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DM: This looks easy right?
JH: Make the doll play the song once please.
[Dongmin was tricked into helping]
[Junho suddenly grabs his hair first.]
DM: ow ow it hurts!
[The doll is singing again thanks to DM's sacrifice]
[Ow what?]
[Duh. What is what? It's DM's free kick punishment.]
[Not forgetting freehugs ofcourse.]
[Pretending to hug while stabbing him]
[Round 3 dropouts, SH and YS enters the punishment room.]
[atmosphere is welcoming dongmin & yesung dropouts]
All: 3rd dropouts are here!
[the two are tired coming from dancing]
Dongmin; Now, this is the punishment room, everyone.
[somehow dongmin became the MC in punishment room.]
Dongmin: what's given to u guys as punishment is just a simple strength test
[strength test?]
[Round 3 punishment: filming ero videos w/ sunggum!]
[The two will sit on an 'invisible' chair and the moment their butt touches the chair, the punishment begins.]
[They will have to accept Sunggum's seduction and film an ero clip!]
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Sehyun: ahhh! You.. This is.. Wait wait.. Your sitting on that.
Yesung: we have to do the horse riding pose (sitting on invisible chair) till we arrive? [Nonsense]
Others: ofcourse!
Junho: he's not doing horse riding pose; shouldnt you do the punishment? [Tattle tales right away]
Yesung: no no
[erotic music starts at perfect timing]
[sungmin seduces Yesung more erotically]
Sehyun: our punishment was worst
[yesung almost died]
[Yesung & Sehyun clenches their teeth together and endures the punishment]
Junho: do you not have clothes, because you have cloth (safety) pin here.
[Junho's acting arrogantly just because he's been in the punishment room longer]
[Sunggum, who's hasty, sings the song live.]
Sehyun: the female animal shows interest in the male animal and slowly approaches and seduces him
[Suddenly changed to animal world]
Junho: ofcourse, the female is bigger in size
[sunggum's seducing with sexy attractiveness]
Dongmin: in the animal world, the female is bigger in size
Sehyun: she tries to seduce him but the male has no reaction
[yesung has no reaction]
Dongmin: finally, the female tries to solve it with strength
[seduction successful?]
Sunggmum: he strangled my neck just now. Can i sue him?
Sehyun: as a result, the male becomes pregnant
[yesung lost 10 years of life] (Note: old korean phrase, meaning he's gone through a hardship)
Eunhyuk: the horseriding pose is wrong right now
Junho: right right. It's a punishment
[The people are acting like their mother in law] (Note: koreans traditional mother in law stereotype is that they'll nag at their daughter in law a lot)
Sunggum: straighten your backs
Sehyun : yeah come down more and
[Awkward pose]
Sunggum: move leg more ... More like this..
[tries to do skinship whenever possible]
Yesung: i understand i understand! [Frightened]
[trainride w/ sunggum...]
[thanks to her s.t.r.o.n.g. willingness]
[sehyun&yesung took several ero clips]
[now she's s.c.a.r.y.]
[Seizers from sudden load of stress?]
SH: Neck Meat! Neck Meat! (Note: Pork) [sehyun's rebellion w/ purpose]
[ero sunggum is angry]
[sehyun yoon's caught definately]
Sehyun: "please let me live"
[level of seduction's gone up]
[sehyun's cries are inaudible to sunggum]
[round 4; never laughing restaurant!]
[only 2 people who's kept back their laughters can advance to final round!]
Dongmin: "Now everyone; finally! We could call this Unbelievable outing's highlight. Round 4: Never laughing Restaurant!"
[Survivors have strong face on]
[sunggum doing bad things to yesung]
[seeing Kangin come near, changes target to SH]
Dongmin: you see there are lots of wild animals!
[wild animal intrusion during filming?]
Dongmin: a boar appeared and... Ah okay okay.
PD: leeteuk first
Leeteuk: oh it looks good!
Kangin: looks good!
