir.
Yes, that way, Sir.
He must be close to those houses, Sir.
Keep sending me all the news, on time.
Informer number 20.. There are approximately...
..120 Indian soldiers... here at Longewala.
Leave me, Sir. That man is already dead.
He is dead.
Didn't you ask me, to get habituated?
Now I am habituated.
Looks like some villager has been injured.
Not injured but dead. - Give the body to his family members.
If he is an orphan, then soldiers can bury him.
Who is he? - He was..
...informer to our enemies.
Who killed him Sir?
Kids grow up, playing with the toys.
Alpha1 to Delta 1. Is the area near border pillar, clear?
Delta 1 to Alpha1. Yes it is.
There has been no activites by the enemy.
Are the Pakistani's crazy to come here, crossing the border.
They will go to Punjab or Kashmir, where there is happiness and greenery.
When the leopard is in danger, it runs towards the city.
Where is the city here?
There is only wilderness in this dessert for miles.
Where a man eats up sand, even if he is not willing to.
Hey! however the land is, it belongs to us.
That is alright, but is there on this land?
It gives birth to these thorny shrubs or scopions.
You might not be knowing.. this land given birth to a tiger too.
A tiger built on sand is worth the sand.
No. They are the tigers who bury others into the sand.
What are you trying to say?
If you weren't a Subhedaar at the Army...
..I would have explained it to you pretty well.
Here. I am not a Subhedaar anymore.
What did you wanted to explain to me?
My hands speak better than my mouth.
This is a desserted land?
You abuse my motherland. Huh!
You abuse my mother? Desserted?
Sir, he has abused my Mother.
This land is my Mother, Sir.
And this scoundrel says its desserted.
This gives birth only to thorny shrubs and scorpions.
I ask you Sir.
Don't the children love their Mother, even if she is ugly?
Don't they respect her?
He has abused my Mother.
He abused my Motherland.
Mathuradas, ask forgiveness from Bhairav Singh.
Bhairav Singh, embrace him like your brother.
Common, Well done!
We are tired waiting for the enemies.
Sir, why didn't you get married?
I had thought of flying like a free bird.
But i met this girl, who never bowed down to anyone.
Its alright to not have faith in God, but you hate the name too.
Yes. I hate all those things , which man has created for his own benefits.
..and God is one of them.
There must be some thing or power that you might bow down too.
Not at all. I don't bow down infront of anyone.
Forget about God, but I will make you bow down in front of human beings like us.
You will teach me?
Wanna bet?
But one cup. We will share it.
Alright. At 800 hrs you will stand at a place for five minutes.
I don't bow in front of anyone. - Sir, what happened?
Is this a way to make someone bow?
But atleast you have bow down infront of someone.
Anyone can bow down, with the fear of death.
It must be fear... you can call fear as God.
He won't feel bad.
Saying sorry wouldn't make a difference.
I made her bow down.. but I too had to bow down.
I decided to marry her.
If you come for the wedding procession, then you will have to dance.
Absolutely Sir.
Look I have brougth you a headgear for your wedding.
Dharamveer. Son.
The army has started its movements.
Now the war is not too far.
We don't have to wait for the enemy any longer.
You understand everything Sir.
But atleast tell us, when will the war begin?
The enemy is neither coming forward, nor sparing are lives.
Gururaam, calm down.
We have been staying here for months, Sir.
We are distraught.
Whatever has to happen, let it happen.
If the enemy isn't coming forward, let them be.
Let us go ahead. - Nothing is in our hands, Bhariram Singh.
You take your positions.
Hail India, Sir. - Hail India
Is everything fine?
Subhedaar Sir, has leave been sanctioned?
What problem is it Mathuradas, that you need to go home urgently?
The problem is that, my wife is dieing at the hands of cancer.
There is no one to take care of my child.
We have been decaying here since months.
There are no letters too.
I understand your feelings, Mathuradas.
The postman is here.
The letters are here.
Common all, the letters have arrived.
Letters. - Common.
Take your letters.
Where is my letter?
Mandeep Singh.
Commmandant Bhairav Singh.
Subhedaar Atal Singh.
Umesh. - Its my Aunt's letter.
Mangal Singh. Gyan Singh.
