Zoon H4N Digital Audio Recorder

Uploaded by simylearning on 16.02.2011

welcome in this short video i'm going to provide you with an overview of the digital audio recorders
that are available in colleges for loan
each of the recorders is housed in this very durable carry case that can be opened
by pressing the
buttons on the side
and in each of the cases we have a range of items that support the recorder
the first a set of head phones which can be used to listen while you are recording but
also listen to the final recordings as well when there done to play them back
we also have a
AC adapter which is used to power the device but it also has batteries as well
then we have uh... the recorder itself
this is what is called a solid-state recorder what that means is that the
uh... the audio that is recorded goes onto a SD care here
so it's tapeless in a sense
the recorder can record to either full
WAV or to MP3 so that's great it means that once you've done your recordings
you can upload them directly
uh... to your blog or to your wiki or to Moodle or where ever you want
it has a range of microphones firstly you have the internal microphones here which are really
good quality microphones
uh... but you can also have external microphones so 2 condensor mics
condenser mics on a desk or even if you wanted at a conference
you could plugged directly into a mixing deck here
recorder will also run off 2 AA Batteries
as well but if you doing long recordings or you don't have batteries
probably the AC adapter is the best option
also there is a USB cable which is used to transfer the the recordings from the memory
onto your computer
there's also a little stand here
which can be used
to screw into the base of the recorder
and simply
uh... mount it
recorders as i said are available for loan from the libraries
and you can find more information
about the
recorders including the manual and some good downloadable brief instructions
from the myLearning wiki thanks