Wegmans Shaved Brussels Sprouts with Pancetta

Uploaded by wegmansfoodmarkets on 23.08.2011

Shaved Brussels sprouts with pancetta calls
for very thinly sliced Brussels sprouts
and that's pretty time consuming.
So today I'm going to just buy them already shaved
in a bag like this for me.
Shaving them really creates a lot of surface space
for all the flavors in this recipe to absorb
into here and give it lots of great flavor.
Pancetta's a tasty seasoning in this recipe.
It's Italian style bacon basically,
but it's not smoked and it's less salty
and a little more tender than conventional bacon.
You can buy it in the deli or you can purchase it
already cut up like this and ready to cook.
This apple vinegar spritzer is just apple juice
and apple cider vinegar. It's a nice sweet complement
to the Brussels sprouts and you can control
how much you use by just spritzing on
what you need. Okay, we're gonna
get started by adding a tablespoon of olive oil
to our skillet. I have this heated
on medium, and along with a half a package
of that pancetta. And the olive oil
will just help that pancetta get sizzling quicker
and get it cooking. So we're just going to
stir that around a little bit on medium
for about five minutes until the pancetta
renders its fat, but we don't want it
really brown. So it's time to add
our Brussels sprouts. That's about 14 ounces
of Brussels sprouts right to that skillet
along with about a quarter cup of shallots,
chopped pretty finely. We're also gonna add
about a quarter cup of Wegmans basting oil.
That'll give it a lot of flavor.
Some garlic and herbs to that.
All right, and then season with some salt and pepper.
You can always add more later on to taste,
but let's start out with a little bit.
All right, and then keeping the heat on medium,
we're just gonna continue to toss that until
the Brussels sprouts are nice and tender
and just begin to brown a little bit
along the edges. That'll take about
eight to ten minutes. Okay, the Brussels sprouts
are nice and tender, and for the final touch,
we're gonna add a little bit, the recipe calls
for two tablespoons of this apple vinegar spritzer.
So we're gonna spray, I'd say that's gonna be
about four to six good spritzes, and you can adjust that
according to taste anyway. So give that
a little bit of a toss just so that you coat all
of the veggies with that. It's got
a wonderful aroma. And that's
how easy it is to make shaved Brussels sprouts
with pancetta.