Har Dil Jo Pyar Karega (2000) w/ Eng Sub - Hindi Movie - Part 5

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Whenever the bangles tinkle...
Whenever the anklets tinkle...
Whenever it pours...
My heart calls out
My love, O my beloved
Day in and day out, my heart calls out...
My love, O my beloved
Why is there a pounding in my heart? Why does it pine so?
What have you done to my heart, O heartless one?
My sleep vanishes; I'm restless
The things that loneliness does to me
My face is flushed of its color
I lower my eyes out of shyness
I feel shy, even when I look at the mirror
Why have you made me pine...? Why have you taken away my peace?
Whenever a boy meets a girl...
it awakens a desire in my heart
When the bridal cymbals are played somewhere
Whenever they deck up the bridal palanquin...
I go crazy at heart and yell out
Please come with me. I have something to discuss with you.
I'll be back soon. - Okay, father.
Can't you see where you're going?
That's Jahnvi... my daughter.
Why does it always happen to me? - What happened?
Nothing really... I thought I'd run away from here.
And I ran into my life... must I run away now? Or mustn't l?
No need to run away! Jahnvi has never met Romi!
She only spoke to him over the phone.
Care for some tea? - No thank you.
No... don't cry, Biji. You mustn't cry.
Make her see reason, dad...
We ought to be happy that Pooja's life was saved.
We were saved before something drastic could happen.
And what's so seriously wrong anyway?
I spoke to the doctor before I arrived.
Know something? This is exactly what happened to Superman, too.
Yes! And he's back to his flying ways already.
All Pooja now has to do is to simply get up.
We've taken enough of your drama, okay?
Remember? You had planned a dance competition for us, on my return?
You were supposed to do an lndian dance and I'd perform a Western.
I've even learnt new steps!
All right... now tell me how's your married life?
I've penned a couplet. Want to hear it?
I've filled up tubs with my tears, as I remember you
The uncouth man that you are; you simply bathe in it!
What happened, dear? - I ran into a madman out there.
I went to wash the cold-drink he spilt on me.
You washed itwith yourtears, did you?
God protect your friendship with her.
Come, Jahnvi. Let me introduce you to Romi.
That's Romi.
This is Jahnvi.
And you said she hadn't ever met Romi!
That's what I thought. That she had only spoken to him overthe telephone.
Have you seen Romi? - No.
Pooja told me that he was short, had brown eyes and curly hair.
But this chap...
In that case, you're not Jahnvi either.
Pooja told me that Jahnvi's fat and ugly...
that she's squint-eyed and has a bucktooth.
But all that is not true. You're very beautiful.
Getwell, Pooja. And I'll fix you!
Tell him, Biji.
It's Diwali today. We won't be celebrating it...
butwe must have a prayer.
We have to adhere to our customs.
So come over to our place this evening.
Okay? - Certainly.
It's your place too, son.
Glory be to the Goddess of Wealth
The Gods too pay obeisance to You
Glory be to Thee
My husband got this bungalow built when my son was just 15 years old.
The prasad. - You look beautiful.
Knowwhat Mrs. Godinho says?
It's fun to celebrate Diwali with yourfamily.
Take some prasad? - It has 150 calories!
I can't eat that! - Go on. It's in the name of God.
All right. I'll try some.
You're calorie-conscious, aren't you?
No wonder you have such a great figure.
Happy Diwali everybody!
Please give me a smile!
Welcome, Master. Let me introduce you to my son-in-law.
Your son-in-law? - Yes. He's Pooja's husband, Romi.
I've met him. - Forget it.
I have forgotten it. Please remind me where.
He's a singer. He's training Pooja in classical dance.
But he has this characteristic... he's very absent-minded.
So tell me where we have met lt'll refresh my memory.
Must l? In everybody's presence? - Sure! Go ahead.
The Master and I participated in a dance-contest.
He danced so well that he dropped his pants.
Did that really happen? - Yes... have you forgotten it?
But you mustn't forget that he's Pooja's husband, Romi.
May I show Romi Pooja's room, dad? - Certainly.
Why just the room? The house belongs to him... go on.
This is Pooja's room. - It's nice.
And where's your room? - This is the one.
And which is Pooja's room? - This is our room.
Didn't Pooja tell you that we share the room?
She did. And I forgot.
So many perfumes... but why have two of each?
That's because Pooja likes whatever I like...
and I also take a liking to whatever Pooja approves of.
Look at this... we even have the same kind of cell-phones.
Aren't they nice?
But what happens if the two of you fall for the same guy?
That's impossible. - Why?
Because Pooja has already approved of you, Romiji.
Don't you approve of me then? - Well, I do.
But not in the same way. - In what way, then?
Pooja told me that you're good at poetry.
So tell me the first couplet you recited for Pooja.
Everyone I come across...
appears to be like you
Looks like I'm going to go mad...
for, I'm in love with you...
I wait for you
No wonder Pooja loves you so much, Romi ji.
What the hell are you doing?!
I didn't know your preferences had changed so much in six years!
Oh come on! I'm pretty hung up myself. It's her I see every place.
I find her in you, too. - Really?... happens, I guess.
Does it really? - Of course.
Lovers are like alcoholics. They imagine the bottle everywhere.
But spare me and let me go to sleep.
I was dreaming about the milkmaid.
Know what...?
Will we only dream about girls?
Get up.