Receta de guacamole/ Guacamole recipe english subtitles available

Uploaded by larecetadelaabuelita on 03.02.2010

Hi today we will make a delisious guacamole
as always there are many ways of making it
so i will show you mi way
here i have chopped
tomatoes, cilantro and jalapeño
or you could use serranos if you want
here in a bowl
i will
take the avocado
and take off the pulp
they have to be ripe
with a fork
we will crush the avocado
until soft
then add tomatoes
the cilantro
and the jalapeños
mix well
at the end add the salt
to taste
a tip to prevent you guacamole
from getting black to fast is
add the avocado seed
or add a few drops of lime
Enjoy !!
Enjoy !!