Mahabharat - Episode 53

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ln spite of treachery, the Pandavas accepted exile ...
... because they were true to their word
They lost, so they accepted defeat
But Duryodhan was fed by hatred
So, how could he be content?
He went on humiliating the Pandavas
His sending Sage Durvasa to the Pandavas ...
... was a shrewd move
He knows Sage Durvasa is famous for his curses
Duryodhan also knows that ...
... the Pandavas cannot serve him well in the forest
lf they cannot serve him well ...
... they could be destroyed by his curse
Unaware of all this, the Pandavas ...
... are in the midst of another problem
What's this Nakul and Sahdev?
You should only take what you need
lf we become so careless ...
... Nature's resources will be exhausted
You do not allow us to cut down our enemies
That is Sage Durvasa
Control your anger Nakul
Or he will think you are unhappy to see him
Our respects!
God bless you!
Grace our hut by coming there, O Sage
Sages are not for decoration
Forgive me!
Were you not Kunti's son l would not forgive you
l had gone to Hastinapur
Duryodhan served us well
With folded hands he entreated us ...
... to come here and bless you
Which is why l came here to bless you
lt is our good fortune to have you here
We will have our lunch after bathing
Have lunch ready for us
As you wish!
From where will we get lunch ?
Draupadi must have finished eating by now
This is another one of Duryodhan's tricks
He knows there will be no food left ...
... after Draupadi has eaten
And if there is no food left ...
... Sage Durvasa will be angry
Come brothers!
- Draupadi - What's it?
Sage Durvasa is here with five disciples
So, why worry?
They will be here for lunch
Who would have thought that ...
... the King of lndraprasth would worry ...
... about feeding a few Brahmins?
The Queen of lndraprasth has nothing ...
... except this grain of rice
O Krishna!
lt is Sage Durvasa
Looks like you are not happy to see me
What are you saying?
Your coming is the only happiness ...
... left in our lives
How's Subhadra?
l'll tell you after l eat
l am very hungry
There is only one grain of rice left
Eat half of it and ...
... feed the world with the other half
This is more than enough
We must go now. The Queen must be waiting for us
Yes. l am also very hungry
Let's go
Surprising! l am full without eating
lt is as if we have just had porridge
Yes, very tasty. l am feeling very sleepy
No! What happens if someone calls us?
Let's leave
Tasty porridge but l am sleepy now
Take a nap
That's the problem. l cannot sleep now
Sahadev ! Just see ...
... if the Sages have finished bathing
Yes Brother
Sit down! There's no need to call them
They will come when they want to
They had asked for lunch
They must have decided ...
... to go to another host
But tell me one thing
l know Arjun is in search of divine weapons ...
... but where is Bhim?
He must be wandering about
How did you come all of a sudden?
l was hungry
l must go now
The Sun is about to set. Why not go tomorrow?
Do you want him to sleep on grass?
Don't wait for Bhim to return
He left in anger. Who knows when he'll return
Please let me pass
Move your tail
ln the name of Lord Rama, let me rest
Should l move it?
Take Lord Rama's name
Should l move it?
Okay Brother
l had always wished somebody...
... would move it
Fulfil my wish
You seem so strong
Can you not move a tail?
Forgive me
Why don't you cross the tail?
How can l? You are no ordinary monkey
Who are you? Show me your real self
What will you do with my real self ?
Aspire to see my Lord Rama
l am Hanuman, Lord Rama's humble servant
Hail Lord Rama
Worshipping his divine form ...
...gets rid of all obstacles
Lord Rama, Laxman and Seeta...
... reside in his heart
Had l not been Hanuman, son of Wind ...
... would l call you brother?
Why did you take this form?
l wanted to teach you to respect age and fraility
Also, to teach you ...
... that Truth is not only what the eyes see
Truth is greater than all else
You saw an old monkey lying down ...
... challenging your strength
And you accepted the challenge
Who knows who will meet you in what form ...
... and on which path in life?
Forgive me. l'll never make this mistake again
Now you go
l stay close by. Come with me and relax there
Also, bless my brothers
My blessing is always with you
Come and tell us the ethics of war ...
... because we are preparing for a great war
You have defeated great warriors like Ravana
l did fight the war but the victory was Lord Rama's
ln any war, warriors fight on both sides ...
... but Truth always triumphs
So, recognise the Truth. That is the ethics of war
ln this war of Truth and Untruth ...
... won't you fight for Truth?
l can no longer fight a war ...
... but my blessing will always be with you
A little further, my son
This ritual was no ordinary one
Hastinapur was worth seeing, wasn't it?
- lt's a big city - You are right
Many Brahmins were fed and gifted
So much was donated. lmpossible to count
So much activity
So many Brahmins came to the ritual
- Are you tired, son? - What was l saying?
One of you will have to come with me
My mother is worshipping the Goddess Shakti
We need a human sacrifice
Who will come with me?
Take me
No! l won't let you go
You are my salvation
Don't worry. l won't take him
The sacrifice must be healthy
- Then take me - No, my son
l can't stay without you
l won't let you take him
Take me for the sacrifice
The eldest is father's favourite and ...
