[Eng Sub] Hangeng - BTV Big Star Part 1/3

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Host: Welcome to today's "Big Star", I'm Da Zuo
Host: I'm very glad to be hosting today's programme,
Host: because today's guest is now known as the Asia's Dance King
Host: Dance Kings do have times where they come back again
Host: So now let's welcome Han Geng
Asia's Dance King Han Geng guesting at "Big Star"
Han Geng's health affected, unfair salary, "Mysterious Person" redeeming him from the contract
Skilled in the 56 tribal dances of China
Entering Nationality University at the age of 12
Han Geng's 13-year unfair contract: disallowed from falling ill and going home
Disbanding from Korea's popular idol group Super Junior
What kind of unfair treatment did he receive?
HK: The IV drip was adjusted to the maximum level (of discharge)
(he then) took it off and (we) went for the Red Carpets immediately
HK: Huuah, (I) started crying, and no one knew why I cried like that
Friends and classmates for 6 years appearing on the show
What kind of gossip will they reveal?
Host: We've heard that you've brought a mysterious photo today
Friend: Recall carefully if you have done anything wrong
HK: They gave me the nickname of deer
On today's Big Star, let's see Han Geng's "Nivarna Renew" *see description*
HK: Hello everyone, I'm Han Geng, and this is the second time I'm here
Host: The second time? HK: Yes
Host: You were also here for an interview the previous time and after that it kickstarted our New-generation Idol Wave
Host: And from then onwards, our programme became much more popular
Host: Hopefully there will be progress today as well
This lad from North-eastern China, Han Geng, is the first Chinese to debut in Korea
Upon graduation from Central Tribal University at 18 years old, he went to seek his fortune in the Korean showbiz
He was also the only Chinese member of Asia's popular idol group Super Junior
But the year 2010 to Han Geng is the toughest year
After breaking off from Super Junior, he is going to release his solo album and hold a solo concert
Whether Han Geng who has gone solo can fulfill the abovementioned jobs well is a question mark to the reporters
Host: Let me tell you, we're now very nice to the guests.
Host: Previously the guests do not know what we will talk about today,
Host: But now we let you know what we will talk about right from the beginning
Host: Take a look first and make a choice
Han Geng's "Nirvana Renew"
The highly anticipated concert
Han Geng's health affected and unfair salary, "Mysterious Person" redeeming him from the contract
Han Geng who is skilled in the 56 tribal dances of China entering Nationality University at the age of 12
Han Geng's 13-year unfair contract: disallowed from falling ill and going home
Training in America: Micheal Jackson is my senior!
Reporter: I feel like choosing so many of these (topics to talk about)
Host: So many of these (topics) are what I really want to know too
Reporter: Previously I read a news article, where a lot of people are discussing online,
Reporter: that because you were not present for Super Junior's concert
Reporter: so the fans and brothers on stage (the members) all cried so much together
HK: I saw that
R: What were your feelings when you saw that?
HK: How should I say this,
HK: Originally I had wanted to,
HK: had wanted to complete all my schedules and concerts, etc
HK: But because of various reasons
HK: I had no choice but to make such a sudden and fast decision
HK: So after I saw that concert I felt really sad and heartbroken
HK: because a lot of fans had already bought tickets too
Host: Actually when we received the news, many of us felt that it was very sudden
Host: Because the both of us are quite close
Host: And at that point of time because I totally had no idea
Host: So when we received the news, a lot of people had wanted to contact him immediately
Host: And at that time his mobile phone was switched off
Host: So no one could contact him, and no one knew how to...
HK: Even my dad and mum couldn't contact me as well Host: Couldn't contact you? HK: Yeah
Host: Didn't know how to talk to him and didn't know how to communicate with him
HK: It was really at a stage whereby I couldn't take it anymore
HK: for me to suddenly make such a decision
HK: Because with my personality, the company or my friends wouldn't have expected me to make such a decision
R: I would like to emphasize to Han Geng that I had no choice, and my stand is with Han Geng...
R: Actually I especially support you in coming back (to China)
R: Because the contract in Korea is too tough
R: Not mentioning the 13-year contract,
R: Even if you fall sick you can't go on sick leave as well
R: And you can't go on leave and come home to visit your family
R: Are these all true? As in, did they really happen?
HK: Yeah, I think it was last year, when I was still with the members
HK: attending an award ceremony in Korea
HK: At that time I was really severely sick
HK: Both Siwon and I were feeling unwell that day
HK: Right before we had to go on the red carpet,
HK: I had about 2 hours, so Siwon and I went to the hospital
Host: To the ER to get an IV drip HK: Yeah to get an IV drip
HK: After we got the IV drip,
HK: There was a manager who went with us
HK: After we went there he said that there we were short of time
HK: And asked if we could do the IV drip quickly, the nutrients type of drip
HK: So we got the drip and it was adjusted to the maximum level (of discharge)
HK: So at the maximum level (of discharge) I got a little dizzy
HK: And then he said no, there was no more time, we had to do the drip quickly
HK: When it wasn't even halfway yet,
HK: (he) took it off and (we) went for the Red Carpets immediately
HK: After that on the following day, er no, we performed immediately after that
HK: The situation is like that
R: But the main point is I heard that the company regulates that
R: We (You) can't even walk on the streets and look around for a few more minutes
HK: As long as (I'm) with them firstly it's not about any other factors and also not money,
HK: I only hope that we have understanding and have fun when working together
HK: Have mutual respect, I had hope for such a working environment
HK: I didn't want it to be a: You have to do this this this every day,
HK: I didn't even know my schedule the night before,
HK: They only inform me the next morning
R: Actually, Han Geng, to your knowledge,
R: Is this the life of the young Korean idols?
R: Actually a lot of idols are going through this
HK: Yes yes yes, it's about like that
R: You've suffered so much in Korea, including your injuries
R: the stress you have had to face psychologically,
R: Would you come back and tell your mum about it?
HK: Actually my mum, previously I wouldn't tell my mum
HK: But ever since my mum learnt how to go online
HK: She then found out what kind of situation I was in previously
HK: How tiring it was, or things like that
HK: No matter how tough it was I don't tell my parents about it
R: When your mum read the news...
HK: She felt really bad
R: When did she learn how to go online?
HK: Sometimes when she's free she'll go check out my news
HK: How I'm like recently, or anything
HK: At that time it was in 2007, my mum learnt how to go online
HK: And so she started reading up on my news
HK: It took her quite a few days, including things that happened in the past
HK: She'd call me in the middle of the night when she couldn't fall asleep
HK: Saying how she didn't know how tired I was, how tough it was
HK: Just feeling apologetic to you
HK: I told her this was normal, since we've done it when we were young
HK: It'll be better in the future
HK: I told her that trying this when I'm young is not such a bad thing
Host: Will your mum tell you: "Let's not do this anymore"
Host: "Why must you make yourself suffer"
Host: Does she say this to you?
HK: She said this to me before when I was a trainee
HK: It was during the Lunar New Year when I called my mum
Host: You couldn't go back (home)?
HK: I couldn't go back, because of problems about my visa so I still couldn't go back
HK: I was really sad, being alone in Korea
HK: I called her and cried on the phone
HK: I didn't say anything
HK: So my mum thought that I met with some difficulties
HK: And I didn't tell her about it, I just told her that I missed her
HK: After that my mum told me: "It's okay, come back"
HK: She has said things like these before
HK: I told her I could still continue and perservere
HK: I told her if I can't make it I'll come back and study in University
HK: That's what I said to my mum
R: At that time did you have an income?
HK: They (SME) would give me some allowance, like pocket money
HK: 600 thousand won