ASUS Transformer Prime Q & A Part 2

Uploaded by RitchiesRoomTV on 30.11.2011

Okay this question is from ItsQuin thank you Its Quin your question was about the Tegra
game zone. Now Tegra being part of the Nvidia clan is
all about the gaming experience and having a quad core
processor on the Tegra 3 is going to elevate the Transformer Prime and other quad core
tablets up to the next level as far as gaming is concerned.
Now there were two games preloaded here we had glowball and also rip tide. I’ve got
to say they look really good on this and again its very
immersive and it’s all about the gaming experience. The
widescreen lends itself to a much more immersive game and I have to say this will take gaming
on the Android platform to the next level.
And this question comes from jbabrajasp sorry if I got that wrong. Okay so your question
was about let’s have a look at what we could do in
terms of the live wallpaper and lots of widgets. Again really
good question because this is what separates the Android platform from other platforms
out there such as iOS5. You can really set up your screens
customize them have them animated have them looking very rich and an extension of your
own identity.
So what we’ve got here is a live wallpaper that’s been preloaded from Asus and then
I’ve got some other content feeding into there as well.
Looks fantastic and again it becomes an expression of
your personality as to what you want to present on the screen. So a great idea and again hopefully
separates what Android does compared to their competition.
Alright so the next question comes from Brunomiit. Brunomitt asked about the screen in sunlight
and you know we can talk about how good it is but we took it outside and actually had
it in the sun and using the IPS or Super IPS function and
boosting that all the way up in direct sunlight you can
still read it’s still very readable you can still use it as a reader as a movie player
and it does a real experience in direct sunlight. Of course it’s
going to be hard to replicate the reading experience you
get on say a e-ink reader which is almost nigh impossible to recreate on a backlit screen
but what Asus is able to do on this IPS Plus screen
is come as close as possible to being able to have as little
glare as possible reflected when you’re out and about. So I’ve got to say that in
comparison to other glossy backlit screens this rates up there
with the best of them.
Okay the next question we’ve got is from balthazarb hopefully I got that right. Your
question was about the trackpad performance and is very
responsive. So the trackpad is quite small like a netbook
would be and it does move very well across the screen all the way across from one end
to the other. One thing you do need to remember when using
a trackpad and the clickpad below it is to only
click once when you’re selecting an app as opposed to double clicking such as you
would when in Windows but it’s very responsive and
if you are using it as a netbook you’ll find it to be quite
Okay and also from Markus40755 the question he had was regarding the use of a USB Hub
through the USB and one of the questions and one of
the comments that has been common on the clip so
far has been the fact that it only has one USB and are we able to expand it using a USB
hub. Good news is absolutely. Now we’ve got a Logitech
Wireless Mouse here with one of these Unity receivers
it works by itself. Then we’ve got a Logitech multihub here with four hub we connect it
into the USB we then selected a flash drive put it in there
and also the mouse and we were able to detect both at
the same time. So the answer is a unequivocal definitely expansion of the hub via sorry
a USB via the hub is definitely possible so thanks for the
question and it’s a great question too.
Okay so look lastly we are overwhelmed and very thankful for the engagement that we’ve
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we’ve been able to enlighten you some more about
this product and we really look forward to bringing you some more products and technology
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