Merry Christmas~!!!

Uploaded by 2pm on 20.12.2010

Hello. We are 2PM.
Yeah, Merry Christmas is coming near.
Merry Christmas~
We will have our performance as usual on Christmas.
We are preparing for our set. What is your plan?
We wonder.
We get together with our members happily on Christmas.
We wish you also spend a good time with your beloved and family.
Thanks to your love,
we think we can hold this "I'LL BE BACK" concert at the end of the year.
We really think it is meaningful to spend Christmas with you together before we go to Japan.
We hope you can watch our [Team play] on 24th.
Just the thought of Christmas makes my heart flutter.
What does winter make you remind of? Wooyoung?
Yes, you are a cold man.
Khun, What does winter make you remind of?
Snow, what about Junho?
I wish white Christmas comes with your wishes come true.
Yeah~ White Christmas
White Christmas is always nice.
We appreciate your love and support all the time.
We, 2PM hope to make a good memory with you next year as well over the end of this year.
Let us say farewell.
Merry Christmas~