Surinder Singh.
Soldier Kartar Singh.
Luitenant Mangal Singh.
Hari Singh, look my brother Nanu has passed in his exams.
Mastram. - Yes. - What is this? - A letter.
You tell me. - A letter. - Both are wrong.
Have you ever seen me so happy? - No.
Soldiers, my leave has been sanctioned.
I am going home.
Hariram Singh, what is the time?
What is the time? - 1: 45 p.m.
Oh its time for the train. Goodbye.
Ranjit brother, my leave has been sanctioned. Going home.
Do you want to say something to your father?
Tell him everything is fine. - Alright.
Goodbye. - Goodbye.
Manjeet. Lets shake hands. leave has been sanctioned. I am going home.
Good, atleast someone's leave has been sanctioned.
You can sit with a grin.
I am going home.
Sukhdev. I am going home.
Should I tell convey your regards to your family member?
Tell them to keep writting letters. - Alright.
Good. - Goodbye, I am leaving.
Ratan Singh, my leave has been sanctioned.
That's good. You have got the leave.
Go and take care of your wife.
Mathuradas... are happy that you are going home.
..but the ridulous dance of happiness that you have been...
..performing infront of your brothers...
..doesn't look good.
Your leave has been sanctioned, only beacuse you have problems at home.
Who in this world doesn't have a problem?
Problem is the other name of life.
Tell me.
One of our brothers among us..
..whose mother is a widow and can't see, too.
And her only son... lost in the dust of this dessert.
There is someone, who's dead Mother's ashes..
..are waiting to be drowned at the holy river..
..once her son wins the battle.
Somone's father is counting his last breath.
And he rufes to go with the death saying...
..the one who should perform my last rites is at the border.
If all of them, took leaves giving ...
..more importance to their problems..
How will we win the war?
Tell me. How will we win the war?
Mathuradas, before I shoot you, taking you as a traitor.. away from here.
Sir is right.
Major Sir is like a coconut.
Soft from the iniside and hard outside.
Bhagiraam. - Yes tell me.
Why did you go to collect the letter?
Who is going to write to you?
You said you had no one.
Useless! this too is my family. - That is right.
Not related by blood, but a realtion of love. - Yes.
When they receive letters..
..some shed tears and some smile.
I too cry with them, and smile with them.
Rest everything is fine. Amazing.
What is the matter? Why are you laughing?
Is it your wife's letter?
Its her. But its a amazing one. Would you like to hear?
Is it something very intimate? - No.
Not that. She writes, the Uncle at Karnal passed away, rest is fine.
The cow delivered a calf, which died during its birth..
Rest is fine.
Its been four days Munni has been suffering with fever..
Bablu fall of a horse carriage, the bones of his hands have broken..
Rest is fine.
My boy has turned four. - Really?
You know what toy he wants me to bring for him? - What?
He says 'Father bring me an enemy tank, when you come back'.
We will play with it together.
What has your son written? His hand-writting is really good.
He writes very well too.
He writes.. that our teacher says...
..people just like us.. stay across the border.
They wear clothes, similar to us.
They talk similar language.
Father, if this is the truth, then why do they have to fight with us?
Father, do come home, as soon as the war finishes.
I miss you a lot.
Dear Dharamveer, I haven't received any letter..
..from you, since you have left.
Are you mad at me? Let the whole world be upset with... but not you.
Or I will be upset with my life.
I had been to your house.
Mother is doing fine.
She is sad. Keep counting the days of yor arrival.
And keeps knitting, the wedding headgear.
I have told her.. That your son will come..
..only to my house wearing the wedding headgear.
Your's, Kamla.
Mister Ratan Singh. The roof of the house has fallen.
Whenever we try to mend it, the cyclone hits back.
There isn't any place to hide during the snowfall.
If you take leaves and come as soon as possible..
..then the house will have a new roof and we will get our son.
Your Mother says, she wants to see you happy before she dies.
You are doing your duty, by serving the nation..
..but are the only support to your parents.
Write to us, when will you come.
Masti. - Yes.
Give it. - Take it brother.
What's the news Bhairav Singh?
Tears in the eys of a tiger?
This is out of happiness.
