The Path of Salvation - Episode 1

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“But who shall dwell in these worlds if they be inhabited?....
Are we or they Lords of the World?....And how are all things made for man?”
- Johannes Kepler
We thought about the end of the world in different ways.
However, nobody could think about it happens soon.
During the invasion, everybody had to count only on their selves.
The last resistance bastion was suppressed in 7 hours after the first one was crushed.
It was Alliance.
Powerful galactic organization gobbling one world after another
and imbibing all the knowledge and skills of enslaved nations.
Civil protection of Alliance…
took the orbital defense duty,
terrorizing civilian population in the invasion forces’ interest.
Combine: Was found guilty of armed assault 10-0.
Suspect, get ready to the execution of a sentence
On the planet invaders were mostly interested in an element
that was not yet known by science.
Its extraction was extremely important for them.
For the total control of territories the citadels have been erected,
which have become the reference points of the Alliance.
Presence of invasion forces after two years became minimum,
there were only the so-called advisers supervising CP activity.
After the planet control takeover, the Alliance has created so-called «overwhelming field».
This field reduces birth rate to zero,
destroying the nucleonic chains in an organism that are necessary for the development of a fetus.
Half a year has passed after the first portal storm.
People are tired of war, poverty and hunger …
If you hear this voice, the hope still exists.
We are resistance. We are the last hope of the peaceful future.
Go to a «white grove». It is a safe place!
Episode 1: Inception.
Downtown, citadel's district.
Combines: There he is!
Target hiding, see him at distance.
Lost biosignal from CP unit...
Resistance. Southern district of the city.
Soer: THAY! Run HERE sod it!
Thay: I can’t!
I won't get there safe!
Soer: Damn it! Run here, otherwise we leave you here!
Soer: Run RUN! Thay: Let’s get the hell out of here!
CP radio: Zone-404,
from the air movement is not seen,
all units return to code 12. Over.
Combine officer: Affirmative.
South-eastern district of the city
The homeless: Hey, hey…
Cool down man, there is enough violence in this cruel world.
You can’t solve a thing with the help of this here
All right, just a joke. It seems that you are a human.
So I must help you, well… certainly if you are not against.
Let's go.
I’m here for a long period of time already.
I wait for such poor fellows. I can’t escape anywhere,
my knee hurts like a bastard.
By the way, aren’t you a doctor? Well…no you are not.
However, for this long period of time I have made profit of CP which come here seldom..
but to the point …
Shhh … They are near.
Make yourself at home!
Resistance. South-eastern district of the city.
Soer: We were nearly dead on that damn transition…
Chief how far is the depot?
Chief: 7-8 quarters, not less.
Thay: Damn it... I knew that it is a bad idea.
Soer: Shut up. Are you sure, Chief?
Chief: Yes, I worked here at one time …
Soer: Yes, that’s bad. If not these CP's, we haven't diverged from the route …
Thay: The only thing that can help us is a miracle. The Fairy for example …
Chief: You always had troubles with the sense of humor….
Soer: Shhh … Guys, someone is coming.