Warkings - Let Us War (making of)

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The making of "Let Us War"
Dressing Room
Blah is the one shooting now...
Here is our biologist, what's her name again?
Ticiana [make-up]
Here's Camila [costume designer and make-up] ...and Fran [make-up].
- The girls taking care of the costumes. - Nice to meet you!
They are about to use these demonic tools on our heads.
I'm the wickedest man on earth. Could you excuse me, please?
- Shit... stop sweating... cut it off, Paulo! - My poor old eye...
Alexei Leao [audio producer and PA tech] - ...we'll lend him some of our groupies.
You’ve got to get the metronome going!
Edilson Barbosa Lights
Backup team and Assistant cameramen
This is Jonas... and?
- Cleide. - Roberto.
They are here to help... There's another Roberto, my brother, who's taking pictures.
Roberto Leao Executive producer and sound control
Oh, I'm deeply sorry, sir.
And now? Am I less girly?
No! What happened to your guitar?
I banged it too many times against my head.
Fernando Leão [direction and edition] - Let's show our camera dolly... leave the camera on...
How precious... so you see, he who has no dog must hunt with a cat.
Here is our camera dolly... our locomotive engineer and dolly itself.
What you see is what you get... that's why we "homemake" music videos... yo!
- It's war, dude, war! - AR%#^&%!!!! [Kendo Kiai]
Around, turn around!
- There's a hole there... - Hilfe mich!
Am I the only one who works in this shit?
Ary "the human crane" Barbosa cameraman
Subtitles by Diogo Andrei Benvenutti and Paulo Miotto English review by Renan "Blah"