Happiness? What is the news? Tell it to me too.
Its my wifes letter, Bhagiram.
I am going to be a father.
Masti, lets make special food for the Company, today.
And make sweet balls too. - And yes I will serve alcohol.
Sir, you will have a son.
I too will taste it today.
"The messages arrive."
"They make us yearn."
"When letter comes, its asks us."
"When will you come home?"
"When will you come home?"
"Write to us, When will you come home?"
"The house is desserted, without you."
"The messages arrive."
"They make us yearn."
"When letter comes, its asks us."
"When will you come home?"
"When will you come home?"
"Write to us, When will you come home?"
"The house is desserted, without you."
"My parmour, my beloved."
"Has written to me, and asked me." - What has she asked?
"Someone's breath, someone's heart beats."
"Someones' bangles."
"Somone's kohl, the flower on somone's hair."
"The fragrant morning, the exciting evenings."
"Lonely nights, incomplete talks."
"The yearning arms."
"And the yearning eyes ask me."
"When will you come home?"
"When will you come home?"
"Write to us, When will you come home?"
"My heart is lonely without you."
"The messages arrive."
"They make us yearn."
"When letter comes, its asks us."
"When will you come home?"
"When will you come home?"
"Write to us, When will you come home?"
"The house is desserted without you."
"People in love, our friends."
"Have written to us, they have asked us."
"Our village, the shade of the mango tree."
"The old Banyan tree, the clouds ready to shower."
"The farms, the green ground."
"The flowers of the spring, the happy creepers."
"The swinging swings, the dancing flowers."
"The blossoming buds."
"And the lanes of the village asks too."
"When will you come home?"
"When will you come home?"
"Write to us, When will you come home?"
"The village is desserted without you."
"The messages arrive."
"They make us yearn."
"When letter comes, its asks us."
"When will you come home?"
"When will you come home?"
"Write to us, When will you come home?"
"The house is desserted without you."
"Sometimes of motherhood, the river of love."
"The letter comes and brings along."
"The days of my childhood, the games in my courtyard."
"The shade of her stole, the dot of kohl."
"The lullaby in the night, the warmth in her hands."
"The love in her eyes, the worry in her talks."
"Angry outside, but love in the inside."
"That is how the Mother Goddess is."
"This is what my mother asks me in every letter."
"When will you come home?"
"When will you come home?"
"Write to us, When will you come home?"
"The garden is desserted, without you."
"Hey! passing wind, tell me."
"Will you do a little work for me?"
"Go to my village, and greet my friends."
"That lane in my village."
"Where stays my beloved."
"Give her a goblet of my love."
"A little ahead from there, is my house."
"My old mother stay in my house."
"Touch the feet of my Mother, and give her the regards of her son."
"Hey! passing wind."
"My friends." - "My beloved."
"Give my message to my Mother."
"Go and give her this message."
"I will be back."
"In my village." - "In its shade."
"From my mother's stole." - "The Banyan tree at the village."
"From someone's kohl."
"I will fulfill the promise I made."
"I will be back, one day"
"I will be back, one day"
"I will be back, one day"
"I will be back, one day"
"I will be back, one day"
Sir, there is a message from the command.
Friends, the enemy has attacked us.
You vaccate the villages. The attack has been made.
How can we take care of the civilians and the post simultaneously?
I am giving you this duty, because you know their language.
Without a doubt.
Dharamveer, You go to the border pillar.
Report to me about the enemy activities.
Ratan Singh, alert the soldiers.
And ready the post for the war. - Not to worry, Sir.
Come, lets march till the pillar.
Come, Commandent is asking for you.
We are walking. Why are you pushing us?
What is my mistake, Sir?
The camel is untied, let me atleast tie it.
I have to got ot work.
What order do you have for us, Sir? What is it?
All the villagers are here? - Yes Sir.
You know this is the border.
The war has been declared.
They can attack us anytime.
And that's why you should leave from here..
..taking your kids and all the things as soon as possible.
Vaccate the village.
But Sir, the war is between the will my life be in danger?
That's beacuase, the enemy doesn't attack after asking for introduction.
Any doubts?
Take the trucks and the camels away from the post.
Masti. - Bhagiram, take care of yourself. Goodbye.
