Smartsheet Saves Me Time on My Projects

Uploaded by SmartSheet on 04.01.2012

In a business like ours, you have to be on time and on budget.
That affects relationships. It affects the quality of the product
and if you’re not meeting those needs
you’re not ultimately doing the job.
Project management is like sausage making, it’s not pretty.
Things change, they always do.
And adjusting dates in a calendar manually is nightmarish.
So if one design review on a Thursday gets pushed to Monday,
and that affects the rest of the project,
we were doing that mostly via
sort of manual changing of dates.
And I remember setting up a sample Smartsheet
via the trial account and
being able to upload our Excel document
which auto-populated
the sheet, turned it into Gantt chart with
dependencies and then just
changing dates and watching how the Gantt
changed or moving the Gantt
and watching how the dates changed and I was
I mean, I got chills
because I realized how much time
that was going to save us to set up the calendar
and to maintain it.

And then when I found the ability share
a sort of view only updated calendar with a client

To eliminate sending constant
PDF’s or Excel documents to the client
Making sure they had the right version,
that they hadn’t printed one out that was old
that we could constantly share with them and update
real time, in essence
and with my team, was huge. I didn’t look back after that.
Both internally and externally with our clients,
internally with our project teams in
creative and development
immediately recognized the power to
not have to worry about

“Do I have the right calendar?”
“Do I have a reminder on my calendar
about when something is due?”
“Do I have a reminder about when to start work?”
To just say, “Don’t worry about constantly
looking at the calendar,
you’ll get an email the day you need start development,
and you’ll get an email the day it’s due,
or a reminder 3 days before it’s due.”
And being able to set all that up in minutes was huge.
It’s really made our processes a lot more efficient.
So a tool a like this allows us to do our jobs better,
and also potentially have some free time
at the end of the day.

That’s amazing, that’s a home run.