Holiday Celebrations : How to Have a Holiday Gift Swap

Uploaded by eHow on 13.12.2008

Hi, I'm Teri and in this segment, I'm going to teach you how to do a holiday gift swap,
using the concept of the white elephant game. Now, what you want to do is you have a gathering
and you ask everyone to bring a gift. So just choose a limit, ten, twenty dollars is fine,
and you know the gift can be quirky or goofy, it can be a gag gift, or it can be something
that you really think someone might want, want to have. Once everyone gets there, you
put the numbers in a hat. So if there's ten people, you're going to put numbers one to
ten. And in this case, I'm using a Christmas stocking and then you have everyone go around
and pick a number. So, I've picked number one. So what that would mean is I get to be
the very first person to open one of the ten gifts. So I would choose any gift I like,
even my own if I want and open it in front of everybody. So I'm going to go ahead and
open this one. I like the shape of it and I like the wrapping paper. Ahh! So I got a
c...DVD. Now the person that chose number two can either steal this gift, or choose
another one from the people, and then it keeps going like that. So if they stole my gift,
then I get to reopen a new gift. But if I, they chose one of the pile, then I keep my
gift and it keeps going like that until number ten and they get the last gift in the pile,
or they can steal anybody else's gift. And in the end, everybody winds up with a gift,
and it's a lot of fun seeing and watching people steal and swap gifts. And that's how
you do a holiday gift swap using the white elephant game.