Behind the scenes of GSL ; Baneling Episode 17, Part 2

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Hello, I am Seo Kyung-Hwan (collossus caster) from Bane-Files
Introduce yourself
Hello, I am Hwang Yeong-Jae (Gisado)
This is a celebration! We are finally back
Actually, in my case, I'm a really popular guy and have a packed schedule already
But on the other hand, we have collossus caster here, who was just being lazy at home, and I have successfully gotten him a job
I'm really glad that we're on this new show 'X-File' now, but I'm a bit sad that it's part of Baneling and not a standalone show
That's no problem
We're part of that show right now, but that doesn't mean anything
You know how spiders at one point eat their parents? We'll do the same thing, we'll devour Baneling
That's right, we are X-File
We will look over posts on community sites and investigate them in detail
We will tell everything as it is! We do not worry about what will be broadcasted. The editors will just cut the bad stuff
Okay, I'll take off the sunglasses now
I had those on so I wouldn't have to look at your face actually..
They gave us these sunglasses and I wasn't able to see anything!
Anyway, let's look at our first issue here
"When you chat during the game, do you get a warning?"
Yes, you get a warning
But when compared to how KeSPA has been doing it, the rules are not as strict
So, for example, when you make a typing error when typing “gg”
GG error haha
This is X-File!
So when it comes to 'gg', we accept different forms of it, because we know what was meant and it was just a mistake
However, when you, for example, try to dance and write /dance but forget the /
Then, that's a warning
So we're not always that generous, we can also be very strict
However, if you get 1-2 warnings, that's actually not a death sentence
These warnings disappear after a day, so you have to receive several in one day to receive harsh punishment
For example, some crazy player comes late to the match, then types 'dance' in chat and then instead of “gg” he types something like 'Oh, I didn't feel so good today', then he will be punished!
Are you done talking?
Anyway, so anything that could offend the opponent, stuff that has nothing to do with the match, you can't do those things
"I really think that collossi and templar have to get nerfed'
"Before anything else, I really think the range has to be nerfed..."
Umm, I think that Protoss is good, but they also have their weaknesses
Well, to just sum this up
You wrote some kind of essay on this, but nobody is going to read it
What I recommend is, if you think that something is overpowered, then just play that race and use that unit
That's how I do it. What is there to life?
You play games to win and feel good, right? So just play what you think is good then!
Don't write essays, play more
There's also a reply to this, someone wrote "what the *beep*"
"Someone who's been to the last year of High School, please reply"
"I want to get plastic surgery after the university entrance exams are over. If you go to the hospital for that, does that count as absence due to illness? Please, someone reply… my life depends on it..."
Since when are our forums a place to ask about plastic surgery?
Something like this on a StarCraft forum?
Collossus, you have undergone plastic surgery 10 times, please reply
I actually had surgery 10 times, but not on my face, I had it for my body
I had my foreskin done over and over again (T/N: Korean wordplay. Whaling and circumcision sound similar)
~Whale, oh whale, such a big whale~
If you are receiving a lot of psychological stress because of your looks, and have trouble in society
So you get to the point of depression, and then you talk it over with a professional and use plastic surgery as a way to relieve that stress, then...
Well, that's always the reason for plastic surgery, no?
Oh, really?
If you get good surgery results, please contact us with your phone number and picture
We would then be willing to meet you in person and give you personal counseling
We can become your mentors!
Also, feel free to bring your friend, we can then meet 2:2 and talk about this and that
Gisado also fixed his face 18 times
Anyway, on to our next topic
"I'm worried about how to propose to my girlfriend"
"How to do it? Also, what if I don't have anyone to propose to?"
I think he just needs to protoss to a girl (T/N: Wordplay on protoss/propose)
Just do protoss
That guy is a high ranking manager?
So he doesn't even need to worry about proposing, he just drives up with his nice car
Just because his ID is like that doesn't mean that he really is a manager in real life
Just like my ID is Gisado but I'm not really a Gisa (driver)
So you're a collossus?
Do you have 3 legs? Ah.. you actually do have 3
"He used to be an omniscient being, but Nestea turned into a blind man now"
"Wow, he can't win based on his mechanical skills anymore... what is this, suiciding banelings"
Put on your sunglasses
So Nestea has become like this now?