... the youngest is mother's favourite
l am no one's favourite
Take me with you
Take me with you
Never doubt the love of your parents
Whatever they give you, accept it as a blessing
l am a middle son. Look at me ...
... and guage my mother's love for me
lf your life is more valuable than your parents then ...
... you are unworthy for sacrifice
A coward and a sick man should not be sacrificed
Why deny a son your love merely because ...
... he is the middle son?
You have insulted God himself
You must do penance
Also, ask for your son's forgiveness
No! Even if he is wrong ...
... l'll not let my father do that
Take me with you
Here. The Goddess will be pleased
Don't be surprised son. This is your father
Bhim, son of Kunti
l am the sacrifice. First sacrifice me and then...
... introduce me to my son
You should have sacrificed your husband or son
Who gave you the right to sacrifice another human?
Do you think the Goddess will accept it?
Can l not be sacrificed because l am your husband?
Your son has brought me. Let his efforts not be wasted
But that is the custom
Custom? Did the Goddess ask for it?
Religion is the path of life and truth
Do not insult Religion by doing this
Forgive me, my lord
Who am l to forgive ?
Ask the Goddess for forgiveness
Forgive me, Mother
l beg your forgiveness
Come embrace me, my son
No. l will touch your feet
Won't you listen to your father?
Forgive me father. Had she been only my mother ...
... l would still obey her after God
But she is also my Teacher ...
... so allow me to touch your feet
May you live long
But how can l embrace you?
As you wish
l'll have to take you in my lap
But l want to embrace you
As you wish
My son's body is made of stone
No father. lt is due to my mother's blessing
Your son won't run away. Eat something first
- No. l won't eat - Why?
l ate at the hut before leaving
Hut? What hut?
l am not alone
We are all here with Draupadi
lt is a long story. The point is:
We are in exile for 13 years
Five years are already over
Why not spend the remaining years here?
l'll get to serve all of you and ... one will find you here
That's not possible
Why father? Do you think your son ...
... will not be able to protect you?
You can protect the Three Worlds
But this won't be like being in exile
We have to spend 13 years in exile
l'll leave after spending some time with you
l will come with you and take everyone's blessings
l'll also learn archery from Uncle Arjun
Arjun has gone to Heaven in search of divine weapons
Weapons? ls there going to be a war?
Yes. There's going to be a big war
lf it was to be an ordinary war ...
... why would Arjun want to acquire divine weapons ?
Come Arjun
My respects O Lord
May you live long
Did you get divine weapons?
Not only did l get the weapons but ...
... l also learned to use them
Allow me to return to Earth, my Lord
You have not yet acquired the Gandharva weapon
Gandharva weapon?
Yes. Learn the Gandharva Veda from Chitrasen
l am acquiring weapons for the ultimate war
What will a warrior do with music and dance?
Art is the most powerful weapon
ln that case ...
... l'll learn this art ...
... after the ultimate war
What will you do with a weapon after the war?
Remember you have to spend a year in anonymity
How will you hide yourself?
Like the Sun, Moon, Earth, Sky and Water ...
... hiding yourself is impossible
So, pay your respects to Chitrasen ...
... and start your lessons
As you wish my Lord
My respects Teacher
My lord!
What's the problem, Urvashi?
My mind was straying
That's not a good sign
Other minds should stray on seeing you
Find a way to stop your mind from straying
Think of a solution
What solution, my lord ?
Follow the dictates of your mind
You have surpassed Chitrasen
No, my lady
No pupil can surpass his teacher
He can only stand before his teacher with open hands
lt is the teacher who gives
But if my dance has pleased you then ...
... my teacher need not be ashamed of me
Had you been a woman, you would be the best dancer
A warrior who can dance so well !
You have made the imposible possible
Nothing is impossible, my lady
My name is Urvashi
Call me by my name
That's not possible
You just said nothing was impossible
Crossing the limits of decency is impossible
Has your mind ever strayed ?
The mind does stray
l have no experience of it
What is the solution ?
lt means the mind's state is not proper
The solution is to balance the mind
What if the mind craves for something ?
That is not the straying of the mind
lf the mind wants something then the objective is fixed
To reach the objective is your duty
That gives meaning and direction to life
Which means one must try to fulfil the mind's desire
Of course
My lady !
You are my desire and l'll try to get you
No. That's impossible
Sometimes you say nothing is impossible
Sometimes you say this is not possible
Am l not beautiful ?
You are so beautiful that even the Sages ...
... would give up penance for you
Then why does it not attract you ?
Because l am not a Sage
Don't waste time in debate
Embrace me !
lt is the son's fortune to embrace his mother
Mother ! You called me your mother ?
Of course, you are my mother
Remember !
My ancestor King Purkha was attracted by you
And you had stayed with him like a wife
So, l see my mother's face in yours
We are neither wives nor mothers
We are representations of beauty
Accept this beauty
l have accepted you as a mother
No other relationship is possible
Please forgive me
l can only be a son for you, not a man
Always a son. Never a man
Then l curse you
You will always be a son. Never a man
From today you will be impotent
My lady !
When lust reared its head ...
... Urvashi resorted to a curse
She could not control herself ...
... as she was overwhelmed by desire