Dongmin: it's best since the beginning!
Yesung: i should have sat there!
[Eating utensils r aproaching Leeteuk]
[Kind dongmin giving examples on how to eat]
[Daehee and Kangin cracking up]
[Daehee Kim & Kangin, stand]
Eunhyuk: how many kg is it?
Dongmin: 13kg dumbell
[body shaking from just scooping once at the soup]
[watching him eat very desperately...]
[kangin, stand]
Dongmin: since spoon dumbell is too hard, let's bring in chopsticks
[chopsticks for suffering leeteuk?]
[chopsticks that makes you laugh as soon as you see it]
[leeteuk, stand]
Junho: ur going to rip your mouth opened while tryin to eat. You'll become joker
Eunhyuk: if kangin hyung sat here, he'll have eaten easily
Kangin: can i try once?
[Kangin's been eyeing leeteuk's utensils]
[easily with one hand?]
Kangin: i want to eat this
[easily in mouth with one hand]
Dongmin: it's easy thing!
[Easily eating Kangin; Leeteuk who's amazed by kangin]
[lifting spoon with one hand easily]
[kangin stand]
[woodantang! ] (Note: sounds of objects falling)
Junho: what's this? What are you doing when i'm coming on camera!?
Daehee: why are you tryin to make people laugh? What's this? [Daehee's disturbed by staff's body gag]
Pd: sungmin & daehee, eat together
[Sungmin & daehee freindly eat with tug-a-war utensils]
Pd: no compromising with another
[sungmin's using his brain]
Junho: let go of the soup bowl. You cant do that
[feels like watching classic gags from back in the days]
Sehyun: it's like comedy gags from old shows like 'I like gags'
[dahee's using all his strength to try to eat a spoon]
Junho: to make it fair, both use one hand
[when just abt to eat first spoon, the food is whacked off]
Kangin: Teukki hyung's food looks like no matter how much you'll eat, you wont be full
[just by expression, you feel like dieing]
Leeteuk: ahh wait wait..
[Leeteuk's muscles are suprised from sudden increase in working out]
[Cautiously trying to eat an acoron mook] (Note: mook= similar to jello or jelly)
[eat one spoon and eye once]
[fierce nerve fights]
[Kangin, stand]
Junho: hello i'm kangin's personal punisher
[Kangin's personal professional punisher, Junho]
Pd: junho just stay behind kangin
[Kim owner, nice shot!]
Sehyun; kangin's here. What's kangin's utensil?
[ junho's Even taking care of Kangin's utensils]
Junho: they told me to feed him
Sehyun: who's instructing him? Kangin?
Kangin; stop stop
[kangin's eating helper, junho]
Kangin: Right hand forward... What your reaching now is soup! No i dont want to eat soup. I dont want soup! I dont want soup! Ah please!
[ immature kangin complaining about food to Junho grandmother who's feeding him.]
Kangin: i told you i dont want soup! I hate soup.
[if fed soup, he might hit Junho.]
Kangin: ah too much
Sehyun; just stick your head out
[forced to eat one bite,]
Kangin; wait wait no. That's soup again.
[Liking grandchild who's eating well, he gives bigger scoop]
[kangin, stand]
Kangin: ah no! How do i eat this?
[Kangin accidenly laughed while grumbling.]
Sehyun: junho, you are holding a small peice of kimchi on the spoon.
[dongmin gives something to fool Junho with]
[Junho grandmother, worrying about Grandson's health, mixes the food.]
Kangin: ah hyung! Dont! I'm an idol singer!
[ah! He is an idol...]
Sehyun: junho eat once!
[eating a bite first...]
[grandson's ashamed of the grandmother]
Kangin: ah hyung! I dislike this man.
[Junho grandmother, worrying about burning his hand from the hot soup, scrapes the ice]
[kangin stand]
[Kangin keeps laughing even while complaining]
[Junho's scraping every corner to corner] (Note: meaning throughoutly)
Kangin: go away.