Common vaccate the village.
Bhairav Singh, all the barracks have been blasted.
But they couldn't touch the temple of Mother Goddess.
Ratan Singh Sir, the victory is ours.
Because the Goddess is with us.
Vaccate the village.
Common. We have been telling you to vaccate the village.
Get out, quick.
Common vaccate it.
Do it quick. Faster.
Come, don't be afraid.
My son. - Go out. - Mother.
Sir, this is not our tanks.
They are coming from across the pillar.
Pakistan's tank regiment is headed towards Longewala.
I got it. So the artilary firing.
To shun down the noise of the tanks.
Keep following them.
Hey what treasure do you have inside..that you are ready.. give your life? Go away from here.
No Sir, I will not go. My father had given me the Quran,
..before his death.
That is left inside.. It has been kep inside safely.
Here it is. Now come.
You bought me my Quran back, Sir.
But aren't you a Hindu, Sir?
I am a Hindu and so I was doing my duty.
The Hindu religions teaches us to take care of others.
A Hindu has been doing this since ages.
Now lets go.
Common quick.
Common Mother. Quick.
And some people call you a traitor.
Lay the anti-tank mine everywhere.
Gurmel, don't be scared, pick it up.
This is an anti-tank mine. It cant' blast with a man's weight.
It need atleast 1000 pounds of weight, which only a tank can weigh.
Now lay them.
There is an emergency call for you from the Air Command.
The Pakistan Airforce has attacked our air base...
You have to retaliate.
Our Prime Minister might declare an Emergency any time.
Like you heard over the radio, the war has been declared.
The enemy has started attacking or air bases.
We have to answer them.
That is why, by the first rays of the sun tommorow..
..We will attack the Rahimyar Khan base.
They are heading towards our post.
They will attack on our post.
I was sure they would attack on our post.
Sir, the RCL is here.
Mathuradas? - A fake coin is always returned Sir.
If a man realises his mistakes... he is no longer an offender.
Looks like you never reached home.
I returned half way.
I can leave my wife, in any way.
But not my Company or my nation.
After we win the battle, I will be given leaves.
Help me talk to the COO.
Who is this?
Yes Major, what is the message?
Pakistani's have surrounded my post Longewala from all the side.
..and they can attack anytime.
They have about 40 tanks and thousands of inventory.
I have only 120 soldiers.
But unfortunately, the air support cannot be given tonight.
Why Sir?
There are only hunter planes here, which cannot fight in the night.
I will be there with the first light of the morning.
How will we hold till the morning?
There are two many hours left for the morning.
What happened Sir? - Nothing Gurnaam Singh.
This the testing times.
Can't fight in the night.
Longewala has been surrounded.
And if you see any tanks, hit them.
And lets pray for the 120 brave soldiers..
..who are standing in front of death.
Ratan Singh.
Ask the Company to fall in.
Today's night is a night of examination for us.
Because the airforce, cannot come here till..
..tommorow morning for our help.
And there is too much time left for the morning.
Soldiers, the enemy is standing in front of us.
We are only one hundred and twenty.
They are with a tank regiment.
Command has asked us to leave the post and step back.
But still, they have left the last decision to me.
And I have decided that..
I, Major Kuldeep Singh..
..will not leave my post.
Now I leave your decision to you.
People who want to leave the post can leave.
Sir, listen to my decision first.
I don't care if nobody stays...
..but I will not leave my motherland in the hands of the enemy.
I can die, but I will not step backwards.
Bhairav Singh, you have talked about death today...
...but never do it again.
The history says that, no one has suceeded in a battle..
A battle is won, only by finishing the enemy.
I didn't reach home, after taking a leave, Sir.
I returned half way, just to face the enmy with my Company.
Just to hear that, the command has aasked me to step back!
You can shoot me, but I will not take these orders.
I understand the condition of your heart Mathuradas.
But the command too must have thought about something..
..before giving the orders.
We are only one hundred and twenty, the enemy is in thousands.
So what Sir?
The tenth Sikh Guru..
.Shri Guru Gobind Singh had said..
when a sparrow can fight with an eagle..
..we are only human.
If a sparrow can fight an eagle..
..we are only human beings.
