[sub]BBS: TER11 Olympus Coliseum-Disney Town-Deep Space

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Stop! This battle is over!
What a huge difference in power from before.
What's going on?
It's not...
It's not...me...
It's just like how I was before.
So how's it going? Strong, huh?
That's the power of darkness.
You, too, should give yourself to the darkness and release the power within!
Hades! So you're the one behind this!
I will not give in...to the darkness!
...my heart!
Cheh. I guess I was off.
That guy's no match for the power of darkness.
You alright?
Y-Yeah...I'm finally free.
And that guy?
He disappeared.
Man--I can't believe I was manipulated by a guy like him. How pathetic!
Thanks. Uhh...
It's Terra.
Thanks, Terra. I'm Zack.
Hey, Terra, you remind me of a hero I admire.
Not your looks, but like...your attitude, ya know?
I'm no hero.
Don't you hear the roar of the crowd?
Being a hero or not isn't something you choose yourself.
After that show you put on today, the crowd considers you a hero.
I do, too.
I wish I could've fought you with just my own strength, though.
I do, too, Zack.
If that's how it is--
Look out! Behind you!
You really saved me back there. Thank you.
My name is Terra.
I'm Minnie.
You've got some guts running out on the race course like that!
It's against the rules!
I'm sure you had your reasons, but I simply can't allow such behavior.
But rules don't mean anything to the Unversed.
If you wanna see someone who ignores the rules, you should meet Pete.
It's Captain Dark!
A lone racer burdened by the shadows...
That's right! I'm Captain Dark!
So you're the one who got in the way of my new record!
Wait a sec. Haven't seen you around these parts. You a new racer?
I'm not a--
I understand why you'd wanna try to beat a top racer like me.
But you've gotta follow the rules, rookie.
What're ya talking about? You're the one who never follows the rules!
I'm not really interested in races, but I have to destroy those Unversed.
What should I do?
Unversed? You mean those monster-like cars?
It seems those monsters only show up during a race.
Then you should enter as a racer!
And you can get rid of those guys along the way. They're always breaking the rules and making a mess.
I should become a racer?
I hope you can understand...
Sure. I'll go by your rules.
Make way for Racer Terra!
I'll fill in your entry sheet for you, so just tell me when you're ready to get goin'!
Err--I just wasn't feelin' good today.
Next time, I'll win for sure!
Alright! That crazy Pete's gone!
It's not like anyone wanted to vote for you anyway!
Pete? Vote? What's that all about?
Right now, there's an event in this town called the Dream Festival.
The winner of a popular vote receives the Million Dream Award.
Pete's known as the town hooligan around here.
Even if he's not in disguise, I was afraid he'd steal all the votes.
I wonder what the prize'll be--
That's right. The only thing Pete's after is the prize. He doesn't care a bit about popularity.
It's really quite unfortunate.
The whole purpose of the popularity vote is to let everyone know which racer is most popular.
If that's the case, Terra'd be my number one!
Your racing tecnique just now was so cool!
Racer Terra's the best!
I learned something from it, too.
You can accomplish your goals even without breaking the rules.
In order to fulfill my goal, I had prepared myself to fall into the darkness.
But, maybe there's still another way.
Even out here?!
So that's him?
Yes. His nature is still uncertain, but we've put him in this room for now.
Run, Captain! Please leave this to me!
Why you! I'll terminate you all!
I'll be your opponent!