Well anyway, it is a little sad to see (that he's doing not so well)
But on the other hand, what are you gonna do? Someone cannot always be on top of his game
I think you can phrase it like this, life is like a marathon
But when you run a marathon, you can't always go full power
If you try to go full power from beginning to end, then you will be exhausted right away
It's just like premature ejaculation
That's why people always have ups and downs. That also applies for Nestea
By that we don't mean that you shouldn't give him criticism
It's just that everyone has good times and bad times
"About MKP's glasses. He sometimes wears glasses and sometimes he doesn't. Are these just fashion glasses?"
MKP is the Gangnam Style fashion leader right? So I think they're just fashion glasses with fake glass
I will call the Prime coach to confirm this
Can you just ask him on the phone?
Of course, everyone is available via phone nowadays
Okay, I will try calling him right now
I think our scriptwriter girl Oh, Haet-Nim was dumped
(Subtitle: Haet-Nim: I was what?)
We have sad news, Oh Haet-Nim was dumped by director Park Wae-Sik
How about we leave it a mystery. If MKP is wearing real glasses or not?
If you clear up everything, it's no fun! You need to have some secrets
"Mr. Chae is starting to look more and more impressive. He came up with the model of the GSL on his own, and it's starting to show that it is superior to KeSPA's way."
I think it's not wrong, what that guy says
No, it's wrong
One part was right and one part was wrong
It's possible that Mr. Chae will cut my air-time in Code A in half if he sees this, but...
Even higher up people have pulled strings for everything
I heard this from our Banshee CEO (Mr. Bae)
He said that the global market is way bigger and we shouldn't confine us to the local market
So let's prepare for the global audience right away. So it was actually our Banshee CEO who started this
So Mr. Chae is the one who got the order and acted accordingly
But above Mr. Chae, there is Mr. Oh, from the board of directors. He is such a friendly person!
He and others have given a lot of good ideas, you cannot forget all these people
I'm not saying this for any personal reasons
So you could see it like this, our Banshee CEO gave the order, and our Mr. Chae, field marshal, acted upon it
So he went overseas and got the business going
And director Oh, he is overseeing all of the production, like some kind of statesman
Statesman? (Sounds like a curseword) What are you saying?!
So he took care of a lot of internal issues and so on
And then we have people like us, who do all the work down here, the staff and everyone
So it wasn't Mr. Chae who did everything on his own. Mr. Chae, please don't hate me.
"What's the song that played on September 5th after Code S?"
Code S? I'm doing GSTL...
I'm also not really watching Code S, I only care about Code A
No clue.. what did they play?
Maybe "Loving You"?
*singing* It is now time for us to break up
I don't really like this song!
Maybe it was 4 Minute?
What? You're always all about 4 Minute!
Are you looking down on the 200.000 4 Minute fans in Korea?
Nonono, I like Hyuna...
Okay, we have taken apart all of the X-Files now
This is a new segment on the show, but it already has this great feeling to it, right?
It's not fun?
Not fun.
Let's do something else
Anyway, we have prepared a lot for this first broadcast, but if you viewers are not satisfied yet
Then please think of all the things you are curious about and post about it on your favorite community board
We will then try to satisfy your curiosity
X-File will return next week to answer all your questions, with just me, Collossus
Why?! Who's the one who brought you on this show in the first place?
I was supposed to do this on my own at first!
You looked so pitiful, all caught up by Hana (GSTL Interviewer girl) these days
You know what's really sad? When we go out to hang out he's always like, “Sorry I have to go, I have a date with my girlfriend”
He's stabbing all those who are solo in the heart and just leaves
I would like to apologize to all the fans
Next week, we will return!
Put on your sunglasses
That's how much you hate to see my face?
X-File will return next week as Bane-Files!
It's over?
It's not over? Is it over?
The End.
Mr.Chae: Hey Baneling PD.... This episode of Baneling I saw Mr. Park and Mr. Kim running around with a camera on a helmet.
Yes.... yeah yeah I'm busy commentating and running e-sports and all.... however, today is Tuesday and the show will be on Thursday, but I'm still not getting any calls about the show. So I was wondering… I mean I am busy and all but Baneling show was my idea. Wouldn't it be weird if I'm not in it?
Of course, you are the PD, but since Baneling is an important show so… shouldn’t we be doing it together….?
It's already Tuesday and if we film it today and edit it tomorrow….
What? You're joking right?
Just this week? Next week too?
No plans for me to be on the show?!
You're kidding me! I didn't think you were such a person.
I may be busy and all but I would still do my best. So have the scriptwriter contact me.
Nonono it's all good…