We will not leave.
No one will leave. - We will not leave.
So shall I think , that all of you will support me to fight the enemy.
Yes Sir.
After this decision, if even one of you tries to escape...
..then I will shoot him.
God forbid, if I get carried away...
..and I try to run away.
Then all of you can shoot me.
This is the order of your Commading Officer.
Hail the Guru.
Guru's Victory.
Soldiers, handle the battalion.
Listen to me carefully.
Dharamveer, the command knows our position.
They have left the decision to me.. whethere to step back or face them.
I want to know your opinion.
You are forgetting, that I am the son of Major Veer Bhan, Sir.
I can't ever think of stepping back.
I was hoping the same from you.
Common now, you scoundrels.
No one will fire till I don't ask to.
Lets them come a little more closer.
What have we placed the mines for?
Hail Mother India! - Hail.
Stop here.
Looks like the Indians have laid anti-tank mines.
No one will go ahead of the fence.
Hail the Guru.
Guru's Victory.
Looks like we have received the wrong information...
There are more than 600 soldiers here and not 120.
Kuldeep Singh.
The angel of your death is standing at your doorstep.
You have to come out along with your Company..
..holding your hands on your head.
Or else you can hear your last cries.
You will not be spared.
Aren't you Ghulam Dastagir..?
The famous goon of Lahore?
Born in filthy gutter.
The time will only say, whether you hear my last cries..
..or you say your prayers at the time of your death.
I am warning you..
..if you take another step ahead...
...then I will send you back to the same filthy gutter.
..from where you have come.
Why are you quiet?
Answer him.
You carry on.
Das. Mathura
Das. No.
Das. Hey..Das.
Hey Bhagiram you? - You are surprised to see me?
A gun in your hand?
What will a soldier hold in his hands, apart from a gun.
But I have always seen a spatula in the hands of this soldier.
Its the miracle of the same spatula..that has made you so healthy.
Now see the miracle of this gun..
..a few from the enemy would fall for it.
You sonofagun. - Hey dear..
Who will cook for me, if something happens to you?
Hey Bhagiram.. don't you remember we have.. open up a restuarant after resigning from the army?
...with equal partnership.
On one condition. - What is that?
You will not eat at that restuarant.
Hey, how can that be?
Then there wouldn't be equal partnership involved.
The profit would be 90 percent for me and 10 for you.
Why? - You will eating food with the rest of the profit.
The spring of the trigoil has gone for a toss.
Das. Hey Das.
Bhairav Singh, you wanted a spring right? Take it.
Go shoot. Shoot.
Bhairav Singh, if this land is your Mother...
..then its my Mother too.
Please send a message to the Mother of my child.
Tell her, I am her offender.
In this birth, I am repaying my debt to the Motherland.
I will pay her debt in the next birth.
I will pay her debt in the next birth. Das.
Bhairav Singh, take care of the MMG.
Bhairav Singh, take care of the MMG.
Bhairav Singh, take care of the MMG.
Bhairav Singh, take care of the MMG.
Its our motherland, Das.
Go to hell, you scoundrels.
I can't hear your voice Sir.
Speak louder.
Gurnaam, we are coming at the post.
I need covering fire, Gurnaam.
None of their soldiers should be spared.
Sir, Dharamveer Sir is coming at the post.
He asking for covering fire.
Dharamveer Sir is coming here, giving him covering fire.
You take care of the next batch of MMG.
Dharamveer, think of the great personality..
Think of Major Veerbhan.
Think of your father.
I will fight against million and only then will I make the Guru proud.
You ...
Everyone bend dowm.
Ratan Singh.
Ratan Singh.
Ratan Singh.
Ratan Singh.
Ratan Singh.
Hey buddy! You wouldn't have to cook for 10 people.
No. - Don't you remember?
Ratan Singh.
Don't break the agreement.
The partner of my resturant.
You should certainly open a resturant.
I will agree to the 90:10 partnership.
But keep sending small amounts to my parents.
They have no one in this world. - Ratan Singh
Ratan Singh. - Sir, if the sparrow can fight with the eagle..
...he will bring pride to Guru Gobind Singh's name.
You left your friend.
You left your friend.
Why does this night never end?
