Hot Fuzz (4/10) Movie CLIP - Sea Mine (2007) HD

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Why do we need the dog?
lt's not the dog we need.
What did he say?
What did he say? He said, ''An 'edge is an 'edge.
''He only chopped it down 'cause it spoilt his view.
''What's Reaper moaning about?''
Look, l appreciate your position, Mr. Webley,
but you can't go around chopping down other people's hedges
without permission.
''Yes, l suppose.''
Thank you.
All right.
Mr. Webley, l trust you have a license for that firearm?
He does for this one.
What do you mean by ''this one''?
By the power of Gray Skull.
Where on earth did you get these?
Found them. He found them!
And what is this?
Sea mine.
Sea mine.
Well, Mr. Webley, this is an extremely dangerous collection.
lt's a wonder nobody's been hurt before.
No, it's iust a lot ofjunk.
ANGEL: Move, move, move!
TURNER: You what?
No, apparently it's been deactivated. Over.
That's right, deactivated!
lt's not live. It looks live.
All rĂ­ght.