This MMG gun has troubled us a lot.
Finish it.
Bhairav Singh, are you alright?
Bhairav Singh.
Look, they are stepping on my mother's chest.
Mother, I am coming.
Bhairav Singh. Come back.
Shoot at him.
Shoot that scoundrel.
Mother, give me strenght.
Give me strenght, Mother.
This traitor has an anti-tank mine in his hands.
Take the tank backwards.
Take the tank backwards.
Take the tank backwards.
Take the tank backwards.
Soldiers come foward.
The enemy is in front of us.
We have to achieve victory over our enemies.
Take custody of their post.
Take custody of their post.
You scoundrel! You run showing your back to us?
Nobody will fire.
..till the rest of our soldiers don't come back.
Dharamveer is still alive.
Give me covering fire.
Didn't you ask me to think about my father.
Think about Major Veerbhan.
He has come here, Sir.
My father has come to take me away.
It will be morning in sometime.
You have to live, Dharamveer.
Don't stop me Mother.
Let me go.
Father is calling me.
Let me go.
He is still alive Sir.
Don't kill me Sir.
I give you a promise of God, the promise of God of your faith.
The promise of God of your faith.
Don't kill me.
I have small kids.
What is the name of your children?
Khalid and Aasmaan.
Sweet names.
Tell me the plan of your army.
I am a mere soldier, Sir.
The plan has been made by the higher authorities.
They had said..
..tommorow morning's breakfast will be eaten at Jaisalmer.
The lunch would be had at Jodhpur.
And the dinner at Delhi.
I swear on my God and on the Quran..
I know only this much.
Don't kill me, Sir.
I don't want to die. - We will not kill you.
Like us you too are the soldiers of your nation.
We will treat you like a soldier.
Serve him some water.
Somesh, what is the time?
Excatly one hour for the sunrise.
Brave soldiers of Pakistan..
If you win the battle, you will be the holy warrior.
If you embrace death, you will be called a matyr.
Don't care about the anti-tank mines.
Take the tanks and mount on the post.
Move ahead.
They say, they will have the breakfast at Jaisalmer.
We will eat them up for our breakfast.
Our Guru said, that one intiated Sikh, is compared over a million people.
Today, we will, bring his sayings come true.
India. - Whoever utters, fulfills.
May the Guru lead us to victory.
India, is my pride.
India. India.
My pride.
Hey! we have defeated them.
India. India.
India. India.
"My pride."
"My life, India."
'If I am what I am, then would I be.'
'If you are you, then what are you.'
India. India.
India. India.
"My pride."
"My life, India."
Run, the Indian Air Force is here.
India. India.
India. India.
"My pride."
Where is our Pakistani airforce?
The Indian Airforce, has troubled us a lot.
They are hovering on us like a buch of flies.
All our tanks have been destroyed.
"My life, India."
Sir, we have won the battle.
The enemy is running away.
We have won the battle.
"The battle takes place for a few days."
"The battle takes place for a few days."
"The life cries forever."
"The atmosphere face the grunt of explosives."
"The wind spreads, the smell of death."
"Helplessness is all over the wounds."
"The dieing kids in their hands."
"The cries of these mother's in the night."
"Its a dead place, its a dead city."
"The faces have gravelled, so are the hearts."
"The faces have gravelled, so are the hearts."
"My enemy, my brother, my companion."
"My enemy, my brother, my companion."
"To me, to both of us."
"These stones say something."
"This disastrous destination, say something too."
"My enemy, my brother, my companion."
"My enemy, my brother, my companion."
"The gravelled faces and hearts, these burning houses."
"This disastrous destination, our city, tell us."
"Till when will the python of hatred...
"..hiss on this border."
"The python of hatred."
"Till when will the python of hatred...
"..hiss on this border."
"Why do we cultivate guns in the place of..."
"..rice and wheat?"
"There are hungry children crying in the lanes of both the countries."
"Some hungry children cry."
"Let's take an oath, there be no war again."
"And we wait for the day.."
"When the springs blossom in your country."
"When the springs blossom in my country too."
"Your country and my country."
"My country and your country."
"Your country and my country."
"My friend, my brother, my companion."
"My friend, my brother, my companion."